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iPhone 4 and 4s Now Allowed on Verizon MVNO BYO Wireless

Verizon MVNO BYO Wireless is now able to activate the Verizon iPhone 4 and 4s. BYO stopped allowing iPhones in April and even deactivated customers iPhones that were in use. BYO blamed Apple for the ban and claimed they were negotiating with the iPhone manufacturer to be able to accept them again. I'm not sure I buy that story, but the good news is that the ban has ended.

A reader alerted me today that BYO CS told him that iPhone's were now allowed, and a BYO rep confirmed the change to  me.

The end of the iPhone ban levels the Verizon Bring Your Own Phone playing field a bit. BYO, like RedPocket, TracFone, NET10, Straight Talk and Selectel can now, at least in theory, activate any clean-ESN non-LTE Verizon postpaid phone. Verizon is still blocking all of its MVNOs except PagePlus from activating LTE phones. Page Plus just got to go ahead to accept Verizon LTE phones on Oct 3. I expect the other MVNOs will be able to active 4G devices eventually, probably by year end.

BYO has an interesting plan lineup that offers some good values, especially at the lower price points.
Price 1 Talk Minutes Texts Data
$5 100 100 -
$10 250 250 -
$15 350 unlimited 50 MB
$20 500 unlimited 250 MB
$30 1000 unlimited 400 MB
$40 unlimited unlimited 500 MB
1 BYO adds State and local sales taxes, 911 fees and a Universal Service Fund fee to monthly plan prices. These taxes and fees vary by state and locality and range from 7% to 16%.

Any of the plans can be supplemented with add-on bundles:
$5 - 100 minutes or 1000 texts or 100 MB
$10 - 250 minutes or 2000 texts or 250 MB
$15 - 400 minutes or 4000 texts or 400 MB
Bundle credits are good for 30 days and do not roll over.

To see haw BYO stacks up against its Verizon based competition see: Verizon and Verizon MVNO Prepaid Plans Compared


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  1. Can you clarify the "bring your own phone" policies for the various Verizon MVNOs concerning flashed LTE phones. In particular, can a LTE phone originally used on Verizon post-paid be flashed and used on Selectel, RedPocket and BYO? Thank you!

    1. AFAIK, flashed Verizon LTE phones can be used on Page Plus, Selectel and BYO but not on Red Pocket, NET10, TracFone or Straight Talk.

  2. Budget Phone Inc Originally (1996) to Budget Prepay Incorporated >Budget Mobile and wholly owned BYO Wireless. These guys are here for the long haul.

  3. BYO plans are only good if you have a feature phone not a smart phone, unless all yu do is place calls & texts and just check on email, social media.

  4. If unthrottled LTE, coverage, and price all matter than Verizon ALLSET Prepaid has the best deal going right now.

  5. Just Talked to CS @ BYO Wireless asked her three times and she asked someone she works with that they are NOT activating the iPhone 4, ONLY the iPhone 4S.

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