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Today Only - 32 Paid Android Apps and Games Are Free From the Amazon Appstore

The Amazon Appstore is running a repeat of last week's Android app giveaway but with a different group of apps this time. Today Dec. 31 only, 33 paid apps and games are free from Amazon. The list includes a number of popular titles including Monopoly, Riptide GP2, Friut Ninja, Angry Birds Star Wars II, Pho.to Lab PRO, Townsmen Premium, Distant Suns and Mini Piano. The full list is here Apps & Games : Free App of the Day Bundle.

To get in on the free apps you need to have the Amazon Appstore installed on your phone. Get it from Amazon.com by clicking here using the browser on your phone. Follow the prompts to "Allow Unknown Sources" and finish the installation. Then go back to the list of free apps with your phone browser and start downloading. Or you can "purchase" the free apps using the PC web version of the Amazon Appstore and then launch the Amazon Appstore on your phone and tap the Menu icon in the top left and then tap My Apps and your purchases will show up on the Cloud tab. If you don't see them, tap the Refresh icon in the top right. Amazon has detailed help pages for their Appstore here.



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  1. I wish you could use Amazon apps without keeping the app store on your phone. It is the one reason I never get apps from Amazon.

    1. What does the app store do that is bad?

    2. the Amazon app store is safer than the Google Play store. but that's because it is more curated which also means less apps that tend to be older and not as up to date.

      if you have an Amazon Fire tablet (or that overrated Fire phone), then you want to check out these apps while they are free if you have run out of free Amazon Coins.

      nonethess, really do tend to agree with the first commenter about having extra app stores on an android phone because you have to be updating apps on both Google Play -and- with whatever other extra AppStores you use. too much work imho where android becomes too much micro-management if you are like me in NOT being an obsessed android techhead who is always tweaking their phone. ugh no.

    3. I never had issues with Amazon App Store. I use substitutes for the Google apps and this is the best place to get them. No need to keep Google apps up to date if you don't use them. Frees up a lot of storage space.

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