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H2O Wireless Adds Unlimited Calls to Mexican Mobiles on $50 Plan and Launches New $65 3.5 GB Plan

AT&T MVNO H2O Wireless has added a new $65 plan to their lineup which includes unlimited domestic calls and messages and unlimited data with the first 3.5 GB at full 3G/4G speeds and the rest throttled to 128 Kbps. The new plan also comes with unlimited international texts, unlimited calls to landlines in over 50 countries and mobile phones in eight (list) and a $20 international call credit.

H2O has also added unlimited calls to Mexican mobile phones to its $50/month plan only. Mexican mobile calling is described by H2O as a limited time offer so don't be surprised when it disappears.

LTE data is included with all H2O plans. Auto Pay is available and there's a quirky family plan discount that's only available through H2O dealers or by calling 1-800-643-4926. Auto pay is NOT available for family plans which must be renewed each month at a dealer or by calling H2O. The discount is $10 off for two lines, $20 off for three and $30 off for four. The primary line can be on the $30 plan but the other lines must be on a $40 or higher plan.

One of the older MVNOs, H2O has been in business since 1998. It's part of Locus Telecommunications, a wholly owned subsidiary of Japan's second largest mobile operator, KDDI.

The table below lists all of H2O's current plans.

Name Price Voice Domestic Text/MMS International Data
Pay As You Go $3.33/mo and up. 1 5¢/min 5¢/10¢ 10¢/text 10¢/MB 2
$25 Pay As You Go $25/30 days 2.5¢/min 2.5¢/10¢ 10¢/text 10¢/MB 2
$30 Unlimited $30/mo unlimited unlimited unlimited calls to 50+ countries, $10 Int'l Credit, unlimited texts 500 MB 2, 3
$40 Unlimited $40/30 days unlimited unlimited unlimited calls to 50+ countries, $20 Int'l Credit, unlimited texts 1 GB 2, 3
$50 Unlimited $50/30 days unlimited unlimited unlimited calls to 50+ countries, $20 Int'l Credit, unlimited texts 2 GB 2, 3
$60 Unlimited $60/30 days unlimited unlimited unlimited calls to 50+ countries, $20 Int'l Credit, unlimited texts Unlimited, 2.5 GB high speed 2,3
$65 Unlimited $60/30 days unlimited unlimited unlimited calls to 50+ countries, $20 Int'l Credit, unlimited texts Unlimited 3.5 GB high speed 2,3
1 $3.33 is the minimum monthly cost which is achieved by using a $10 top up every 90 days. Available top-ups are: $10/90 days, $20/90 days, $30/90 days and $100/1 year.
2 LTE available. Additional data is available at 5¢/MB on the $25 and higher plans by adding a $10 "Feature Card". Unused Feature Card balances expire at the end of the plan month.
3 Data speeds throttled to about 128 Kps for the rest of the plan month after 2.5 or 3.5 GB high speed allotment is used.

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  1. Really bad customer service and not very competitive. I rather go with Cricket if you need Att coverage.

    1. As an H2O Dealer I have full access to customers account, my customers never need to contact them directly. Find you a local dealer, they will handle everything.

  2. What am I missing? It looks a lot more expensive than just about anything from anyone except Verizon-brand prepaid. What's the appeal?

  3. Trying to compete with cricket. But crippling themselves to compete at the same time.

  4. I don't see this as a better value than what Cricket & MetroPC has been offering the past few months.

  5. I think h2o has come up dry this time.
    The glass is half empty...

    1. "H2O, like TracFone and other MVNOs not owned by the Big Four,"

      Again, TracFone, as part of "American Movil" is actually bigger than the Big 4. .

    2. I'm getting SIX times the data, on the same network as h20, for $10 less.

    3. Yeah, I think this is a great deal. I would also pay $125,000 for a 2015 Chevy Cruz if the dealer asks me to , and I am unhappy unless gas costs at least $7 a gallon.

  6. H2O, like TracFone and other MVNOs not owned by the Big Four, will be increasingly unable to compete with those MVNOs who ARE owned by the Big Four. It's not that Japan's KDDI, or Carlos Slim, for example, don't have deep pockets -- it's just that they don't want to lose money matching the rates that Cricket or Boost, for example, are able to charge -- and still make money.

    Luckily, we still have some competition, thanks to public servants who cannot be bought off and corrupted, and legal structures that protect against monopoly. No wait... that's the "Nanny State" -- bad, bad, bad.

    The other thing we have (so far, at least) is net neutrality, which enables small independent (and fearless) bloggers to bring us this great information!!!

  7. H2O is only good for the $27 autopay plan.

  8. Gophone is 4 GB unthrottled for $60 and it includes unlimited calls to Mexico. The closest you'll get to AT&T postpaid access.

    1. yeah at&t gophone better with the data:

      h20 $60 plan - 2.5gb
      h2o $65 plan - 3.5gb

      gophone $60 plan - 4gb

      (only difference is can call more countries other than mexico on h2o. but if all your calls are in the USA, then gophone is the better deal.)

      but if you have good tmobile coverage, and if you call no one in the USA or internationally, then go with the so-called tmobile "secret" (haha!) $30 plan with 5gb if you only care about data.... but damnit the tmo coverage in my neighborhood is so crappy that it is practically nonexistent making that tmo "secret" plan into a top-secret-cannot-use-it plan for me.

    2. Secret plan is the BEST!

  9. I'd probably go with this if my phone breaks I'd go with an AT&T compatible GSM phone and at 128K when my 3.5 GB of high speed Data runs out I could still do my Internet Radio station without getting cut of when the family starts using huge amounts of data on the home ISP. they knock in those on line games it kills the Radio station so if Cricket offered the same I could probably use Easy Tether like I do now to tether. Hope this is the case with cricket.

  10. Anonymous, re: "Again, TracFone, as part of "American Movil" is actually bigger than the Big 4. "

    The question is not SIZE. As I said, Carlos Slim has deep pockets. The question is 'what kind of infrastructure does the MVNO operate IN THE US MARKET'? American Movil has no towers in the US, that I know of, and therefore is at the mercy of the Big 4 when it comes to the rates that they must pay. Back when AT&T was postpaid only, they probably didn't regard Tracfone as a competitor for their customers, but simply as added revenue from another niche market. Now that AT&T operates their own MVNO, they have no reason to offer TracFone lower rates and undercut their own Cricket customer base. (Unless, of course they are trying to negotiate lower rates for the use of Movil's towers in South America...)

    So your mantra that "American (sic) Movil is the largest", simply means that they have the most to lose in the US market. Reminds me of the furniture salesman who explained his "incredibly low prices", by saying, "We lose money on every sale; if it wasn't for the volume, we'd go out of business!" The only way out for TracFone is shoddy CS and deceptive advertising (as their $40 million fine attests.) However, Anonymous, if you like to pay more and get yelled at, have at it. Me, I migrated to Cricket and am waiting for the "big" TracFone payout :-)

  11. H2O and other MVNOs should focus on improving their low end plans. How about more data on the $30 plan and a $20 plan with some data. MVNOs can't compete with carrier brands on high end plans for heavy data users. There aren't any MVNOs offering 10GB of high speed data for less then $60.

    1. Yes, and not just low. end. but mid-range.

  12. When you consider that H2O offers unlimited calls and texts to 50+ countries, including calls to mobiles in certain countries, their $50 plan (really $45 after autopay discount) looks a lot more competitive with Cricket. Cricket only offers international calling as a $10 or $15 option, and it's not even available for their $40 ($35 with autopay) plan. Of course, if international calling is important to you then there's lycamobile or Ultra Mobile which may offer the same countries for less.

  13. fifty+ countries. if you have relatives in one of these countries, better hope they have a landline because calls to cell phones in only eight countries are covered by these unlimited plans. unfortunately, my relatives all have cell phones! so these h2o plans with "unlimited" international calling are useless to me. dang it! oh well. but these plans must be good for others who have relatives in the old country where they may be stuck on landlines. :-)

    (but my guess is that the international texting could be the same as at&t gophone going to a hundred countries??? so if you're only going to text anyways, then might as well go with the at&t gophone $60 plan if you need gigs of data plus you'll get all that int'l texting.)

    Andorra UNLIMITED calling to Andorra landlines.
    Argentina UNLIMITED calling to Argentina landlines.
    Australia UNLIMITED calling to Australia landlines.
    Austria UNLIMITED calling to Austria landlines.

    Bangladesh UNLIMITED calling to Bangladesh cellular and landlines.
    Belgium UNLIMITED calling to Belgium landlines.
    Brazil UNLIMITED calling to Brazil landlines (Belo Horizonte, Brasilia, Curitiba, Porto Allegre, Rio de Janeiro, and Sao Paolo).

    Canada UNLIMITED calling to Canada landlines.
    Chile UNLIMITED calling to Chile landlines.
    China UNLIMITED calling to China cellular and landlines.
    Colombia UNLIMITED calling to Colombia landlines in Barranquilla and Cali.
    Costa Rica UNLIMITED calling to Costa Rica landlines.
    Croatia UNLIMITED calling to Croatia landlines.
    Cyprus UNLIMITED calling to Cyprus landlines.
    Czech Rep. UNLIMITED calling to Czech Republic landlines.

    Denmark UNLIMITED calling to Denmark landlines.
    Dominican Rep. UNLIMITED calling to Dominican Republic landlines and 1829.

    France UNLIMITED calling to France landlines.

    Germany UNLIMITED calling to Germany landlines.
    Greece UNLIMITED calling to Greece landlines.
    Guam UNLIMITED calling to Guam landlines.

    Hong Kong UNLIMITED calling to Hong Kong cellular and landlines.
    Hungary UNLIMITED calling to Hungary landlines.

    India UNLIMITED calling to India cellular and landlines.
    Indonesia UNLIMITED calling to Indonesia landlines in Bandung and Jakarta.
    Ireland UNLIMITED calling to Ireland landlines.
    Israel UNLIMITED calling to Israel cellular and landlines (exclude Israel Palestine).
    Italy UNLIMITED calling to Italy landlines.

    Japan UNLIMITED calling to Japan landlines.

    Latvia UNLIMITED calling to Latvia landlines.
    Luxembourg UNLIMITED calling to Luxembourg landlines.

    Malaysia UNLIMITED calling to Malaysia landlines.
    Malta UNLIMITED calling to Malta landlines.
    Mexico UNLIMITED calling to Mexico landlines.

    Netherlands UNLIMITED calling to Netherlands landlines.
    New Zealand UNLIMITED calling to New Zealand landlines.
    Norway UNLIMITED calling to Norway landlines.

    Peru UNLIMITED calling to Peru landlines.
    Poland UNLIMITED calling to Poland landlines.
    Portugal UNLIMITED calling to Portugal cellular and landlines.

    Romania UNLIMITED calling to Romania landlines.
    Russia UNLIMITED calling to Russia landlines.

    Singapore UNLIMITED calling to Singapore cellular and landlines.
    Slovakia UNLIMITED calling to Slovakia landlines.
    Slovenia UNLIMITED calling to Slovenia landlines.
    South Korea UNLIMITED calling to South Korea cellular and landlines.
    Spain UNLIMITED calling to Spain landlines.
    Sweden UNLIMITED calling to Sweden landlines.
    Switzerland UNLIMITED calling to Switzerland landlines.

    Taiwan UNLIMITED calling to Taiwan landlines.

    United Kingdom UNLIMITED calling to United Kingdom landlines.

    Venezuela UNLIMITED calling to Venezuela landlines.

    1. would rather buy (or get free included credit!) for like a five or ten dollar value for international calling (like gophone which has $5 addon for int'l calling) if you have to call countries not covered by these int'l calling plans and particularly if calling cell-to-cell when a relative have no landline. hey, a lot people are cutting off their landlines in other countries like we are doing in the united states.

    2. ... But if you relatives ARE in one of those countries that h2o offers mobile-to-mobile calling to, then it's a pretty good plan for you. You have eight guesses where my wife's relatives live. :)

      But if you only need to send international texts, among AT&T MVNOs then I think cricket has Gophone beat. Their $50 plan ($45 w/autopay) has unlimited international texting included. Once again it all depends on the country you need.

    3. gophone international texting to 100+ countries. included with $30 $45 $55 $60 plans and $2 day plan. but not with the 10¢ pay-per-minute plan.

      cricket international texting to 35 countries.

      gophone has more but costs more. while cricket is great for budget value which is very attractive for those who want the most (although not everything) for the bucks they pay without paying through the nose.

  14. airvoice $40 (1gb), $50 (2gb), $60 (3gb) plans have unlimited international calling to 70+ countries.

  15. H20 does have consistently lousy cs which is why I don't like them. They do have a lot of things going for them, smartsims, a good dealer portal, good paygo rates, triple sims, lte but that DAMN customer service just ruins it every time. Lol. I'm sticking to Att mvnos with better cs like Air Voice and Good 2 Go for the time being...

    1. h2o is nonetheless great if you have no problems and need absolutely no support. lol

  16. On the low end though, mvnos have Gophone beat. Gophone has $30 unlimited talk/text/no data vs Air Voice/Good 2 Go/H20 up to at least 4g speed data for the same price. And paygo, no contest. The mvnos have it there. The secondary prepaid divisions are getting all the high dollar stuff like Cricket though. The mvnos are getting pushed aside as the non branded prepaid divsions of the big four (like Gosmart, Metro, Boost, etc) get all the big data love (and higher bracket dollars) while the independent mvnos are left for the smaller fish...

    1. the miracle of mvnos. choice is good.

      (but my choice always came back to going with and sticking with at&t gophone.)

  17. Slight correction in the Data column - the reference to note 3 shouldn't be there for the $30, $40 and $50 plans which IIRC have a hard cut-off unless a feature card has been added.

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