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Ultra Mobile Increases Data Included With $29 and $39 Plans

T-Mobile MVNO Ultra Mobile increased the amount of data included with two of its plans yesterday: 

  • The $29 plan now comes with 1GB of 4G LTE Data (was 500MB). 
  • The $39 unlimited data plan now includes 750MB of 4G LTE Data (was 500MB), then unlimited data throttled to 128kbps. 
New activations get the increased data immediately. Existing subscribers will be upgraded on their next renewal date.

All Ultra Mobile plans also include unlimited voice minutes and texts. Ultra is notable for it's international calling features. Ultra Mobile supports international direct dialing and all plans include unlimited calls to at least 10 countries and an international call credit. See the table below for details on international calling features included with all plans.

Price per Month Voice Minutes Unlimited Int'l Talk Countries 2 Free Int'l Minutes 3 Text (Domestic & International) MMS Data Int'l Call Credit
$19+ 1 Unlimited 10 Unlimited Limited to available data 100 MB at 4G speeds $1.25
$29+ 1 Unlimited 40 1000 Unlimited Limited to available data 1 GB at 4G speeds 2.50
$39+ 1 Unlimited 40 1000 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited (750 MB at 4G speeds) $6.25
$49+ 1 Unlimited 40 1000 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited (1 GB at 4G speeds) $12.50
$59+ 1 Unlimited 40 1000 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited (2.5 GB at 4G speeds) $5

1 Ultra adds government fees and taxes, including sales and use taxes and Federal Universal Service Fund Fees, to all transactions processed directly by Ultra using a credit or debit card. These taxes vary with the user's location. Ultra adds a "cost recovery fee" to all airtime purchases made at retail locations. The fee is 50¢ on airtime loads of $10 or less and $1 on airtime loads of $10.01 or more.
2 Click here for list of included countries
 $29 and higher plans include 1000 minutes to 45 additional destinations (list)

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  1. Ultra's intl calling is way much better than h2o, but its 4G speed is not good as advertised, at least in Chicago area.

  2. $29 for 1GB with LTE is nice, but the $39 and higher plans don't make sense.

  3. There's a lot of changes in the T-Mobile "others" lately.

  4. I wasn't familiar with h2o. but their coverage map shows they have absolutely no data coverage, and says it is a voice-only service. Big blunder on the web site there.

  5. So far they are the first to give 1GB with a $30 plan. Nice!

  6. More than Abysmal CS with Ultra. I would never trust them with my account.

  7. $29 is really attractive. Especially for a second line or business line and knowing you got a gig of LTE is nice.

    Just don't leave the city or it's a wrap!

  8. Yes, 312. The coverage map is king. Don't be very "mobile" in this one.

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