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MetroPCS CDMA to Shutdown 6/21 - Free Comparable GSM Phones For Current Customers

T-Mobile has announced that the legacy MetroPCS network will be shut down on June 21, 2015 in the few remaining markets where it still operates. T-Mobile, which acquired MetroPCS two years ago this month, seems to be doing the right thing for current CDMA customers. It's offering CDMA customers a credit for their old phones that's enough in most cases to cover the cost of a comparable new MetroPCS phone operating on T-Mobile's GSM network.

Current MetroPCS CDMA customers need to visit a MetroPCS store to get their free phone upgrade. Not all stores are participating in the program so be sure to call first.  When customers turn in their CDMA phone at a MetroPCS store they get an account credit that they can use to purchase a new GSM phone. In most cases the credit is sufficient to cover the cost of a new that's as good or better than the one they are turning in. For example:

  • The LG Connect, Esteem, Spirit and Lightray all get a $109.99 credit which will cover the $99.99 cost of a Samsung Galaxy Avant or ZTE ZMAX
  • The Samsung Admire, Attain, Code, Craft and Indulge, LG  Motion and 5400, Coolpad Quattro, BlackBerry Curve and Huawei Activa and Premia  all get a $54 credit, good for LG Optimus F60 or F6
  • The Samsung Galaxy S III gets a $299.99 rebate. MetroPCS doesn't currently list any comparably priced phones on its website. So unless their dealers have still have some old stock S IIIs or S4s customers will either have to pony up $179 to upgrade to a $479 Galaxy S5 or settle for a lesser phone
  • Most other phones get a $32 credit which covers the cost of an LG Optimus L70, Samsung Galaxy and a number of other smartphones and feature phones.
The full list of eligible phones and rebate amounts can be found it this PDF.

Source: MetroPCS

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  1. Typo with "Cricket CDMA customers..." I assume this is Metro's conversion of CDMA to GSM, and not for luring Cricket CDMA customers?

  2. That's a more than fair price for an S3.

  3. MetroPCS is really on a roll, and ahead of schedule. Their $30 plan; more than 10,000 stores; tripled the markets to 45; >10M customers as of last August; and adding 1.2M customers per year (almost the same total now as ALL of AT&T prepaid, and almost DOUBLE all Verizon prepaid).

    1. MetroPCS is BY FAR THE WORST cell service I have ever had the misfortune to use. They sell you with a bait and switch, with some unlimited 4G sweet talk when you're lucky to even make a telephone call in a metropolitan area, surrounded by cell towers. I don't know about this $30 crap, I'm paying $60 a month for nothing but garbage. I can't wait to get out of their clutches.

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