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More Data and Lower Prices From Giv Mobile

GIV Mobile, the T-Mobile MVNO that donates 8% of plan payments to your choice of charities, has made some nice improvements to their plans: 

  • The $20/30 day plan now includes 250 MB (was 150 MB) of 3G/4G (no LTE) data 
  • The $35/30 day plan goes from 500 MB to 1 GB of 4G/LTE data 
  • The price of the $45, 2 GB of 4G/LTE plan has been reduced to $40 
  • The $65 plan with 4 GB of 4G/LTE data is now $60 
All the plans include unlimited domestic voice minutes and unlimited domestic and international SMS. The $35, $40 and $60 plans also offer unlimited data throttled to 128 Kbps after the 1, 2 or 4 GB of high speed data is used up.

Giv Mobile, which is part of PTel Mobile uses the T-Mobile native network with no roaming. Giv's signature feature is charitable giving. Giv donates 8% of every plan payment to charities chosen by the user from a list of over 30 including the Ronald MacDonald House, the American Cancer Society, Alzheimer's Association, Doctors Without Borders and The Wilderness Society. With the latest changes, Giv's plans are now identical to comparable PTel plans in features and pricing except that PTel's don't include contributions to charities.

The table below lists all of Giv Mobiles current plans:
Plan Price Talk and Global Text MMS High Speed Data 2G Data International Call Credit
The 20 $20 unlimited limited to available data 250 MB (no LTE) none $1
The 25 $25 unlimited unlimited none unlimited $2.50
The 35 $35 unlimited unlimited 1 GB unlimited $5
The 40 $40 unlimited unlimited 2 GB unlimited $5
The 60 $60 unlimited unlimited 4 GB unlimited $5

Giv Mobile has US based support, online call records, international direct dialing and competitive per minute international rates.

From now through April 24 you can use code GIV2GET10 to 10% off Giv phones, SIMs and airtime when purchased with a phone or SIM.

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  1. looks like the same as PTEL's current plans.

    1. Yes! It even says that in the article.

    2. PTEL owns Givmobile, but Givmobile gives 8% to charity which makes it the better option in my opinion.

  2. finally. i can use their SIMs... $20 plan is perfect for me..

  3. Giv Mobile offers a FREE months' of service.

  4. Any taxes and fees?

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