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$60 and $70 T-Mobile Simple Choice Prepaid Plans Get Data Stash Rollover Data

As promised, T-Mobile extended its "Data Stash" feature to prepaid customers yesterday. Last week's press release announcing the change didn't specify exactly which prepaid plans would qualify for Data Stash. Today the company cleared that confusion up with an updated "Simple Choice Data Stash Plans w/ Rollover Data" page with details of how Data Stash works and which plans it works with. The information about Data Stash for prepaid is hidden within the click to expand Questions about Data Stash section at the bottom of the page. Key points for prepaid customers are:
  • Prepaid plans eligible for Data Stash are the $60 and $70 Simple Choice Prepaid plans.
  • Prepaid Mobile Internet plans are not eligible for Data Stash.
  • T-Mobile will give every prepaid voice customer with a qualifying Simple Choice plan a one-time bonus of 10 GB of data.
  • New customers who choose the $60 or $70 Simple Choice Prepaid plans will get their 10GB Data Stash bonus at time of activation.
  • Existing customers with eligible plans will receive their 10GB of Data Stash bonus data with their next renewal after March 22.
  • Unused data from the 10GB Data Stash bonus expires on 12/31/15.
  • Beginning after the 10 GB bonus is used up, unused plan data will roll forward for up to 12 months.
  • Rolled-over data expires 12 months from when it was added to the Data Stash.
The Simple Choice Prepaid plans are T-Mobile's premium plans with unique perks like unlimited international texts, unlimited Music Freedom streaming, free hotspot/tethering and now Data Stash.

In spite of their premium status, T-Mobile makes the Simple Choice Prepaid plans hard to find. They aren't listed on T-Mobile's main T-Mobile Prepaid Plans. Prospective customers are funneled to the inferior throttled Simply Prepaid plans. The only places I've found on the T-Mobile site that list the features and pricing of the Simple Choice Prepaid plans are when activating a new T-Mobile prepaid line of service, or for current customers, when changing plans on the My T-Mobile online account management site (image below, click to view full larger).

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  1. Always just the higher plans! phooey!

    1. If you need more data and less minutes use the 30 dollar plan it comes with 5 GB but only 100 mins

  2. I expect them to atleast match GoPhone on the $60 plan soon. I would personally bump the $60 plan to 5GB. And just offer the $80 plan for $70. $80 is just way too much money to be advertising for one line. And offer data stash to $50, $60 plans.

  3. Dennis I think tmobile confuse a lot of people....I've come to undertand current offering like this:
    1. Post Paid Simple Choice With Credit Check with possible deposit required and equipement plan approval (promoted) 2. Hidden hard to find "Post Paid" with a One Month Deposit (Which makes this a Prepaid in reality) with No Credit Check. (No phone financing) 3. Simple Choice Prepaid (also hidden as you mentioned) 4. Simple Prepaid (promoted)

    Anybody please let me know if my understanding is wrong.

  4. I agree with the above poster. Granted, Tmobile has come a LOONG way beind the chronic underdog from six years back when the prepaid wars started but even then they had too many plans. Now you have too many plans AND you have a choice of Tmobile postpaid, Tmobile prepaid , secondary prepaid divisions (Metro and Gosmart) and Mvnos (Ptel, Ultra, etc). It's gonna be one confusing batch of choices... simple is better.

  5. Tried again and same as 4 months ago...it's hard to get the 2. above in the cart from web site. May be they want people to visit the store for this. It keeps switching the credit check version....tried so many times until I got a rep to send me a url with SCNC in it. Then I got it into the cart and it says clearly in the cart "Simple Choice No Credit Plan". The beneifit of this plan is may possible corp discount (if available) and build payment history with them which qualify you after 12 months to same as Simple post paid with credit check. benefits

    1. Taxes and fees are much higher on the postpaid plans. You will need a 10%-20% (depending on state) employer discount to offset the higher taxes and fees. Other than free international SMS and 2G data roaming what benefits does post paid have over Simple Choice Prepaid?

    2. Just a few days ago it was Data Stash and before Metropcs "simply $50" it was the two lines family plan unlimited for $50 each. Corp discount taking care of taxes that's 100 vs 160 on prepaid.
      Even now we still have the Jump benefit and Device Installment Plan after 12 satisfactory payment for 12 months. This is still not available on prepaid.

    3. You also get detailed call records, and when overseas you can call for 20c/minute while roaming.

    4. "Other than free international SMS and 2G data roaming"

      Those look like significant advantages, Dennis.

    5. Unlimited International texting is also included in Simple Choice Prepaid. Go to this link, then click on the small print link - "Compare our monthly prepaid plans" above the "$60 per month" to get the pop-up chart:

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