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Kitty Wireless Free $12 Plan Promotion Ends Sunday

Page Plus online dealer Kitty Wireless has announced that their free $12 plan promotion is ending Sunday 8/31. The promo gives customers who do a new account activation, or a port a number to a new account using Kitty Wireless, a free month of service on the PagePlus $12/month plan which includes 250 minutes, 250 texts and 10MB of data.

If you want to take advantage of the offer you must complete your activation or port by 6PM ET 8/31/2014. That means it's likely too late to port a landline number and take advantage of the promotion. Porting a mobile number and getting the free month is probably still possible, provided the carrier you are porting from doesn't drag their feet and the port goes smoothly.

Activations and number ports are free at Kitty Wireless during August. Click: free activation or: free port to get started.

The reason given for ending the offer is that PagePlus is eliminating the "spiff" bonus payment that it gives dealers for activating the $12 plan. Kitty Wireless will announce new September promotions on 8/31/2014 but they will not include the free $12 plan.

Source: Kitty Forums


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  1. "Activations and number ports are free at Kitty Wireless during July."

    WERE free during July?


    are free during AUGUST?

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