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Ultra Mobile $29+ Plans Now Include Unlimited Calls to Mexican Mobile Phones

Lately we've seen more and more US mobile operators adding free calls to Mexico to their monthly plans. That makes sense as Mexican calling is a huge market. There are over 12 million Mexican born US residents, most of who probably make calls to family members and friends in their native country. Mexico is also a popular tourist destination and the United States' third largest trading partner so there have to be lots of cross border business and travel planing calls.

Quite a few prepaid operators include free unlimited calls landlines in Mexico with their international plans or international add-ons. But who uses landlines anymore? Only a handful of operators offer free unlimited calling the Mexican Mobile phones. In a quick search, the only ones I found that do are:

  • AT&T GoPhone: unlimited calls to Mexico, including mobile phones, on $55 and $60 plans 
  • Cricket: unlimited calls to Mexico, including mobile phones, on $50 and $60 plans  
  • Boost Mobile offers unlimited calls to Mexico, including mobiles, with its $5/month Todo Mexico Plus add-on to $45 and $55 plans 
  • Lycamobile's $59/month plan provides unlimited calls to Mexico, including mobiles. 
All of the above cost $50 or more. But there's now a less expensive alternative. T-Mobile MVNO Ultra Mobile just started offering unlimited calling to Mexico, including to mobile phones, to plans starting at just $29 (plus a $1 "cost recovery fee"). The plans all also include unlimited domestic calling and messaging, unlimited international texts, unlimited calls to landlines in 40 countries and mobiles in 11, plus 1000 minutes to landlines in 45 additional countries and mobiles in 18. The plans differ only in the amounts of data and international calling credit included:

  • $29/month - $2.50/month international call credit and 1 GB of data.
  • $39/month - $6.25/month international call credit and unlimited data (throttled after 750MB).
  • $49/month - $12.50/month international call credit and unlimited data (throttled after 1GB).
  • $59/month - $5.00/month international call credit and unlimited data (throttled after 2.5GB).
LTE is available on all plans with a compatible phone. Provided that T-Mobile's relatively small native network (coverage map) works for you, Ultra Mobile looks like the best deal yet for callers who need to make lots of calls to Mexico.

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  1. Great plan with only one caveat. Their Intl long distance feature is out of service a lot, sometimes for days. However, since its free you cant complain.

    1. I don't get what you are saying. If it doesn't work, what good is it if its free??

    2. If it looks good on paper, isn't that all that counts?

      Like T-Mobile's great data deals. Shouldn't matter if they are no good in most of the US.

  2. And Ultra shows why they have the best low cost deals in prepaid. The high end plans aren't all that, but the 19 and 29 dollar plans are killer.

  3. One of our Cricket 5 line Group Save members has the nominally $50 Smart plan ($30 after her $20 Group Save discount). She has had good luck calling and texting family in Mexico City almost every day without problem. The added advantage is that she gets 5GB data instead of 1GB. With her extra data, she can Skype family without telephones, as well as the usual surf and email on her phablet.

  4. It's nice that H20 is finally seeing some competition when it comes to international calling. I'll still keep recommending H20 though over Ultra Mobile because
    Has better coverage (AT&T vs T-Mobile)
    AT&T phones are cheaper than T-Mobile
    More data on $40 and $50 plans
    More international talk credit and more international unlimited calling eligible countries
    H20 monthly plans are cheaper with auto pay, family plan, and callingmart discounts.

    Only things Ultra has that is better is
    More data on $30 plan
    Unlimited calling to Mexican mobile phones
    More unlimited international calling to mobiles (18 vs 5)

  5. Ultra is a phenomenal low end price-point for people that do not need much in the way of coverage. T-Mobile native footprint you best remain in a major metro area or on a busy interstate.

  6. Ultra needs to remember that if they bring chewing gum into class, they need to bring for everybody. It is not just Mexico that has a large population that calls home.

    1. "It is not just Mexico that has a large population that calls home."

      Got any examples? Mexico is one of the most populous nations on the planet. It has a connection to a huge demographic in the US unmatched by any other nation outside the US. I think you will be hard pressed to find a comparable country for which it would be desirable for so many carriers and MNVOs (and their customers) to have calling plans for.

      Even China, much more populous than Mexico, has only a fraction of the people connected to China in the US who might need to "call home".

    2. It's not just Mexico that Ultra provides unlimited calling to. Ultra plans priced at $29 and up include unlimited calls to landlines in 40 countries and mobiles in 11.

  7. If only they had cell phone calling to Jamacia, Trinidad or the Dominican Republic. It's a good start though.

  8. If you have not used Ultra you need to know the international calling is iffy. The majority of the time international calls don't go through. If international calling is important I suggest Att or Cricket.

  9. Any TMo MVNOs other than Ting that offer some roaming for voice and text? It would seem to me that would be a great differentiator, but I never see roaming promoted much these days.

    1. T-Mobile based prepaid MNOs, MVNOs and resellers with roaming:

      T-Mobile Prepaid (Simple Choice plans), Harbor: Voice, SMS and volume limited data roaming

      T-Mobile Prepaid (non Simple Choice), MetroPCS, Brightspot, Ting, Solavei, Straight Talk, NET10 and Tracfone: Voice and SMS only roaming

  10. I think that Net10 may be on the verge of expanding its international calling to Mexico and a few other countries. My wife and I are on the $75 "family plan", which until now has not included any foreign calls. But when we topped up this week, we saw a msg saying that we could now make "unlimited calls" Mexico, Canada, India, and China plus 400 minutes for Guatemala. It said we should call 305-994-2389.

    When I called the number, I got a recording telling me I needed to call from a phone on which a foreign calling plan was already activated. I don't know whether the screen msg was an error or a promise of things to come, and I don't much care because there is no one in those countries that I want to call anyway.

    Maybe it won't take effect till the "Service Refill Date", which for me will be Monday. I'll call the number again then and see if still get the same recording. Stay tuned.

    1. Nope, same recording today. Maybe it was a false alarm.

  11. Ultra vs H20
    Metro vs Cricket
    T-Mobile Prepaid vs AT&T GoPhone

    And the prices just keep falling. Ultra $29 plan is really attractive. Especially with CallingMart.

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