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Expo Mobile Increases Unlimited Talk & Text Price From $25 to $30

Bucking the general prepaid industry trend of falling prices, Sprint MVNO Expo Mobile has raised the price of their unlimited talk and text, no data plan from $25 to $30 per month.

No explanation was given by Expo for the price increase but Sprint MVNOs have been flailing since Sprint's disastrous changes to its MVNO Bring Your Own Sprint Phone eligibility criteria last month.

Sprint's new Financial Eligibility Check (FEC) rules are supposed to block phones whose current or previous owner owes money to Sprint. Sprint has always blocked phones with unpaid outstanding bills, but something has changed. Phones that used to be OK are failing, including brand new phones purchased at full price that have never been used on Sprint and about 50% of formerly OK used phones.

The FEC changes have saddled  Sprint MVNOs with inventories of unsaleable phones and extra support costs dealing with Sprint and with customers whose phones can't be activated. Expect to see more Sprint MVNO raising prices, switching to a different mobile operator or failing.

Expo Mobilewhich  launched in Sept. 2013, has 24/7 phone support, no added taxes or fees and LTE. All monthly plans, which start at $19, include unlimited international texts. Plans priced at $40 and up include 1000 minutes of free international calling to over 50 countries. Here are all of Expo's current plans:

Plan Minutes Texts, domestic and int'l Data International Minutes
$10/month 1 5¢/ea 2¢/ea 10¢/MB Add on 2
$19/month 500 Unlimited N/A Add on 2
$30/month Unlimited Unlimited N/A Add on 2
$35/month Unlimited Unlimited 500 MB 4G Add on 2
$40/month Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 2G 1000 4
$50/month Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 3G 3 1000 4
$60/month Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 4G 3 1000 4
1 Pay as you go plan with no rollover. Monthly maintenance fee of $1 deducted from prepaid balance
2 International rates. Minimum international add-on is $5, Add on funds expire at the end of the current billing cycle.
3 Unlimited data throttled to 128 Kbps or less after 3.5 GB
4 1000 minutes of calls to landlines in 50 countries and mobiles in Canada, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand.

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  1. Update price table to $30?

  2. EXPO Mobile gives $10 free international calling to all designations

  3. Stick a fork in them!

  4. Replies
    1. Over broad spectrum their plans are not competitive and never really have been. An increase as most are lowering prices or adding min/sms/data with no price increases, with this FEC I think they are done. You can get UT/UT/300MB from iDeal Mobile for 30$ so why stay with Expo? I would say that you will see Chitchat and Voyager going down the toilet as well.

    2. I didn't know about iDeal Mobile. $30 for 300MB with unlimited talk and text is better than any plan from the Sprint MVNOs listed on this site. Why isn't iDeal Mobile listed on this site?

  5. ... They're done!

  6. I say it's probably safe to go ahead and add this MVNO to the defunct list, lol! We can expect more and more Sprint MVNOs to be added in the near future. Lousy coverage + CDMA = FAIL. (Lousy coverage + CDMA) x Price Increase = DISASTER!

  7. Did you see the last post? Tmobile mvno Ptel gives most of their plan more data for the money or a price break. Plus better byod . Plus better US based cs. Plus they've been around since 2001... Tmobile's mvno program with better byod, better prices, and more data is gonna displace Sprint's once vaunted version very soon unless they fix FEC/Byosd and start giving rates that allow them to lower prices, not raise them.

  8. Cricket has $25 unlimited talk and text plan

    1. ....with twice the coverage.

      And good CS. My last few calls, questions to Cricket have been handled in an above-average fashion.

  9. Isn't Expo the one that cuts you off for using too many "unlimited" minutes? Now they want $30 for talk and text without any data on Sprint. GoPhone has the same plan for $30 but with AT&T coverage and BYOP that actually works.

  10. Yes, when you raise prices in this market today with no value added - it's corporate lingo for "we're out of cash". See ya... they won't last long.

    1. Very true. I believe their goal is to siphon as much money as they can from unsuspecting existing customers (if they don't grandfather) into paying more and then throw in the towel and disappear with the cash.

  11. If the PayGo plan doesn't have rollover how can they charge a $1 monthly fee?

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