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Page Plus $55 and $69.95 Plans Get Unlimited Data

TracFone's Page Plus Cellular announced that effective today Dec. 17, its The 55 and $69.95 Unlimited Talk/Text/Data plans now include unlimited throttled data after the plan's 3 GB or 5 GB of high speed data is used up.

There's no word on what the throttled speed will be, but if it's anything like TracFone owned Straight Talk's unlimited throttled speed it will be very slow, 64Kbps at best.

The 55 plan includes unlimited domestic voice and messaging, 3 GB of high speed data and 200 international calling minutes for $55 per month.

The $69.95 Unlimited Talk/Text/Data includes unlimited domestic voice and messaging, 5 GB of high speed data and 400 international calling minutes.

PagePlus operates on the Verizon network. Page Plus high-speed data includes LTE throttled to a maximum download speed of approximately 5Mbps.

Page Plus has a number of other less expensive plans (listed below) most of which include LTE data. However, only the $55 and $69.95 plans come with unlimited data.

Name Monthly Price Domestic Voice Domestic Text/MMS Data
Pay As You Go $2.50* 4¢-10¢/min 5¢/5¢**10¢/MB, 3G only
The 12 Monthly Plan $12.00 250 min, overage 5¢/min 250 SMS or MMS**, overage 5¢/ea. 10 MB, overage 10¢/MB, 3G only
Talk n Text 1200 Monthly Plan $29.95 1200 minutes, overage 5¢/min 3000 SMS or MMS**, overage 5¢/ea. 500 MB, overage 5¢/MB, LTE available
Unlimited Talk n Text Monthly Plan $39.95 unlimited unlimited SMS & MMS** 1 GB, overage 5¢/MB, LTE available
The 55 Monthly Plan $55.00 unlimited + 200 int'l unlimited SMS or MMS** unlimited, throttled after 3 GB, LTE available
The $69.95 Plan $69.95 unlimited + 200 int'l unlimited SMS or MMS** unlimited, throttled after 5 GB, overage 5¢/MB, LTE available
* $2.50 is the minimum monthly cost which is achieved by using a $10 top up every 120 days. There is a 50¢/month service fee (deducted on the 25th of each month) on the Pay As You Go Plan only.
** MMS data transport charged at 10¢/MB on Pay As You Go or drawn from available plan data on monthly plans.

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  1. Doesn't ST offer the same for $45 (plus tax) ?

    1. Except for the international minutes, yes, the Straight Talk $45 is the same as the Page Plus $55.

  2. Too bad that they didn't add the unlimited soft cap to the $40 plan.

  3. Do you have the option to buy more data when your 3GB or 5GB is used up?

  4. Dennis,
    don't know where suppose to just send you comments... but have you seen (and reported and I've missed it) the announcement on their site that GENIUS WIRELESS is shutting down? what's up

    are Sim's trac phone page plus changes too much...?

    is Selectel going to have enough dealer network???


    (selectel is tempting with verizon roaming but not very long in business.. and this doesn't help...)

    1. Eric at Genius Wireless notified me several weeks ago that he was shutting his dealership down. He said that he and his wife where spending way too much time for too little money. He asked me not to publicize the decision and I've honored his request.

      Running a prepaid dealership is a tough business with razor thin margins, lots of competition and plenty of scam artists to avoid. Recent industry consolidation, including TracFone buying PagePlus along with the MNOs getting serious about prepaid and cutting prices below those of MVNOs have made a dealer's life harder than ever.

  5. Thanks for being honorable about that request Dennis, but he's got it on the site now..


    and has included some thought about Slim's Page Plus etc...
    also trying to help by recommending another dealer,and still liking Selectel......

    and you are so right with the carrier's prepaids (and multiple branded ones at that) how the MVNO's will shake out may be as tough as mom & pop grocery stores... :(

    and even being a carrier's franchise (like cricket, metro) doesn't look from the outside
    all that great when competing against the chains, supercenters and corp. online sites
    as well as the carriers other prepaids with little differentiation
    but disruption of old models seems to be the new normal..

    and sadly the history of consolidation to a few oligopolies seems to continue....

  6. Page Plus Cellular has added free UNLIMITED calling to Mexican-based mobile numbers and 400 international landline minutes but only on Page Plus' most expensive plan of $69.99. Page Plus also introduced a new International Calling App designed to make international call more easier through Page Plus.

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