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RingPlus Releases Details Of New "Matching Magic" Free Plan

Sprint MVNO RingPlus has published details about the Matching Magic Plan that it's introducing as a replacement for its recently discontinued Free Plans.

The Matching Magic Plan will be available to all RingPlus paid plan users starting November 3.
  • Each RingPlus paid plan can have one Matching Magic Plan attached to it. The Magic plan is a separate line so it requires a second phone with its own number
  • For every minute, SMS, or MB of data used on the paid plan, a matching minute, SMS or MB will be added to Magic plan
  • Matched minutes, text, and data must be used within 24 hours or they will disappear
  • Overage Magic Plan minutes, SMS or MBs are 5¢ each. 
  • Additional rules will apply to prevent abuse.
There are some additional features that will be added over the next few months:
  • Magic Friend Referral Program -Starting Nov 17 users who refer new customers to RingPlus will get a bonus of 30% of the the referred customer's minutes, SMS, and data used added to their Magic Plan. Matched minutes, text, and data expire in 24 hours.
  • Magic Shop - Starting December 1, 2014. Magic Plan users will be able to buy and sell Magic minutes, text and data with other Magic plan users. Minutes that are sold can be converted to the Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Dogecoin virtual curencies.
  • Magic Freeze - Beginning January 3, 2015, Magic Plan minutes can be frozen for up to 3 months. Unfrozen minutes must be used within 24 hours
  • Magic Life - Also beginning Jan 3, users will be able to extend the life of their Magic allotment from 24 hours to 3 months for a "small" fee.
Everyone loves free things and the Magic Matching plan gives RingPlus customers who can use a second line a fun little freebie. I'm sure some will complain that the rules are confusing and too complex but if you don't like the rules, don't play the game.

Source: RingPlus Forum

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  1. This sounded like a good plan at first but with the free minutes, texts and data only good for 24 hours this is just another one of RingPlus' bad ideas.

  2. No way this nonsense lasts more than a year.

  3. What are the odds your second line needs are matched exactly in the following 24 hr. This is a gimmick the will lead to a good chance of you paying for the minutes on the second line.

  4. Still, 5c/5c/5c with absolutely no monthly charge and only tax charged on small $5 top up makes for a decent back up device with some free minutes on top if you catch them at the right time.

    1. That small $5 top up costs more than $6 with their 20%+ tax and their overage rate has gone up from 2 cents per minute/text/MB on all plans to 5 cents on this plan.

  5. This is a marketing scheme. If the 1st line didn't make calls, the 2nd line has no free minutes and has to pay $0.05 a minute.

    1. Doesn't cost you anything either. So either only use it when you have a few free minutes on it or top it up and use @ 5c overages, which is still pretty cheap overall. What Sprint paygo has 5c MB? Best I see with Sprint paygo a 5c/2c/10c and no free minutes and you have to top up every30/60/90 days.

  6. The magic sounds like it is all from the wand of Lord Voldemort. Except for Magic Freeze, which, I believe, was an ice cream shop on Clearwater Beach.

  7. And the "Magic Friend" thing smells a bit like Scamway or other pyramid outfits. If you want to keep your friends, don't bug them about this.

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