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TracFone Text-Only Top-Ups Are Available Again

TracFone's on again, off again text-only refills for TracFone branded Android phones and Bring Your Own Phones (BYOP) are available again on the on the TracFone website.

Tracfone launched the text refills on their site around April 21. Sometime in the second week of May they disappeared from the TracFone site with no warning or explanation. Today they are back, hopefully for good.

The text refills cost $10 and add 1000 texts. They do not add days of service. Added texts do not expire as long as the TracFone account remains active.

TracFone's Android and BYOP phones use a "triple-triple" billing system which has separate buckets for minutes, texts and data. For every minute of airtime you buy, you get 3 minutes, 3 texts and 3 MBs of data. Triple-triple is a pretty good deal for light users provided they use roughly equal amounts of minutes, texts and data. For everyone else it's easy to end up with lots of minutes but no texts or data left. Data top up cards have been available since triple-triple launched, but the only way to add texts was by buying a minutes card, whether you needed more minutes or not. The text cards make TracFone triple-tripe more affordable for frequent texters.

As far as I know the text refills are only available on the TracFone site, not in stores or from other online airtime vendors.

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  1. Thank you so much for posting this! I just snagged two for my daughter's phone. You are always so helpful and informative.

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