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No More $2 Activation Credit, PagePlus Reveals Details of Upcoming LTE Launch

Verizon MVNO PagePlus Cellular sent its dealers an email update about about next month's LTE rollout. While there's still no firm launch date there are some changes to Page Plus policies and procedures that will be made at the time of the LTE launch.
  • The $2 free service credit with new activations is being eliminated.
  • A service PIN will be required with all new activations and port ins. It will no longer be possible to activate a phone without purchasing service.
  • Contrary to earlier rumors, switching between a 4G phone and a 3G phone or vice versa will not change the user's current plan, activation date or balance.
  • As expected, only Verizon LTE phones will be allowed on plans that have LTE enabled. The message doesn't say anything about non-Verizon phones on non-LTE plans so it looks like it may still be possible to activate flashed Sprint, etc. phones for 3G-only service after the LTE release
The elimination of the $2 credit and the requirement that a plan be purchased to do an activation doesn't surprise me. The prepaid industry as a whole has been moving away from service credits with activations and PagePlus was one of the last operators to still offer them. The change also makes PagePlus consistent with other TracFone brands. In addition, TracFone probably wants to discourage people from using PagePlus as a free intermediate step in porting landline numbers to Google Voice or for getting port in credit from another operator with a number that wasn't otherwise eligible for that credit.

Here's the full text of PagePlus' email to it dealers:

4G LTE Update #2

Dear Page Plus Dealer:

We first notified you on 9/9 the exciting news that 4G LTE service is coming to Page Plus in October. Here are a couple of new updates on this, and we will continue to update you as new information becomes available.
  • New policy regarding ALL (3G and 4G) activations:  When 4G launches, all new activations and port-ins will require that a plan PIN be applied to the new account at the time of activation. In the case of port-ins, the PIN will be in a reserved state until the port completes.
  • In conjunction with the above, we will no longer provide a complimentary $2.00 credit on the account at activation.
  • Compatible LTE devices and Page Plus SIM cards are required for Page Plus 4G LTE. LTE devices from other carriers will not work. For more information on compatible devices, please contact dealer support.
  • ESN swaps:  You will NOT be able to perform an ESN swap between a 3G device and a 4G device. You WILL be able to do a 3G-to-3G swap, and a 4G-to-4G swap (simply by swapping the SIM cards).
  • The importance of power cycling:  When making any changes to the account of a 4G device, it will require power cycling the device to get the changes to go through.
  • Temporary numbers:  We will no longer be using temporary phone numbers to port in, for both 3G and 4G. The plan PIN from a port-in activation will be held until the port completes, then applied, rather than moving a plan/balance from a temporary number.
  • Device upgrades/downgrades:  Upgrading from a 3G to a 4G device, and downgrading from a 4G to a 3G device, will not impact the active plan or expiration date. This applies to customers staying on the SAME PLAN and just upgrading/downgrading their device.

And here's a recap of the info we previously sent you:
  • With the exception of The 12 plan, all other monthly plans will be available for 4G devices, at 4G LTE data speeds, with no increase in the monthly plan prices. 3G service will also still be available for all plans. Upon device activation, our system will detect the device type and assign it to 3G or 4G service accordingly.
  • 4G LTE SIM cards will be Page Plus specific. They will be available through your Master Agent in October.
Please don't call the dealer relations team with questions about 4G LTE, as the internal training materials are still being developed, and our CSRs will not have the answers to your questions.

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  1. So are you gong to need to pay for Network Access Code like you do with Tracfone BYOD?

    Now that Spot mobile is gone and PPC has pulled the plug on this popular feature it seems there is no place to port and park a number to at a reasonable cost.
    I maintained a backup line with a PPC standard plan just to show support for their service since they did offer this feature. Now that this is no longer an option there is no reason to support this company and I'll just use up my current balance and let the service expire.
    Anyone have suggestions where you can port a number to and park it inexpensively. This whole port deal is a scam unto its self!

    1. I would guess that paying for the SIM is like the access code payment.

    2. PP = PagePlus = Port&Park

      using PagePlus as the cheapskate Port & Park service is to be no more. that has been a blackhole money-losing suck that was an obvious target to get fixed by the Tracfone overlords. you've got to now pay if you want to play. no more freebies for cheapskates.

    3. Just wondering out loud since Slims Tracfone BYOD charges you $10 plus a required top up PIN, maybe the other shoe has not dropped yet?

      I don't think you were cheapskate if you maintained an account with them and used port an park every so often.with spare handset. Business is business, if it was such a money loser they would have changed it a long time ago.

    4. Parking numbers is against most carriers/MVNOs terms and conditions as it is. If you mean by "park" that you are only keeping a low cost phone available for emergencies and renewing it at the monthly minimum, then you are good, but if you only got the number assigned just to use the $2.00 at some point, you are locking a number from the lists and in a lot of cases (when it is focused on) the MVNO will perform a "sweep" and you would lose it anyway.

    5. Short-term number parking is available on Kajeet for 32c/day.

    6. I'm not aware of any operator's terms and conditions prohibiting not using your phone.

      However, can't park a number indefinitely without paying on any mobile operator. Funds in prepaid accounts expire after a period of time if you don't top up on most operators. With the ones that don't, Truphone and maybe still Lycamobile, you have top up when activating and must have a chargeable event occasionally to keep the account alive.

      PagePlus' changes don't have much effect on long term number parking. Parking a number now costs $30 for the 1st year instead of $20. After the first year it was always $30 a year.

      Eliminating the $2 credit and requiring a top-up for activation closes a loophole that let people use PagePlus as a free intermediary for transferring numbers between two non-PagePlus services.

  2. Trac fone ! Thanks but no thanks. Moved on.

  3. Carlos Slim will never get my American money!!!
    I will stick with Boost, cant beat their $55 for 10GB. Where I leave works great.

    1. Unfortunately, Carlos Slim has a stake in Verizon Wireless so he'll get his money no matter what. I'd make my choice on the quality and merit of the service. So long as Page Plus has the backing of Kitty Wireless, I'd say it's significantly less risky from a customer service standpoint than Net10 or Straight Talk. When Kitty jumps ship, so will I.

  4. Boost want have coverage everywhere. There's allot of people living in these areas.

  5. In Elizabeth City, NC Boost is only 3G and by the time you get to Hertford the signal is gone. The best carriers that have 4G coverage here are Verizon, AT&T, US Cellular (which I am using prepaid 4G now). I do think that the $60 for 5GB/Mo on Page Plus is a good deal and its too bad I could not have gotten a Verizon Galaxy Note 2 used. But I would not give up my Galaxy Note 2 using Us Cellular because I got a good deal on that phone used and I have great 4G data speed and call quality. Coverage in the Elizabeth City area is hard to come by so most people here go with US Cellular prepaid or Verizon Prepaid. Straight Talk (Verizon phones) are very popular here.

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