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It's Free Shipping Day, Order Today For Delivery by Christmas

Free Shipping Day
Today is Free Shipping Day which is significant because it's the last day you can order from most online merchants and expect your items to arrive before Christmas using standard or economy shipping. 

In honor of Free Shipping Day many stores including TargetDollar General (use code FREESLEIGH) and hhgreg have made shipping free on all purchases, no matter how small, today. The website freeshippingday.com, which tracks Free Shipping Day participants, lists over 900 online merchants who are offering free shipping on all orders today.

None of the major online sellers of prepaid phones seems to be participating in Free Shipping Day this year, but almost all of them do offer free shipping for orders over a certain amount, usually $35 or $50. If a phone or two is on your shopping list head on over to Prepaid Phone News Prepaid Phones on Sale This Week Dec 14 - Dec 20 post. It's updated daily with all the latest deals.


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