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Up to $80 Off Phones At Boost Dealers For New and Existing Customers

Sprint's Boost Mobile is running a new promotion that gives new and current customers up to $80 off the price of a new phone. The eligible phones and discounts are: 
  • ZTE Speed $19.99, reg $99.99, $80 off 
  • Nokia Lumia 635 $49.99, reg $99.99, $50 off 
  • Kyocera Hydro Icon $49.99, reg $99.99, $50 off 
  • Moto E LTE $79.99, reg $99.99, $20 off 
This deal is available now through July 5 at participating Boost dealers only, not online or at national retailers like BestBuy, Target or Walmart. Use the Boost Mobile dealer locater to find nearby dealers. Check the Customer Support box on the locater form to exclude top-up only and national retailer locations and show only Boost dealers.

Existing customers are eligible provided they have been with Boost at least 30 days. New customers must add $30 (to pay for a plan) within 5 days of activation. The offer can not be combined with any other promotion. Port-in customers are not eligible for this promo however they can get a free phone and double data for life through a different promotion.

In other Boost Mobile news:
  • The $30 Data Boost Up unlimited talk and text plus 2 GB of high speed data plan that was supposed to be closed to new signups May 31 has been extended until June 30.
  • The $100 credit for customers who port a number to Boost ends tomorrow, May 31.
  • The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have been added to the list of Sprint phones that can be activated on Boost.
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  1. I am in an area of Boost coverage, spotty as it is. Walmart, Best Buy and Target all sell it. But actual Boost dealers are much more rare, and are relatively lousy at customer service ( choosing to be open at very limited hours). The decision to only do this through dealers is customer-hostile.

    Another example of Sprint getting it wrong.

    1. I have no idea why boost and metro do this. The dealer is undoubtedly going to attempt to upsell you or charge you a fee. Cricket hasn't had any deals that were only available in store, as far as I remember.

    2. Cricket seems the other way: policies to discourage people from using dealers.
      As in:

      With Cricket, you can do some stuff for free on the web site that you have to pay a fee for if you do it at the dealer.

      And then Selectel?

      They have things you can do for free at the dealer, but they charge you for on the web site.

  2. You can port a number and get those phones for free. That would be the better deal.

    1. Better hurry, today is the last day for the $100 device credit for porting to Boost.

  3. The thing withe dealers is the charge you a activation fee. anywhere between 20 and 30 dollars. I know for a fact metropcs does. If you buy it onliine you cut out the middle man. Cricket Wireless has free shipping and they dont change you to activate if you buy online.

  4. Guys Sprint is being smart and making Different promotions for national retailers and dealers. National retailers sometimes have promotions that dealers don't have and vice-versa. Remember that dealers have a much bigger footprint and much better customer service than national retailer. Also the average consumer like to walk in into a dealer get help choosing their phone, activation ect... With a national retailer most of the time I can't find someone with a key so I can get my phone and go home and try to get it activate it. The average customer doesn't know and doesn't want to go thru the hassle.

    1. Exactly, dealers are an important sales channel for Boost, Cricket, MetroPCS and many MVNOs. They provide sales, service and support to millions of people who don't have PCs, cars, bank accounts or credit cards or prefer giving their money to a local business over a faceless corporation.

      Dealers have overhead that online businesses don't, they are free to set their own prices and charge for support and services, most of which they don't get compensated for by the carriers.

      The carriers give each of their channels; dealers, national retailers and their own websites exclusive deals to help each channel compete and remain viable because all three are important to the carriers success.

  5. I am a Boost Mobile dealer (owner/operator). While it's true that these promos help drive business into my location, I heavily rely on accessory sales to really thrive. The handset margins can be razor thin and phone availability is not often there. But with acessories ( we sell alot of ONDIGO), we are able to survive.

  6. Alcatel One Touch Conquest (Tri-Band LTE) Coming to Boost Mobile. The phone wil be Alcatels' second phone for a Sprint brand, and first smartphone.

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