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Texting Broken For Some Page Plus LTE Users

It looks like a significant number of customers using Verizon MVNO Page Plus' new LTE service are unable to send SMS text messages. There are long threads discussing the issue on both Kitty Forums and Howard Forums.

So far the problem seems to be confined to Android users, there don't seem to be any iPhone users reporting problems with texts. The bug isn't affecting all Android users either, some are able to send texts without error. Only customers using a Page Plus LTE SIM in an LTE capable phone are seeing this bug, non-LTE phones are not effected.

For those who are having the problem, voice and data work, sending and receiving MMS works and receiving SMS works. Only sending SMS fails. Power cycling the phone or even doing a factory reset doesn't seem to help. Page Plus customer support has mot been able to resolve the problem for the effected customers.

There may be a partial workaround, several people say that they can successfully send texts if they disable data in settings. On most recent Android phones data can be disabled by going to Settings >Tethering & networks > Mobile networks and unchecking Data enabled. You can also install a Data Switch Widget to make it easy turn data on and off from the home screen. There are many data switch widgets in the Play Store but the one I linked to is ad-free, doesn't require any special permissions and works with Android 2.3 and later.

Text messaging is such a mission critical feature that I'm sure that Page Plus and Verizon will fix this issue if enough people report it. It you can't send texts on Page Plus LTE, be sure to submit a Support Ticket on the Page Plus site to but the pressure on Page Plus. If you are having the problem and are a Kitty Forums member you can send a DM with your phone number to Kitty who is taking this issue to the top with Page Plus management.

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  1. Not good news, i have people waiting on their sims.

  2. It wouldn't necessarily effect iPhone users because iPhones default to using iMesssage instead of SMS.

    1. The bug would be less noticeable on iOS because of iMessage but iPhones do use SMS when texting non-iOS phones so if it was happening I think we would be hearing about it.

  3. This is DjTroy: I've had TracFone (Straight Talk, PagePlus) and I've always had a lessor experience than I'd expect from going through Verizon, At&T, US Cellular Prepaid. for Example I had an AT&T Samsung Exhilarate on Straight Talk followed the APN Settings and no MMS plus the call quality was lessor quality than when I had an AT&T contract on that very same phone (Call Me Crazy). Plus data speeds were throttled big time. When I had a Galaxy S3 (Sprint) flashed to PagePlus by a local dealer mind you I got No MMS, No Youtube without severe hacks and when I finally got it the data was not fast enough to stream most music videos without constant buffering and the speed was below a meg Download (Yuck useless for monitoring my Internet Radio station at 128K as well). I then got a Samsung Galaxy S4 (Us Cellular flashed to PagePlus. This time I got Youtube and the data was a little better but there were days where it too was useless (not quite as bad). I also had on the AT&T phone where when a call came in I didn't have data. This could mean that when you have a call/Send and receive text you won't get data. If this is the case what good is this for it makes a nice phone like a Galaxy S3,S4, S5, Note 2 into a glorified ghetto phone on a ghetto service. If I'm paying big bucks for a nice phone I don't expect ghetto service. I don't know how Cricket is but I sure hope its better than what I've experienced from TracFone resellers out there. If I had to choose between PagePlus and Verizon I'd go with Verizon at least you get support at the local Verizon store and you can find nice Verizon 4G phones online and at your local pawn shop for a nice reasonable price. At least you won't be wreaking your phones anymore when you use a PagePlus SIM and if you don't like them you can go Verizon.

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