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Selectel Adds International Calling

Verizon MVNO Selectel has finally added support for international calling. To make international calls customers just need to purchase

Rates vary depending on which denomination card you buy. Prices for calls to mobile phones in PrepaidPhoneNews' standard International Calling Market Basket countries are:

  • $10 Card: Canada 1.1¢, China 2.2¢, Mexico 4.5¢, Philippines 15¢. United Kingdom 4.5¢ = 27.3/5 = 5.46
  • $20 Card: Canada 1¢, China 1.9¢, Mexico 3.9¢, Philippines 12.7¢, United Kingdom 3.8¢ =23.3/5 = 4.66
These are good rates. Among the mobile operators covered in my Best Prepaid Mobile International Voice & Text Deals, only Ultra Mobile has a lower market basket price; 3.8¢ to 4.1¢, depending on plan.

There are a couple of drawbacks with Selectel's international option however. For one international credit expires 30 days after it's purchased. For another Selectel doesn't support international direct dialing. To make an international call you need to dial an access number (540-322-2466) wait for a prompt and then dial your international number.

I think Google Voice is a better option for international calling, especially if you have an iPhone or Android phone. You can dial directly your from a dialer or contact list with the app on both platforms, your credit never expires and the market basket price of 4.8¢ (Canada 0, China 1¢, Mexico 5¢, Philippines 15¢, United Kingdom 3¢) is better than with Selectel's $10 card and almost as good as with the $20 card.

There's no mention of international calling on the Selectel website yet. Selectel dealers were notified of the availability of international calling earlier this week along with this rate list.

Selectel offers a number of plans (listed below). A unique feature of Selectel among Verizon MVNOs is that it offers no extra cost domestic voice roaming is included. Other Verizon MVNOs either don't offer roaming like BYO or charge extra for it like Page Plus.

Plan Duration Voice Messaging Data
$15 Value Plan 30 Days 300 Minutes 300 Texts 15 MB
$30 Talk & Text 30 Days 1300 Minutes 3000 Texts 500 MB
$40 Unlimited Plan 30 Days Unlimited Unlimited 200 MB
$50 Data User Plan 30 Days Unlimited Unlimited 2 GB
$60 MiFi Data Plan 30 Days Unlimited Unlimited 5 GB
$65 Mega Data Plan 30 Days Unlimited Unlimited 4 GB
$75 Yearly Plan 365 Days 2000 Minutes 2000 Texts None 1
$10 Flex Card 1 Never Expires 5¢/min 5¢/ea 5¢/MB
1 The $10 Flex Card can be used to add additional data, minutes or texts to any plan at the rate of 5¢ per minute, message or MB of data. It's not a standalone plan and must be used together with the monthly of yearly plan. The Flex Card balance never expires.

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  1. This is not related to Selectel international calling, but is there any indication when they may offer 4G LTE data. Some MVNO's are providing (PagePlus, TracFone).

    1. 4g on Selectel would be great.

    2. I haven't heard anything but vague promises of "soon" for LTE on Selectel.

    3. Dennis: I've talked to them several times. and they are vague and evasive. Apparently, the decision to not have 4G is theirs alone.

      This international plan is just a deck chair re-arranged on the Titanic. Selectel has great customer service, and perhaps a great value in having the best coverage of any MNVO (???). But their plan prices, and 3G not 4G ..... not changed in aeons..... come across as museum pieces in a fast moving tech/phone world.

      It forced me to leave, because there's lots better value out there now. I imagine I am not the only one.

  2. Any reason the $10 calls isn't eligible to be used to place calls to Mexico? That's odd.

    1. Calls to Mexico are supported. There was a typo in the post where Mexico was missing from the market basket price calculation.

  3. Boost Mobile $50 Mexico plan includes unlimited calls to mobile, Landlines and worldwide text. With 5gb of high speed.
    I wish a Verizon MVNO had a competitive plan like that

  4. What good is voice roaming as a big selling point when about the best device you can use is an LG Ultimate 2.
    I certainly do not see Selectel plans as all that conducive to feature phones and they offer no paygo plans that would be.
    My Mom is using a Fascinate on the $75 Plan, but she can not use some of the newer apps and the even though you can root and add a custom ROM, if you can find all the files to do so, the memory and processor are pathetic.
    I say that Selectel will go the way of the dinosaur if they do not come up with LTE soon! Same with BYO and Red Pocket.

  5. Selectel will need to make some sort of nice to be competitive. Heck, even Verizon will have to address shortcomings in its offerings.

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