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Pure TalkUSA Lowers Plan Prices

AT&T MVNO Pure TalkUSA has lowered the prices on a bunch of its plans:
  • The 500 minutes Simple 500 plan is now $12.95 per month instead of $15.
  • The 1000 minutes Simple 1000 plan is now $17.95 per month instead of $20.
The AddVantage 500 and AddVantage 1000 plans for seniors 55 and older also got price cuts to $12.95 and $17.95 respectively. The AddVantage plans are identical to Simple plans except that they get a bonus of 10% more  minutes for each of first 5 months of a customer's service. After 6 months the bonus stops increasing but users keep getting 50% more minutes.

Texts on the Simple and AddVantage plans count as 1/3 of a minute each. Data and MMS aren't included but can be added for $9.95 per month for 200 MMS and 400 MB or $19.90 for 1 GB and 400 MMS.

Pure Talk also cut the prices of its Unlimited Talk & Text plans which offer unlimited talk and messaging and varying amounts of data:
  • The 500 MB Unlimited Talk & Text plan went from $34.95 to $28.95.
  • The 1 GB Unlimited Talk & Text plan went from $39.95 to $34.95.
  • The 2 GB Unlimited Talk & Text plan went from $49.95 to $44.95.
Here are Pure TalkUSA's current plans:
Plan Monthly Cost Voice SMS domestic / Int'l MMS Data
Simple 80 6 $5 80 "minutes" (also used for texts) 1 1/3 minute each/25¢ 2 $9.95 for 200 MMS + 400 MB 3 $9.95 for 200 MMS + 400 MB 3
Flex $10.00 4 160 "minutes" (also used for texts)  1/3 min each/25¢ 2 $9.95 for 200 MMS + 400 MB 3 $9.95 for 200 MMS + 400 MB 3
Family $10 - $50 5 3.33¢ - 6.25¢ 1/3 min each/25¢ 2 $9.95 for 200 MMS + 400 MB 3 $9.95 for 200 MMS + 400 MB 3
Simple 250 6 $10.00 250 "minutes" (also used for texts) 1 1/3 minute each/25¢ 2 $9.95 for 200 MMS + 400 MB 3 $9.95 for 200 MMS + 400 MB 3
Simple 500 6 $12.95 500  "minutes" (also used for texts) 1 1/3 min each/25¢ 2 $9.95 for 200 MMS + 400 MB 3 $9.95 for 200 MMS + 400 MB 3
Simple 1000 6 $17.95 1000  "minutes" (also used for texts) 1 1/3 min each/25¢ 2 $9.95 for 200 MMS + 400 MB 3 $9.95 for 200 MMS + 400 MB 3
Unlimited $28.95 unlimited unlimited / NA 400, Overage: $10 for 100 MMS 500 MB, Overage: $4 for 100 MB
Unlimited $34.95 unlimited unlimited / NA unlimited 1 GB
Overage: $4 for 100 MB
Unlimited $44.95 unlimited unlimited / NA unlimited 2 GB
Overage: $4 for 100 MB
1 PureTalk Simple Plan minutes do not roll over. Add on minutes are available at $10 for 130 minutes. Unused add on minutes do rollover but are used before plan minutes.
2 International calling and texting requires a $10 International Calling Card
3 $9.95/month data and MMS addon provides 200 MMS and 400 MB of data. Also available: 1 GB/ 400 MMS for $19.90. Unused add-on data expires after 30 days.
4 Unused minutes roll-over
5 Monthly pay as you go plan, available price points (cost per month/minutes) are $10/160, $20/400, $30/700, $40/1100, $50/1500. Unused minutes roll over. Can be used as a family plan for $5/month per extra line. All lines share the available minutes and texts but data/MMS addons are per line and not shared.
6 Also available as AddVantage plans for seniors 55 and older which include a 10% more minutes per month, up to 50% in bonus minutes after six months.

Pure TalkUSA's plan prices include all taxes and fees. SIMs are free and the US-based customer support gets good reviews. Auto-pay using a credit or debit card is required.

Pure Talk has long been a good value for light users, especially if they need a little data. Today's unlimited plan price cuts make Pure Talk among the least expensive AT&T MVNOs for unlimited talk and text and 500 MB to 2 GB of data. Unfortunately, unlike most of its direct competitors, Pure Talk doesn't offer LTE data.

Source: Pure TalkUSA via HowardForums

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  1. Good prices for what you get - non-LTE service.

  2. I just ordered a SIM card. I'm tired of the games Verizon plays with its MVNOs and its arrogant premium pricing. Like Dennis said, we're treated by Verizon as if we're evil stepchildren. If this works out I'll be jumping ship to Pure TalkUSA. I like what they're offering. Even HSPA+ data speeds are faster than what Verizon MVNOs offer with throttled LTE.

  3. I found it interesting that the PureTalk coverage map includes reference to LTE coverage, and they certainly sell LTE-capable handsets. But the website makes no mention whatsoever of data speeds...

    1. I've confirmed multiple times (including once today) with Pure Talk support that they don't offer LTE.

      The coverage map is the GoPhone one served from the att.com domain in an iframe. Pure Talk has no control over the map's content, including the captions. However, I think they should indicate somewhere on that page that LTE is not available.

  4. I am on PT and get 4-8.mbps download speeds routinely, which is about what you get with LTE on Cricket.

    1. Yes, but... Cricket acknowledges that its LTE is throttled and advises the customer what speeds they can expect. I think the fat postpaid days, where ignorant customers go into the branded carrier stores, trust the 'experts' and emerge an hour later with an expensive long term contract are fading. Savvy customers are starting to demand clear and simple information on pricing, data buckets, data speeds, phone costs, etc., so that they can make informed decisions and easily switch to better plans.

      BTW, if you want to see examples of over-priced, complicated, and tricky plans, check out the Canadian operators.

    2. I agree that Cricket customers expect 8 Mbps on LTE and 4 Mbps on HSPA.
      They don't seem to get anywhere near those speeds, on average.
      Per Opensignal users, the averages are: .5 Mb/s 3G and 1.4 Mb/s 4G. Compared to these average speeds on AT&T: 
1.6 Mb/s 3G, 4.5 Mb/s LTE.
      Also a disparity with average ping times: 660 ms
 3G, 59 ms LTE
 for Cricket, 586 ms
 3G and 48 ms LTE for AT&T.

  5. I am by no means an expert on any of this about download speeds and such.. however after being a customer of Pure Talk for over 2 years it seems to me that the internet speeds are just as fast as what I had received previously from Verizon... plus their customer service has been absolutely excellent... something I could not say about Verizon with their high price attitude.

  6. PT is not for big data users, but for others it offers excellent customer service, low costs and different plans to fit different usage patterns, the AT&T network, no-cost SIMs, and easy online autopay. It is very hassle free.

  7. $12.95 for 500/1500 that increases to 750/2250 over 6 months for seniors is just dirt cheep. I wished you had the option of converting your minutes to data like AirVoice allows, but as have Data available almost 24/7, it's just too good of a deal to pass up.


    1. I agree. Will switch my sister from AirVoice $30 unlimited to this plan; she will save $7/month after adding 400mb of data.

  8. Hubby has Flex 160 with rollover, good for his usage. Convenient $10 monthly autopay. Flip phone was fee a couple months ago. Great CS.

  9. I ordered their $12.95 senior plan this past Monday (5-25-15). When I signed up it showed an automatic renewal date of 6-25-15. As I still have service with AirVoice and will need to port my number over when the sim card arrives, I sent them an email at 9:44 A.M.asking if the renewal date will change when the card is activated. At 10:40 A.M. I get a return email apologizing for the delay in replying to the issue and stating yes, the renewal date will change when I activate the account. Simply amazing customer service.

  10. I've been on Puretalk's AddVantage simple 500 plan for one month. Today it automatically renewed and not only did I found myself with the 550 minutes the plan was supposed to have on it's second month, but an additional 258 minutes, leaving me with a total of 808 to start the off new month. Now I'm not great with math, but could someone please explain how I started out with 500 minutes the first month + the 150 additional for signing up and ended up with 808 minutes the start of the second month? The auto renew message sent to my phone today stated that I was getting 500 minutes + 300 additional minutes. Now even if you consider I hadn't used 187 minutes of the original 650 minutes received (500+150), then added on the extra 10% to the for the second month that you are on the plan (500+50=550 minutes), how do you come up with the 808? The way customer service explained it to me was, you also get a bonus of 50 minutes for activating the SIM. So 550+187+50 is 787 minutes. I'm so confused, but I will take this new fuzzy math.
    (please note that plan minutes do not roll over and bonus minutes are used up before plan minutes)

  11. Pure TalkUSA is now offering 4G LTE.

  12. Pure TalkUSA $28.95 Unlimited Plus Plan is also now offering UP TO 2GB of Data !!

    1. correction: still only 500mb of data on the $28.95 Plan.

  13. Pure TalkUSA: New "Unlimited Plus Plan" - $24 - Unlimited Talk & Text, Plus 100 MB Data / 100 MMS.

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