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Verizon MVNO Puppy Wireless Annouces LTE Plan Pricing

Puppy Wireless, a new Verizon MVNO, today announced pricing for the LTE plans they will be launching around June 1. The following plans will be available at launch: 
  • $10.95 - 50 minutes, 50 messages, 50 MB of data 
  • $12.95 - 150 minutes, 150 messages, 50 MB of data 
  • $13.00 - 5 Minutes, 2000 Messages, 5 MB of data 
  • $14.95 - 250 minutes, 250 messages, 50 MB of data 
  • $17.95 - 350 minutes, 350 messages, 50 MB of data
  • $19.95 - 300 minutes, 300 messages, 300 MB of data
  • $22.00 - 5 Minutes, 4000 Messages, 5 MB of data
  • $24.95 - 400 minutes, 400 messages, 400 MB of data
  • $29.95 - 750 minutes, 750 messages, 1 GB of data
  • $29.95 - 1200 minutes, 3000 messages, 500 MB of data
  • $39.95 - Unlimited Minutes, Unlimited Messages, 1GB of data
  • $55.00 - Unlimited Minutes, Unlimited Messages, 3GB of data
Overages on all plans are 5 cents per minute, message or MB of data.

As with other Verizon MVNOs, LTE speeds will be capped at 5 Mbps down and 2 Mbps up.

Off network voice roaming will be available for the first time on Puppy. Pricing for roaming isn't finalized but is expected to be 25¢/ minute or less.

Puppy's prices for LTE  are mostly unchanged from their 3G equivalents. However, four of the lowest priced LTE plans LTE are $3 more expensive than their 3G equivalents with the same number of minutes and texts. But the amount of data included is greater with the LTE plans, so you are getting something extra, in addition to LTE access, for your $3. Here are the 3G versions of the four plans for comparison:
  • $7.95 - 50 minutes, 50 messages, 5 MB of data
  • $9.95 - 150 minutes, 150 messages, 15 MB of data
  • $11.95 - 250 minutes, 250 messages, 25 MB of data
  • $14.95 - 350 minutes, 350 messages, 35 MB of data
It's nice to see some lower priced LTE plans from Puppy compared with fellow Verizon MVNO Selectel Wireless which has no sub $30 plans that allow LTE data. However, at the $40 and up price point, Puppy's pricing is almost identical to Selectel's but Selectel seems like a better value as its plans include no-extra charge off-network voice roaming.

Puppy Wireless was launched in November, 2014 by online Page Plus dealer Kitty Wireless.

Source: Kitty Forums
Image: "Westie pups" by Lucie Tylová, Westik.cz - Westieinfo.com - soukromý archiv. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

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  1. You mean Puppy Wireless was launch in November ***2014*** not 2015?

    1. Don't you love it when your wireless phone service is determined by the health of the mvno owners cats??? OMG this is just crazy funny!

      Here is a post from kitty from this morning >>>

      "We are behind on 4g because of this issue I found last night. We should have this issue fixed by this afternoon. But I'm out of the office right now with a very sick cat so everything is on hold for at least a few hours."

      That is just flat out crazy and unacceptable. wow!

    2. This proves that Kitty is humane AND makes smart business decisions.
      If she let the kitty suffer or die, there would be a much longer delay in launching LTE.

  2. Frankly, there IS a reason why there are so few Verizon MVNOs, let alone ones that are profitable and able to remain competitive: The terms that Verizon sets for wholesale are extremely difficult to meet, and far more challenging than anyone else. I suspect Tracfone is virtually the only one with enough scale to be competitive under Verizon's terms. And after all, why the heck should Verizon be nice to its MVNOs? Wholesale is far less profitable than their postpaid retail business, so Vetizon is in a position where they can afford to allow wholesale ONLY as a means of monetizing excess capacity on their network. Verizon, more so even than AT&T, is so fat and happy on their retail side that they have virtually no need to be generous on wholesale. Verizon also has by FAR the most coverage, and they know full well that this is a huge trump card for them, which allows them to hold everyone over a barrel if they want to. Sprint and T-Mobile, by comparison, are far behind the Big 2, both in scale and in coverage, and desperately need all the customers they can get, hence the reason they are far more generous with their MVNOs. Sprint and T-Mobile make hardly any profit as it is compared to Verizon and AT&T, so they have far less to lose, plus for them, it's a real chicken and egg problem: They can't invest in more coverage without scale, and they can't get more scale without more coverage, and in a mature industry with churn rates typically below 3%, there's absolutely no way S or T can hope to close the scale gap they have with V or A within a financially appealing timeframe. The cell industry may in fact be a natural monopoly.

    1. 1. For Q1, 2015, both T-Mobile ($42.45) and Sprint ($46.73) had higher Average Revenue Per User than AT&T ($40.78).
      2. Both AT&T and Verizon now cover 308 Million people in the US.
      Source: Strategic Analytics, based on carrier reports.

    2. 3. For Q1, 2015 T-Mobile captured ALL the growth in subscribers. The other 3 carriers lost subscribers to T-Mobile, which had very strong earnings and growth in earnings. http://www.fiercewireless.com/press-releases/t-mobile-us-reports-first-quarter-2015-results-0 T-Mobile stock is up 50% since December 2014.

    3. While T-Mobile again had a strong quarter and gained the most subscribers, none of the big four operators lost subscribers in 2015 Q1.
      T-Mobile gained 1.8 million
      AT&T gained 1.25 million
      Sprint gained 1.2 million
      Verizon gained 378,000
      First Quarter 2015 Prepaid Mobile Subscriber Numbers By Operator | Prepaid Phone News

    4. My mistake. I should have referred to postpaid phone growth, something very different than subscribers.

    5. You do understand that Verizon spent billions of dollars building out their 4G network. They have every right to make as much profits as possible off that investment. It's a business not a charity.

      I laugh at those people talking about T-Mobile numbers because they don't make any profits. If T-Mobile was making money Deutsche Telekom would not keep trying to sell them.

    6. I agree with your first paragraph, but your second point doesn't make a lot of sense. T-Mobile USA contributed a big chunk of DT earnings and profit growth last year, and DT was very pleased with their results. TMUS had a very strong financial performance in Q1, 2015 with industry-leading growth rate in revenues and Adjusted EBITDA:
      >Service revenues of $5.8 billion, up 9.0% YoY
      >Total revenues of $7.8 billion, up 13.1% YoY
      >Adjusted EBITDA of $1.4 billion, up 27.6% YoY, even with their investments in customer growth
      >Adjusted EBITDA margin of 24%, up from 20% in 1Q1
      Profit? Well, they are spending the money it takes to grow even more. $4.4-$4.7 Billion in network expansion this year, following $4.3B and $4.2B the previous years. It's called investing in future success, and not taking the increased revenue as profit shows they are serious about this. DT announced this month that they are interested in partners that will make TMUS more profitable. That is what companies have a duty to do for the owners/stockholders. Nothing to laugh at, especially given TMUS recent successes. I think a possible tie-up with Dish is the most probable move. DT already rejected a purchase offer from a French telcom, and has said it will only do a deal with the right partner.

  3. What speed is Verizon Prepaid LTE speeds cap at?

    1. Unlike the Verizon MVNOs, Verizon prepaid is not capped.

  4. Puppy Wireless and Selectel SIMs arrive today. With these plans, I am going to activate on PW. Lots more flexibility. The $19.95 plan is perfect for me.

    1. Metro has $25 plan unlimited talk, text and 1gb.
      Boost has $30 plan unlimited talk, text and 2gb with a free 4g lte phone.

    2. Metro $25 is only for family plans, and you are limited to a few of their phones.
      Boost gives you a free, low-end phone and has no off-network roaming. The $30 rate is only available through this Saturday.

  5. Nice to see more prepaid 4G/LTE offerings on the VZW network. I am waiting for 4g / LTE on Total Wireless (family plans) .

    1. Coming VERY SOON.

    2. Great ! Soon like days or weeks? I want switch to a family / group plan on the VZW network (need VZW coverage) and use up to date phones. The typical Verizon MVNO speed cap of 5 mbs is ok with me. Unfortunately,there is a throttled soft cap on Total Wireless (vs Cricket Wireless but I think I can get by with the allotted amount shared on 4 lines. I wonder when Total Wireless (and AM AM brands will start selling Verizon 4 b/ LTE phones ?

      "Coming VERY SOON."

  6. After all the howling from the small, anti-Kitty crowd this week, does anyone think that we will hear any happy yelps from them about these plans, and the new availability of roaming? Kitty has done a nice job here. Much better options than Selectel, unless you are one of the few who need constant roaming on Sprint, etc.

    1. Too bad the dirt bags at HoFo refuse to allow a discussion on this service!

  7. 3G phones as well can get access to paid roaming by switching to the new platform. If the 3G phone is serviced on one of the the lowest four plans, the plan is charged the same $3 premium versus the plan on the old platform, and the data is bumped to 50 MB. (Although under these circumstances, the plans aren't terribly competitive to the 3G offerings of roaming-capable Selectel and Page Plus.)

    1. Right. I think I will stay on the original platform. Kitty says I will probably have up to a year to switch. $3 will buy 60 MB of overage data, and I don't need the roaming.

  8. Any plan with less than 500MB of data is joke and big telcos should be fined for constricting/restricting data usage.

    1. Companies should be fined for not giving you unlimited use of THEIR network? What country do you think you live in?

    2. TQ: Where did I say "unlimited"? What country do you think you live in?

    3. When you said "restricting data" it seemed as though you wanted unrestricted/unlimited use. Did you mean unthrottled? That too would not warrant any fine. It is their network.

    4. Carriers have the right to offer any and all plans with differing data speeds and caps. But if a carrier advertised unlimited data and caps or throttles it without disclosing the cap or throttle that's false advertising which the FTC can and does levy fines for.

    5. Well said Dennis. Completely agree.

  9. Puppy trumps all with compassionate customer service.

    1. "Puppy trumps all with compassionate customer service."

      If I were to bet money on any one comment being from a paid shill, it would be on this one comment. Wow. Not even an attempt to hide it.

    2. No need to bet and lose, just visit the forums and you will see Kitty right in there answering questions and resolving problems.

    3. That forum is simply a well directed selling tool. Posts are edited and deleted to shine a good light on the owner. It certainly is biased.

    4. Of course the KW Forum is a selling tool; they are not a charity. What do you think HoFo is? They are selling ads. Both offer a wealth of info and help, and both do some censoring. Actually, HoFo censors a lot more than KW Forum, in my experience.

    5. "That forum is simply a well directed selling tool. Posts are edited and deleted to shine a good light on the owner. It certainly is biased."
      Well, any discussion of Puppy Wireless on Howard Forums, one of the largest Cell phone/service discussion forums, is Completely CENSORED so the discussion is somewhat limited.
      Boycott Howard Forums!

    6. There is a lot more to it. I stopped reading the Pageplus boards on HoFo when they banned Kitty. I thought Howard and the mods treated her unfairly. She was by far the most knowledgeable and helpful dealer back in Summer-Fall of 2010, and into 2011. She posted the most, helped the most customers and gave away a lot of free service. The other dealers >were< jealous; maybe they felt that Kitty made them look bad. Back then Pageplus made anyone a dealer, and most of them were not very good. Instead of trying harder, some dealers on HoFo complained to Howard and the mods (a few threatened to withdraw ads), who seemed to create special rules designed to restrict Kitty from helping readers ("promotion" "advertising". They even complained about her user icon). Mods strictly enforced those rules against Kitty, while other dealers were allowed to do and say the same kinds of things. Eventually, Kitty got frustrated, blew her top and was banned. She started her own forum as an alternative way of helping Pageplus customers and thus building her business. Obviously it worked, because she became the biggest Pageplus dealer within a few years. Howard played it both ways; he took Kitty's ad money, but then banned any discussions. I haven't followed HoFo since Kitty left, but reading the post on her Forum it appears that mods still delete any mention in posts of Kitty Wireless or Puppy Wireless, regardless of context. Howard runs the show the way he wants, and I am sure he has his reasons. But I see no reason to go back. A lot of the discussion is nasty, and I won't waste my time reading that. Plus, as the joke goes, you can't argue with a fool. After a while, it's impossible to tell who is the fool.

    7. "Discussion on Howard Forums about Puppy is censored because when Kitty was a member there he ignored several warning from the mods and admin about advertising and other abuses. That is not the only forum Kitty is banned from. Slick deals is another. Why is this? Are you wanting us to believe that he is banned because all these forum owners are jealous of kitty? Really?"
      Well, the discussion to be had is not about the Kitty Wireless Dealership and what some would and some would not consider their past transgressions or the past transgressions of the owner that took place ~13 years ago where the person ended up paying a pretty high price. These dealer transgression are so old that only the most senior members of Howard Forums can even remember, most everyone else could care less and just want to have an informed discussion of all their options!
      The issue over the personal transgression of one party is just a frigging "witch hunt" as one person rightly coined it!

      Puppy Wireless is a different entity and deserves a separate discussion since it is on a completely different playing field.
      PPC and Selectel have taken the the Low Road and just want to suck up the gravy of $30+ plans.
      Puppy seems to want to take the High Road and sacrifice some profit and offer plans for a wide range of users without ludicrous device and data limitations.

      Also, if you don't like a pathetic and prehistoric On Line Account Management tool like Selectel offers (BYO, PPC and Red Pocket being no better) and OLAM is important to you, then PW is a better option in that respect as well!

    8. One really has to wonder why so much conflict follows kitty wherever he goes. Is it really everyone else's fault all the time that kitty gets banned from forums? No way.

    9. As mentioned above, Puppy Wireless is a separate corporation with no "prior history" on HoFo. They take the ad money, but still delete everything posted.
      Those wacky Canadians. I know the US also invaded Canada once, but that was quite a few years ago. Now we are supposedly best buddies, trading partners, etc.

  10. Kitty is giving all her PagePlus Kitty Club members discounts on Puppy Wireless at no extra cost. All plans are 7% off for Level 1 members, 10% for level 2. Nice surprise - she did not have to do this. And you can order Puppy ports and activations from your PP membership account.

    1. "Puppy Wireless is a different entity [from Kitty]"....

      If you believe that, then you might also believe that Buick is a different entity from Chevy.

    2. Do you think GM would let you use your Cadillac discount or rebate on a Buick? Get real.

  11. $22 for 5 minutes and 5MB, what? They know there are $20 plans with unlimited talk and text now, right? And before someone says the $20 plans aren't on Verizon, I know. But what's the point of being on the Verizon network if you only have 5 minutes and 5MB? Does anyone really need to be on Verizon just for texts? And how many people aren't already covered by at least AT&T? Which offers far better plans with about the same coverage as Verizon. At least one AT&T MVNO offers unlimited talk and text with 500MB of unthrottled LTE data for $30 per month. Who really needs Verizon at these prices?

    1. Reading this post, you would never know it's a texting plan, with 4,000 messages included! Or that you can buy extra minutes and mb for 5c each. The 5 min and mb are there for emergencies that a heavy texter might encounter.

    2. I take it you don't travel.

    3. If you do a lot of texting on Verizon Prepaid, you have to pay at least $30/month, not $22. And data costs 99c per day! If there was no demand for this, Verizon would drop it. PagePlus offered monthly text packages, but now if you are a heavy texter you pay $29.95/month on PagePlus. If you're willing to use a 3G phone you can get more and pay less on Byo, and a little less on RedPocket (2G data only). But Red Pocket has poor support right now. So I think the PW text plans may be the only way a heavy texter can use a 4G phone and pay less than $29.95/month (list) on Verizon.

    4. Verizon Prepaid unlimited texting is $20/month on PayGo not $30. A feature phone is required. Neither PayGo nor the unlimited text add-on plan is not advertised or promoted, but they are still available when activating a prepaid feature phone.

      The cheapest Verizon smartphone plan is $45.

      There's a demand for large unlimited text-only or mostly text plans. The operators do their best to steer heavy text users toward more expensive unlimited talk. text and data plans whether they want voive or data or not..

    5. Dennis: Don't you have to order the regular PayGo plan on Verizon to be able to order the unlimited texting? I thought it was an add-on package only. The regular PayGo plan is at least $10/month, I believe.

    6. No that's not how Verizon's PayGo works. You do have to top up $30 every 90 days. But that money sits in your account until you use it to make a call, send a text, use data OR buy an unlimited text add-on. Text add-ons are purchased from your prepaid balance so as long as you don't make or receive any calls or use any data unlimited texting is $20/month.

    7. Thanks; I mis-interpreted your Verizon profile.
      This means that the Verizon PayGo on a feature phone with 5 minutes and 5 mb (used in one day) would cost $21.49, compared to PW $22 on a 4G or 3G phone. If you used 5 mb data on the Verizon plan during two days, it would cost $22.48, etc. Using data with the Verizon text package every day, plus 5 minutes/month would cost $50.20/month. The PW plan plus 5 mb/day would cost $29.25/month. The b/e point would be an average of about 20 mb/day of data use.

    8. I know its a texting plan but for $22 they could include more than 5 minutes and 5MB. For $22 they should include 500 minutes or 100 minutes and 100MB. Even if you only use your phone for texting, sooner or later you'll have to make a call or two or Google something. 5 minutes and 5MB won't get you very far. And you're paying $22 per month just for texting? I thought we were in 2015 not 1995. Verizon needs to catch up with the times.

  12. Do these plan prices include taxes and other add-on fees?

    1. No taxes or fees currently except in Maine where sales tax is collected.

  13. Congratulations to Dennis; this post is mentioned and linked in todays Fierce Wireless newsletter.

  14. Dennis, for people who need the "rural/out-of-the-way" coverage, wouldn't US CELLULAR be a better value than Verizon?

  15. OldNorse: Check the US Cellular Map:

    When it comes to 3G+ data, you don't have it for US Cellular in most states. It's only found in four zones, really, which only occasionally correspond to major metro centers... and the "rural, out of the way" coverage, outside of the few zones, is nothing at all.

    Verizon's a lot different. Looking at the map, I see can that I would have to drive at least 7 hours through solid Verizon rural coverage to find any 3G or better USC coverage at all. That's pretty good. If you live in Miami, I think the distance is even farther.

  16. I was told in the US Cellular store that my US Cellular prepaid service will have Voice & Data roaming on Verizon when I'm outside of the US Cellular area and right now it was 3G Data on Roaming for now but will be 4G at the end of the year. I was concerned about that when I got my Galaxy Note 2. However I was told I'd have perfect data use in Virginia where it would switch to Verizon. Actually around the dismal swamp in North Carolina it switches to Verizon. I can keep monitoring my Internet Radio station while I travel which is important to me. If I get a request and I have it on Live WebDj i'm able to play it on the fly using my phones browser. Still may go AT&T GoPhone with the roll over Data if something happens to my Note 2. Not having throttled Data and tethering is where its at.

  17. Puppy Wireless is previewing their OLAM Dashboard on the Forum now. You have to log in to an account to see the screen shots. It looks impressive. KW will implement it for Pageplus accounts in the future. http://www.kittyforums.net/showthread.php/8551-Not-on-Puppy-yet-Here-is-what-you-are-missing!!-Dashboard-images-SEE-INS

    1. All of the providers should be doing this. It would save eliminate a lot of frustrated customers and save them money on CS.

  18. BYO Wireless has a Talk, UNLIMITED Text(4000)*, Data Plan for $15 + taxes, fees & surcharges of around 12%. *If you need more than 4000 text call them and they will reboot the text part of the plan.

    1. Right, but no 4G LTE phones are allowed on BYO.

  19. Does Puppy have their PayGo plan up and running yet?

    1. Yes, but it is closed to new customers while they get the 4G platform running smoothly. Previous customers on the original platform are grandfathered. I suspect paygo will not be available on the 4G platform due to the ~$3/month line charge from Verizon or the MVNE. If they do offer it, expect a minimum charge per month.

    2. They could offer LTE PayGo with a $10/month minimum.

  20. Is there any word on Redpocket or BYO regarding 4g phones on their CDMA plans?

  21. wow. so the cat dog nonsense is not banned here on prepaidphonenews. can sort of understand the hofo love-hate relationship with cats & dogs after reading the above comments here. was suprised to see martin's new message on hofo about the new rule that any dog cat discussion, perhaps if even cryptically described as dog/cat, gets the death penalty and is apparently zapped from existence. guess they don't want it to be raining cats & dogs over on hofo. LOL

    this is just as bad (well, you can say it's REALLY WORSE) then the cricket invasion of the gophone forum on hofo. LOL

    hello kitty (wireless). now go adopt a puppy (wireless) for your phone. lol

    1. Well it is nice to actually have freedom of speech!
      What you have over there are few witch hunters paired with the troglodyte administrators along with a few more HoFo sycophants snuggling up to them on one side and then you have the majority of users on the other side who would just like to be able to discuss all the options surrounding VZW MVNOs and can care less about the childish animosity the troglodytes continue to hold against this Dealer.

    2. "Well it is nice to actually have freedom of speech!"

      There's always freedom of speech. You are perfectly free to start your own forum or blog as you see fit, and with lax policies to allow the spamming scammers that Howard does not allow.

      You are confusing editorial license with censorship. Howard choosing what to allow in its own forum is an expression of freedom, not a negation of it.

      Do you accuse the New York Times of censorship by choosing which letters to print or not print in its own editorial page? Of course not. This is the exact same thing.

    3. As for me, I'd even rather go to an American Movil division than have anything to do with kitty/puppy wireless and all that. That's how low of an opinion I have.

    4. And I will reiterate it is nice to have freedom of speech/thought and discussion here through prepaidphonenews.com. Thanks Dennis!

      It is certainly a poor comparison to use Corporate Media as some sort of example where they practice censorship of the issues on a daily basis based on the interests of their Corporate Advertisers, the Washington Consensus and the Corporations their board members also represent. NYT regularly practices censorship simply by omission of facts and alternative view points, like the letters you so mention, but worse would the hacks/stenographers they call journalists.
      If it is their freedom to censor the discussion then Howard Forums should not pretend to be an unbiased open discussion forum if they are going to limit the discussion to what they want discussed. That should be placed in their Header?

      It also has little to do with Spamming Scammers when that issue had been resolved, the issue surrounds the reasonable discussion over what the different Verizon MVNOs have to offer consumers and simply boils down to a childish grudge against one person and puts their credibility into question.

      You make a good point though, there really should be an unbiased Alternative to Howard Forums that allows the freedom of discussion to take place. They have become a sort of monopoly and have become pretty full of themselves.

      Maybe Dennis could put together and post the best alternatives to Howard Forums for unbiased discussion in relation to Telecommunications services and the like.

    5. "It is certainly a poor comparison to use Corporate Media as some sort of example where they practice censorship of the issues on a daily basis based on the interests of their Corporate Advertisers"

      You show no understanding of media, or free speech. The independent media choosing what to say/print or not what to say/print is an expression and fullfillment of freedom of the press, free speech. The opposite of censorship. Interesting that you also use the attempted pejorative "corporate media" to attack and condemn open, uncontrolled, free expression. This often comes from left-wing fascist critics (see Noam Chomsky) who argue that no media is free at all unless we are in a paradise where all expression is controlled by the State.

      "NYT regularly practices censorship simply by omission of facts and alternative view points,"

      The NYT is incapable in any way of practicing censorship. You seem to be making up your own definition of the word... the very idea that someone saying or printing what they choose is an act of censorship.

      "If it is their freedom to censor the discussion then..."

      The entities being discussed are simply incapable of censoring anything at all.

      " Howard Forums should not pretend to be an unbiased open discussion forum if they are going to limit the discussion to what they want discussed. That should be placed in their Header?"

      Howard can do what they want with their forums and put what they want in their header. Again, that is the fullfilment of expression of free speech.

      "You make a good point though, there really should be an unbiased Alternative to Howard Forums that allows the freedom of discussion to take place"

      Nothing is unbiased: a so-called alternative forum would simply have its own biases, different from those of Howard.

      "Maybe Dennis could put together and post the best alternatives to Howard Forums for unbiased discussion in relation to Telecommunications services and the like."

      Dennis B. expresses free speech, freedom of the press by doing what he wants here. This includes his choice not to print or allow many different things... again, his choice. Also an expression of free speech. Personally, I think he is doing just fine here, even if he is not doing exactly what you want in your crusade to somehow punish Howard Forums for not letting a crooked spammer trash their place.

      "They have become a sort of monopoly and have become pretty full of themselves."

      Do you really insist on making up entirely new opposite meanings of words? First, saying what you choose to is "censorship", and now, Howard having just one forum out of tens of thousands is a "monopoly". With all due respect, get a grip, man.

  22. PW announced that voice roaming will be available on the new platform for 21c/minute. Texting while roaming is no extra charge, as usual. Data roaming will be priced later. In the future, PW intends to offer extra plans that have voice roaming included, trading off some data.

  23. When ever the new platform is ready remember Puppy was going to be first.
    all kinds of hype but very hard to follow.
    Three month's ago we are going in to 4G testing.
    Then all testing is going great looks like we will just go live.
    And fast forward to today we need testers all of a sudden at 3:00 in the morning.
    Makes you wonder if this company even has a shot at it.

    1. I have no doubt that PW will launch within the week. My SIMs are ready. Selectel and Total don't tell you anything until they are done. I guess some people prefer being kept in the dark. I find it very interesting to read the Puppy Forum as the new service is discussed. No other MVNO except Ting shares and solicits this much information for customers. And even Ting had some hiccups with their GSM introduction. PW will have a few, and will fix them.

    2. The hype is hard to follow only if you don't follow it. A small company trying to be good rather than big. She makes no bones about her delays and glitches. They happen and we are promised more. All part of start up. Posts are not edited. The only thing she has put a stop to is promoting other company plans. She may not be the easiest person to love but she is there, working with her customers. Sick cat...yes she told us about it...so what? At least I feel like I am a customer and not a number, we know who the owner is, and can chat with her quite often. Prices are a bit higher than the big discounters but not by much. So if $5 is important then shop around. I don't need the aggravation.

  24. More than a few I am afraid.
    I would be all for it if the information being relayed was based on fact that would be good I agree.
    My only point is all this Information if not factual makes them look not credible.
    I am sure they are a good company and hope them the best. I do hope they get there stories straight before they put them out on there forums.
    It would make them seem a lot more credible as a company.
    Hope them the best but I will not trust my number with a company that does not seem to know what is going on with there own system.
    I will give them a year or so before I will trust them.
    As a Page Plus dealer they did a good job--- with a proven system that worked.
    But from what I see going on in her Forum she may be in over her head
    Just my thoughts to each there own

    1. Software development virtually never has perfect results out of the gate, no matter how much time and money you spend (think Obamacare portals). Expecting "proven" software at launch is unrealistic, which is why Ting called the GSM launch a Beta for 2 months. And Selectel had no OLAM at all for several months, then fielded ugly, very limited capability. Kitty developed all of her PagePlus systems too, and they were not perfect or "proven" in the beginning. She is using development contractors now, and until all the live testing is done, she won't know where the glitches are. Pressure, and Kitty has always shared her emotions on the Forum. I don't read anything unusual with this launch.

  25. All the MVNOs starting 4G service are going through the same issues. Verizon handed out new APIs within the last couple of weeks, so they are having to change code and retest. Verizon was the bottleneck for this deployment. PW made a smart decision to use a MVNE and their portal as a starting point. That made the job easier, and was the only way they could offer lower-priced plans with competitive rates. They leveraged the MVNE's ~900K lines with Vzw, instead of committing to a very high business volume at launch. Too risky, and you are captive to SIM distribution, people and business bottlenecks of signing up big numbers all at once. That would have guaranteed a big loss for quite a few months, something a MVNO can't absorb.

    1. Yep that has to be right you read it on there forum.
      Had nothing to do with a background check all wholesalers have to have done.
      Before they get a wholesale contract.

      Step 5
      Complete the application entirely and accurately to avoid processing delays. Along with the application, Verizon will perform a background check on any businesses in which you have ownership of at least 5 percent. The background check allows Verizon to view and verify pertinent information about the status of your current company.

      step 5 on this page.

  26. Tell me that when it launches
    Shawn has not set a date yet
    But I am sure he will after his plee for help with missing sim shipments is over
    to each his own
    Total Wireless seems to be working smooth with better plans ability to have family plans and 4g coming.
    And you know who you are dealing with they are honest about it.

    1. Picking Total Wireless is not rational if you want a smooth activation. Am Movil companies have the worst glitches in the industry. The web tools are often wrong. They rarely refund your activation fee, even when their system told you the phone was ok but it would not activate. And their staff is poorly trained and will tell you anything to get you off the line. Using Am Movil to avoid Kitty is self-abuse. And there are lots of examples on this forum if anyone wants to know more.

  27. It does not matter MVNO or MVNE
    you still have to follow rules.
    This is not being a so called Hater either
    To operate as a MVNO there are certain things you need to do to be fcc compliant
    1. Register your incorporation papers in all 50 states
    And DC
    As far as I can tell Shawn J White owner of Kitty/Puppy has done 3 -Maine,Ohio,and Florida

    they should also be listed in fcc database Please look for your selves

    There are very stiff fines for violations.
    again look for your selves.

    The fcc has ruled and given fines for just this activity it gives them a unfair edge on compiling and puts the burden on paying on them.

    Bottom line I would think twice about shelling out $500 hard earned dollars for a level 5 puppy club membership..
    You guys look for yourselves and make a informed decision.
    This is not about hate I truley hope he makes it.
    Thank You Dennis for allowing open talk.
    And if I am wrong please do point it out.
    I really wish I were wrong but after alot of research I can not come to any other conclusion.
    I started out trying to prove it wrong because of the talk on hf that I felt was picking on Kitty.
    I now feel the truth is to overwhelming to ignore..

    1. I see these accusations but what proof do you have that Shawn White is the same scammy Shawn White you speak of? You do know that is likely a VERY common name? Just a similar location and name does not provide proof that someone is the same person as someone else...

    2. I have no idea what these links are supposed to prove. I have no dog in this fight but I was interested in the story. 1st link was no good. 2nd link was an FCC page so I went ahead and stuck this "Shawn White" name in which came up with a person who owns Simple Network, Inc.. Further research showed that Simple Network is now known as "Simple2Call" which sounds nothing like Kitty or Puppy Wireless. Here is a link with a short history of Simple2Call: http://www.simple2call.com/about_us.asp

      What exactly is this witch hunt about? And if you a going to try and assassinate someone's character, at least post a name and not under "Anonymous"

    3. It's about people thinking Shawn White (the scammer) is the same guy as the Shawn White that is registered under Kitty Wireless. Kitty Wireless is apparently owned by a Katherine White and her brother Shawn White is listed as the CEO. The only link I've seen presented is the person's name is the same and the location (Maine) is similar. That is the ONLY evidence I've seen presented and it's very poor evidence at that....

    4. It doesn't help that basic information like this concerning what Kitty is is very very hard to find, and hidden. Trying to track them down really is little different from trying to find out where this viagra spams come from. You could always click on the about link in the header or footer of their web page... but wait, it's not there! Just like anything else a legitimate business has had on their web site for more than a decade now. Is it gross incompetance or what?

  28. 1st link
    try this

    2nd like you can search for any mvno in that database it has all compliant company's in there Kitty/Puppy can not be found.

    The fine and what they got fined for has a lot to do with what Puppy is doing they are not compliant with fcc guidelines if they were they would be in the database on the 2nd link.

    1. Interesting.... It shows that Kitty Wireless is actually Corporation Service Company, 1201 Hays Street, Tallahassee, FL 32301-2525.

    2. FCC Registration Form 499-A

      MVNOs are also required to register with the FCC and the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) by filing a signed copy of certain pages of FCC Form 499-A with USAC. Among other things, the form requires a company to list an agent for service of process in the District of Columbia and calls for a listing of states where the company either provides or anticipates providing intrastate service in the future

      Where are you getting that they have to register in every state?

      What are you actually trying to prove? That they can't be trusted? They seem to be pretty trustworthy over the 5 years they've existed.

      Also, are you saying Kitty Wireless got fined? Where is that link?

  29. I can't find anything in the wayback machine about the website. I am assuming it's www.cyberwings.com? I tried .net and .org and those don't turn up anything useful either.

  30. Do you have an actual URL rather than sending us on a hunt in the Wayback machine? The first historic link I found for Cyberwings went to a web site selling deer body parts.

  31. It looks like people are defaming KW and PW's reputation based on speculation.
    Libel is a civil wrong that can result in a lawsuit, and in some jurisdictions it is a crime.
    It's just amazing to me how people can do this based on hunches, without having the facts.
    You may think you can hide behind 'anonymous,' but maybe you can't. Websites and hosting companies are logging IP addresses, and you are being tracked when you post here. People should think twice before making speculative accusations. Not just because you might get caught, but because it is what rational and responsible people do.

    1. I don't see anything in the comments posted on this site that would be considered libel.

  32. I am sure that you can not get sued for liable if it is just stating the truth.

    1. I'm not a lawyer so not rely on what I say about the law.

      My understanding is that libel is making a false written statement about another person that is harmful to the other person.

      Anyone can sue anyone. To win a libel suit the person bringing the suit would needs to prove that what the other person wrote was untrue and harmful to their reputation. Defending oneself from any lawsuit is likely to be costly regardless of whether the suit has any merit or not.

  33. I've only seen speculation and VERY poor links between someone based on name and location. I would love to see some concrete evidence supporting some of their negative views of KW and PW. I am not against the company, I just don't like people spouting nonsense they can't support.

  34. Another link to the old cyberwings site. Actually lists Shawn J White as the President&CEO on this page. https://web.archive.org/web/20020214003220/http://www.cyberwings.com/about/index.html

    1. So your argument is:

      Shawn J. White is listed as the CEO of Cyberwings and Shawn White is listed as the CEO of Kitty.

      Shawn White from cyberwings and Kitty are both from Maine (in a similar area).

      The cached website of cyberwings looks similar to Kitty's website (though arguably I don't really see much similarity other than a scrolling/messy layout.

      THEREFORE, they must be the same person. Anything CONCRETE?

  35. No one is accusing Shawn of doing anything.
    All I am saying is Shawn White owns Kitty Wireless.
    Kitty Wireless/Puppy Wireless has not filed proper paper work or so it looks like they left them selves open to fcc action and I could be wrong I just can not find it.
    I am not accusing them of any wrong doing.
    It really does not matter if Shawn White of cyberwings and Shawn White of Kitty are the same person.
    Shawn does have access to this it is not censored like Kitty or hf and has the ability to explain if he so chooses.
    I am sure a few of the Anonymous posts are already from him.

    1. More speculation apparently; it is endless.
      A CEO is an officer/employee of a corporation. Are you sure this person is also the owner?
      You cannot find what you think is the proper paperwork so you say PW has not filed it.
      You are sure "Shawn White" has posted as Anonymous here, but there is no way to know that unless you know someone with that name, and you saw him do it. You are just speculating, right?

  36. Who is the person that started attacking KW and what interests do they have in doing so? I haven't heard of this happening with other MVNOs. Has it happened to others as well? Is this just a common thing? I mean there isn't anything special about KW or any other MVNO. They just provide cheap cell service. KW is just a bit more vocal because they have their own forum.

    1. No one is attacking anyone even if you think the truth is stinging and damning.
      99.9% of small corporation's the ceo owns the company...
      pointing out these things is not a attack.
      Nor is calling in to the number on the 2nd link if he regestered before he started business fine if not that's fine also the fcc will deal with it how they see fit.
      not really a big deal
      I do hope he is compliant and I do hope he succeeds.

    2. That's the thing though.... the evidence presented really shows nothing CONCRETE... merely, very very thin speculation. Sure, if it was the same guy it would be a little disconcerting for those who give KW business...

      As to not attacking... attacking is exactly what is being done. Accusing someone of something that, based on the presented evidence, appears not to be true.

  37. Just to be clear dealers in the state they do business are required to pay state sales tax in there state and e-911
    We are not talking about that tax here.
    This is the federal line tax that makes your Verizon and Att bill seam like they are charging 22-26%
    All line this has to be paid on in prepaid it is paid behind the scenes in postpaid the customer sees it.
    So when a MVNO figures out there plan priceing they figure this in the equation
    Tracfone Company's are paying this as are all carriers listed in the 499-A database
    How may this affect plan pricing. If you add 10-12% of tax on a line can a MVNO afford to be taking candy from a baby in there words.
    2 different line taxes paid at two different levels.
    dealers are responsible for 1 and AL carriers including MVNO are responsible for the 2nd one.

    1. That 499-A FCC database is searchable. It is also up to date. Searching the entire 499-A database, which the general public can do, returns no results for kitty or puppy or anything that resembles this mvno. That would indicate that they are not in compliance with that filing regulation. And as mentioned earlier here another similar business was just recently fined $100,000 for failure to file a 499-A.

    2. MVNE's provide turn-key MVNO's that let you but your name on an MVNO that the MVNE provides some or all of the back end support for. Couldn't that support include acting as the MVNO's agent for regulatory compliance and handling telecom taxes?

    3. Yes, it could according to a post by Kitty today on her Forum. Their lawyers say they do not have a direct relationship with the carrier and do not have to file (the way that one person keeps insisting).

    4. Well, I am not surprised. All those posts about 499-A FCC database filing turn out to be one person's misunderstanding of the regulation and the facts. A big waste of everyone's time. As Kitty said in her post:
      "We have already had this legally researched. There are solid legal reasons why we are NOT YET required to file a 499-A. Do they really think we are THAT dumb?"

    5. Seems they updated fcc regestration info today
      and now is saying they will file 499-a in 2015
      so if they had lawyers research it and they did not need it why are they now going to file
      I am confused according to what I read it has to be filed before you start.
      Then we do not need it .....now we do....

    6. Your confusion is completely understandable. Without access to the facts regarding KW operations, contract agreements, future plans and a legal analysis, none of us could make an informed judgement.

    7. I don't know any mobile operator that reveals much in the way of details of its contracts, future plans or internal operations. Contracts often have non disclosure clauses. Internal business operations and future plans are usually considered trade secrets that you don't want competitors to see. With MVNOs the only things that are typically public are plan details and prices.

    8. Dennis.... However, I don't think such simple matters as who runs a company is a "trade secret". Look at a Legere, for example.

    9. The CEO of a public company like T-Mobile has to answer to shareholders and typically acts as the company's spokesman. Privately held companies have no public shareholders to interface with and other than governmental filings have no obligation to publicize their officers names.

      We do know that Shawn White is the CEO of Kitty Wireless and Katherine White is another officer. Do you know who the CEOs of Airvoice, Ultra Mobile, Expo Mobile, PTel and Ecomobile are? I don't nor do I care.

  38. I'm having to delete more and more potentially libelous comments on this post.

    Libel, as I understand it, is writing something untrue about another person that's harmful to the other person's reputation. It just has to be untrue, it doesn't matter if you believe it is true. The person you libeled can sue you (and possibly me) and if they can prove that what you wrote is not true they will win.

    Don't waste your time and mine writing comments attacking other people and their businesses as they won't be published.

  39. You really should just delete all posts not relevant to the services offered by Puppy Wireless!

    1. My guidelines for approving comments are:
      Not racist, sexist, homophobic or offensive to any religion, ethnicity or life style.
      Not libelous
      Respectful to other commenters (no insults or name-calling)
      Not a duplicate of or very similar to a previous comment
      Not spam
      Uses language suitable for all ages

      I dislike but tolerate most off-topic comments

    2. This is beyond the pale though. This is a witch hunt by a select few HoFo detractors and if it was not for their vitriolic attacks we could have a reasonable conversation surrounding this MVNO. As it stands we have to sift through all their rubbish to make heads or tails of the actual subject.
      I hope when Puppy actually launches you will start a new thread and keep the attacks to a minimum and not continue on with the garbage posted here.

  40. The tide has just shifted a little to the reasonable on HoFo

    "Discussion will be allowed only for people interested in what Puppy Wireless is offering to discuss the company's plans and service. Respect is paramount. Only discussions about plans, pricing, and customer service. To foster a neutral environment opinions regarding any ethics, legalities, and/or past activities related to these companies or their personnel are not allowed. Ultimately what is allowed/disallowed will be at the moderator(s) discretion. If there are questions or discussion needs to be had about these changes, please do so via PM with the moderating staff."

    1. Yes, I saw that. Maybe Howard read that Kitty is having her lawyers do prep work on trying to develop a pro-active plan to resolve this mess.
      You can't hide just because you are based in Canada.

  41. I'm not a troll for HoFo nor do I ever recall making any postings over there. Shawn J, White is listed as signing officer (CEO) for the Kitty wireless application in the state of Ohio.


    I would say for people to use their 'own' due diligence when trying to decide where to put their monies. I have decided what is best for me in any case.


    1. Right and there are also people named Shawn j white who aren't the person you're referencing...

  42. Sorry Dennis, I see my previous post had duplicated previous information.


  43. Kitty announced a delay until June 5 due to tech issues that Verizon has to help solve.
    Selectel dealers cannot activate a 4G line today, and do not have an estimate date for start.

    1. This was not correct we have been doing new activation's since 6/1/15
      All working.......

    2. And we have yet to see if the other carrier launches on the 5th like stated.
      Looking on there forums it make's one wonder

    3. "This was not correct we have been doing new activation's since 6/1/15. All working."
      I tried to port my number in on 6/1 at 12:49PM and it failed. I got the notice at 1:57PM. My dealer said 4G on a ported number was not possible. He told me that you could only do new number activations, not ports. And that the system was really buggy. So the statement is very misleading. Later you came up with the tabling and the 3G port-in, then migrate to 4G solution. That is not a real launch. It's like limited beta testing.

    4. Is it June 5th yet or did you mean 2016

  44. Update: Selectel can now activate new numbers on 4G, but they can't port in for a new 4G line. Port-ins for 3G service still work.

    1. New activations started 6/1
      Port in activations 6/3 4g to 4g
      3g to 4g upgrades 6/1
      3g port always worked
      everything on Selectel has been working since 6/3

  45. It seems to me that, in reading all of what I consider to be the continuing hysterical innuendo from certain known individuals and their fellow travelers averse to Kitty Wireless, that it amounts to little more than that, and also shows a kind of sociopathic preoccupation with the subject. And the techniques and tradecraft involved in the verbiage show not just a little similarity to classic propaganda methods used during World War II. Say the lie, and repeat it enough times and loud enough, and people will start to believe it. Don't be fooled people. The proof is in the eating of the pudding.

  46. Personally I researched it and the more layers of the onion I peaked back the more I saw the truth I did not want to believe it and I was going to prove this guy wrong.
    I do not believe he is that is the sad part I really whish he was.
    Just my opinion I tried and failed

  47. Puppy Wireless just announced that they will start new LTE activations with a new phone number now. They have completed a 3G-4G migration, but it was "buggy" so they are holding off on this for now. No mention of port-ins for LTE activations, so it appears that is delayed also. Verizon Wireless engineering support will be heading home for the weekend.

  48. They also announced they are pulling it from dashboard and they will have to do any manually.
    And that ports were at least 2 weeks out and not sure if they can even be done.

    1. Both statements are inaccurate.
      People should just read the PW Forum for the latest info now.

    2. Now they announced on 6/11 they will allow a few more testers for new activations.
      The wind blow a different way every time they post.
      Why on earth would you need more testers when you are live on new activations and just watching them roll in.
      I think they are less credible than ever.
      I would not even buy a cheap plan at this point from them

    3. I agree whole heartedly read Puppy forums.
      write down the the things promised and date promised
      than look for the date the promise was delivered.
      There seems to be a pattern and it is quite telling.
      Start back at the I am going to roll out loyalty plans for those that stick with me (and pay the 300 shipping fee)
      (The 300 shipping fee is temporary)
      Just make a list and see where it leads

    4. New testers are for ports, not new activations. Don't believe all the FUD being spread here - just read the Forum yourself. Those people never post the good news or the real reasons for delays (immature Vzw MVNO LTE platform with bugs, and Vzw changed APIs the week before launch). If you don't want to read everything, just read the daily updates.

    5. Interesting one mvno can do ports automated 24/7 on new 4g platform
      the other one puts them in and claims they are not automated and will not be for 2 weeks.
      Which one is telling the truth.
      Just a guess but the one that ports are going through and completing at 11:00 on Saturday night might be the one I would pick.
      Another fib blaming the carrier

    6. Both MVNOs are using automation to send port info to the carrier now. Does anybody here really know whether the carrier Vzw has automated their port completion on their new 4G platform? That process should be the same for both MVNOs. Kitty says Vzw has a team that finishes it manually. The other MVNO doesn't tell us anything in public. Am sure the Vzw team has seen the PW Forum. I think it's easier to believe someone who publishes this info in public, rather than passing it indirectly, verbally. Interesting that nobody provides any facts or details to refute what Kitty has posted. Just innuendo.

    7. Yes Verizon has had it automated before either of these company's existed.
      And ports are going through on one and not the other because of there developers
      And yes 4g ports on new platform are automated and working on Verizons end.

  49. It was in there 6/9 update now in 6/10 they are telling a different story it was accurate when posted
    that is the problem there story always changes
    maybe just have to wait and see losing faith in them
    After reading all the posts I have no idea what they are doing and starting to believe they do not as well

  50. This company may be ok for cheap lower end plans.
    I would not trust my main number with them.
    I have been reading on there forum and if I needed a low end plan would chance it.
    If I needed any of the 29.95 and up plans I would run to a Carrier that has a Trac record this carrier scares me with there club buy in and all.
    The long wait times and no physical address they claim to be Maine based the addresses I find listed are old houses all over heck.
    Why would I give my business to a business that is so secretive.
    Heck even online pin dealers have a place of business that can be found.

  51. How is the roaming I have not seen a report anywhere confirming they have it or that it is usable? All I have seen is the rate that is planed for somtime in the future.

    1. If you read their Forum, they say that roaming is an activation switch that PW can set on or off. They are setting the switch to On for all new activations. Voice roaming on the Vzw extended network costs 21c/minute. Text roaming is no extra charge.

  52. I ordered a port on the new platform, 3G service in the evening. It was complete with new service active early the next morning. I called the toll-free CS number. Ruben picked up in 15 seconds and gave me the answer I needed right away. The new dashboard is amazing; I can do all kinds of things myself and not wait for a dealer for service. Since I am on the new platform, the migration to 4G will be easy on the portal, just like a ESN swap with SIM number. I picked the 400-400-400 plan for $23.20 with my Level 1 club discount. No other Verizon MVNO can match this price for LTE service. PW will be very successful - they have the right plans, and the new dashboard is the best tool I have seen from any MVNO. I have used Pageplus and Selectel in the past, but now PW offers more for less.

  53. Really glad for you
    I have read there forums And Rufuse to read that mess any more.
    To each his own I would not trust a number there.
    Daily update going nowhere or in circles.
    The lie about API being changed two weeks before launch.
    I know a person which has the internal docs sitting right in front of him from Verizon and there was no api change. If a lie is repeated enough that still does not make it true.
    To each his own I will not give them a dime.
    others will invest all they have.
    Hope your new service provider works well for you.

  54. I confirmed the sims can be put in a MIFI
    I streamed 6gb or 3 movies and still have 50 mb left
    Love Puppy

  55. PW is opening up external ports tomorrow.
    20 test ports completed successfully.
    SMS issue that affected a few Samsung phones appears resolved.
    Caller ID issue fixed.
    New portal is registering usage and wowing customers.
    PW plans still look great compared to the competition.
    Any more fake outrage to retort? ;-)

    1. I used 6gb of my 50mb so somthing is up
      Just guessing on the 6gb I know streaming 3 movies on Netflix takes alot I sould not still show 50mb available I am not complaining
      And will keep using for my MIFI
      Best service I have had

  56. You can port your number to 4G LTE service now, or "port" from Puppy old platform to new.
    Here are the instructions: http://www.kittyforums.net/showthread.php/9582-Puppy-Wireless-New-Platform-Ports-(3g-and-4g)-Are-Now-Available-Also-Info-for-Migration-from-Puppy-3g-to-4g

  57. Yep and they are not able to cut data off so have fun.
    Who cares if usage is showing up correctly with no off switch.
    I love this carrier =)
    I would buy the lowest plan possible they are all unlimited for now.

  58. They seem way out of there league they are 5 weeks into sms issue and do not seem to have a clue.
    They blame every issue they are having on someone else.
    Customers have to dig thru walls of forum post to see if anything is happening.
    Customers post legediment questions and only get answers to the ones this person choises to answer but most time the question are never answered.
    They have a ticket system that is a joke at best.
    4-6 days for answers
    I would let them work on there system for a year or so before I would consider them.
    Not for me.
    Sorry my number is to important to me to risk it there.
    Days for ports that never start until Fridays and Never get turned in until monday
    Nothing about puppy wireless screams trust me

    1. Debunk:
      1. SMS issue affected a few, but not all Samsung users. Verizon is working on it.
      2. Not even close.
      3. ?? There are just a few threads, and you just check the latest posts on each visit. Threads sorted by latest comments. It's very easy to keep up.
      4. Huh? Virtually all questions are answered promptly. You are not counting those, apparently.
      5, 6, 7. At least we know where you are coming from - never will be a customer.
      8. Interesting how you ignore how half of the ports started last Friday were provisioned by Verizon over the weekend. And all the test ports were successfully completed before that.
      9. Interesting standard for a MVNO: 'screaming trust?' 5 years of great success, becoming the biggest online dealer for Pageplus by providing great service and the best online automation did not earn your trust.

    2. 5 years selling pageplus a trusted proven mvno
      Puppy in no way is PagePlus

      To each his own

  59. Port in's went live now they shut them down and yet again blaming Verizon.
    What is it going to take for people to see that it is in fact not Verizon that is incompetent but it is Puppy and whom ever they hired for there in house programing
    This mvno seems to be the only one with problems

    1. Just wishful thinking on your part? You have no facts about what actually happened, but have decided without any evidence that Kitty is not telling Forum readers the truth.

    2. Read there forum it is plain as day in the open
      Not hidden for any one to see in plain sight.
      not wishfull thinking as you say
      I do not wish what is going on on anyone.
      Including the owners of puppy or there customers.

  60. No more ports are allowed as announced by kitty. Apparently half of the ports submitted on Friday have completed, all you need to do is slip in the sim and turn it on to check. Their system at this point is unable to track usage, so you essentially have unlimited data right now if you are one of the lucky few that have been ported - stream away to your hearts content!

    "About half have already gone through, but the problem is Verizon is not provisioning them properly on our system, so they are not appearing in our dashboard. I really wish you wouldn't jump ahead and do what you did, but I know you are anxious too and we get that. The problem is, any usage that you use right now, before it provisions in our system, we get billed for, but you don't get debited for on your plan. That's why we have not informed anyone that those ports are completed yet, because they are going to be 100% losses to us.
    Now that this information is out there, sadly, I'm stopping all new port submissions until the port provisioning process is perfected, because we can't incur losses.
    Kitty "

  61. So let me get this straight it was clearly reported here and on there own forum but they go live anyway and the customers are supposed to wait for a fix to use there phones
    the sms is in the 5 or 6 week range with no fix in sight.
    Why would a company do this to it's customers or it self.
    What good is testing if you never bother to listen to what they are telling you.

  62. Forget about having a data issue worked on if you are the only person with the problem. puppy can only escalate that to vzw only if 5 people have the same issue. It isn't that way on pageplus or selectel. That's a policy that a lot of people are going to get caught up in.

    1. That is a Verizon policy and it does affect Selectel. I don't know about Pageplus.

  63. On other Verizon mvno company's I have had issues esculated on my one line on pageplus so I do not believe that to be fact. It is easy to use chat or a dealer and a wise person would first do a sim swap which is easy and rule out a limited provisioning issue.
    No different than with a 3g phone if somthing is not working switch it to different phone.
    See if there is infact a problem
    Or see if it somthing you need to get carrier involved in
    I read that somwhere and it makes good sense to me

  64. Glad to see they figured out it was a sim provisioning issue with sms now it should be a quick fix for there users to get there phones working.
    That is if they can do sim swaps
    I guess we shall see.
    I think someone on howard forums said that this would fix it several weeks back.

    1. Looks like if you want your sms fixed they deactivate your number and give you a new one.
      This works for test numbers no big deal.
      What about for customers who have a number that they brought in??
      Now sure why they are not able to sim swaps that way sim is not tied up for 51 days but only 24 hours.
      Must not be able to do that I know a Page Plus dealers can do it in there dealer portal.
      We switched from a iPhone 5s to a galaxy S this way.
      Only took a few minutes...

  65. Looks like Verizon automated the port process on there end but Puppy must not be able to get there end right and will be processing ports by hand on there end they said expect delays
    Interesting I read were another mvno had a port go thru in less than 1 minute.
    Not sure how they can keep blaming Verizon for there complete lack of professionalism
    And what is with that green text on white backgrouND that is hard to impossible to read
    just my opinion

    1. Where do you see green text on a white background?

  66. On puppy forum in there instructions
    general q&a for the new ports.

    1. 24-48 hour minimum delay in ports as stated by kitty at puppy. I feel foolish discussing "kitty at puppy", smh. But anyways, yeah, kitty said to allow 10 days for a port. 10 days!!?? wow. I just did a port into Selectel 4g and it was done in less than 5 minutes. Puppy must have hired a very poor programmer to get their systems running. They still only have the $29 4g plan listed, that would mean that they are not totally live on vzw with 4g. I talked to a Selectel dealer and he said that they too were limited to the $29 plan when they were still in testing. Puppy is obviously still in testing. Not sure why kitty is so determined to con everyone that they are totally live now.

  67. How could you ever go live with the problems that they are plagued with.
    Advise ......it might be time to pony up and hire a developer instead of doing it in house.
    They stated them selves Verizon end is now automated.
    But other poster may in fact be right all these problems that seem to never get fixed could be to cover up that they do not have a greelight from Verizon
    a week and a half of a customer asking for plans and he can not able buy it.
    And he keeps getting told to check back...

  68. When do we see all the 4g plans puppy promised?
    There is more to this than meets the eye. Why is there only ONE plan available? If puppy is launched and live where are the plans? Something is amiss here.

  69. Everything they promise is subject to change in a minutes notice.
    Looks like the classic bait and switch.
    From a current customer....

    I have to take the other side of this one, Individual Migration, for only a couple reasons, the big one is the number of posts made on this subject, first ones was that people would not be forced to migrate and be able to opt out of migration from Puppy A to Puppy B and then the migration will be optional, but Puppy A will end at some point, then migration will be optional but will be done by end of the year and now it is a decision by Friday and forced migration by maybe latest August. The other reason is of coarse the price increase for my elderly parents, I ported to puppy before the pricing of 4G was even published, then had to tell them about the $3 per month increase may be coming, will be coming and then will be coming by end of year, now I will just cover these added costs for the many months in advance, because I cannot tell them the story has changed again.

    I do understand that it may make things a little easier on the porting work load, but I cannot see it would be a great savings, because the way I read the port Puppy A to Puppy B Platforms, requires then same input of information, just do not have to submit port to outside service and wait for the release of the number from an outside port.

    Being a Kitty Club Member, Puppy Club Member and a customer for almost three years, I can only wish Puppy will be a great success.

    In my over 2 1/2 years reading on this forum, I know how dissenting views are not viewed very highly, but thought this view point needed to be put out there.

    For a person on this plan on 3g there are better deals out there on Verizon network.

    $10.95 - 50 minutes, 50 messages, 50 MB of data

    Lets compare to Selectel.
    But you could do the same with a handful of other Verizon MVNO company's.

    Selectel $75 plan plus 3 flex cards =$105
    $105 divided by 12 = $8.75 per month and you get
    167 minutes per month 167 texts per month and 50mb data per month...
    With a stable company that does not change plans every time the wind changes direction.

  70. Hard to follow did this company ever launch.
    Looking on there forums it is hard to tell.
    Or are they still in alpha testing??
    Looks like they are not taking any ports for sure.


      There were those warnings a month ago, but on June 30 we all got this email:

      "This is Kitty. I wanted to drop you a note to let you know that we have now successfully resolved the new activation & porting problems that existed on Puppy 4g LTE. If you have been waiting for Puppy 4g LTE to launch, we are now ready to roll.

      I would highly encourage you to place an order for your Puppy Port request ASAP, so that it is scheduled for at least 10 days before your next expiration. We ask for 10 days simply to resolve any issues that may come up during that port process. As long as you provide 100% accurate information on the port request form, the port should go very smoothly."

      Yes so smooth I have a dead phone and support is MIA. Andrew was very helpful getting me OUT of page plus, but has been ghost since.

      This is complete amauter hour.

  71. 2 new Puppy Wireless plans have finally been disclosed on the Forum:
    The best way to have Verizon LTE for low usage without signing up for Tracfone abuse, or paying Red Pocket $200 in advance.

  72. The 2 new Puppy plans also qualify for 50% off the first month of service if you sign up in Jan, and LTE SIMs are on sale for $4.99.

  73. Puppy Wireless
    We've added two new plans!

    Puppy Wireless was created to fill a need for our cellular customers. We wanted to offer more plan selections, amazing customer service, and a forums community for support of our customer base. Puppy Wireless is 14 months old now, and growing by leaps and bounds, thanks to your continued support.

    As a result of an overwhelming amount of customer requests, we have now added two new 3G CDMA plans and two new 4G LTE plans for our customers to choose from. We recognize that there was a need for a lower priced 4G LTE plan, that was not being serviced by other providers. Thankfully, Puppy Wireless is small and agile enough to react to your needs in quick fashion!

    New 3G CDMA Plans Added

    $12.00/mo - 250 minutes, 250 messages, 25mb of data
    $17.00/mo - 275 minutes, 275 messages, 300mb of data

    New 4G LTE Plans Added

    $12.00/mo - 60 minutes, 60 messages, 60mb of data
    $17.00/mo - 275 minutes, 275 messages, 200mb of data

    Overage rates on all of our plans are 4 cents/minute, 4 cents/message and 4 cents/megabyte of data.
    Remember.... get 50% off your 1st month on Puppy, on any Puppy Wireless monthly plan, if activated or ported in beforeJanuary 31st, 2016!

    Click here to start a Puppy Wireless New Activation.
    Click here to start a Puppy Wireless Port-in Request.
    Click here to buy a Puppy SIM card. Only $4.99!

    Get your first month on the Page Plus $55.00 plan for only $20.00 when you do a Page Plus new activation or port-in request before January 31st, 2016! Start today using the links above! Good for the first 1,000 customers, don't delay!

  74. I have been watching Kitty's forum for an answer to this question(s), but she hasn't given one. It has been asked several times in the last week with no answer.

    Maybe somebody here has an answer.

    Is the overage issue fixed now? Will my account still get turned off if I go over my data?

  75. Yes, the overage/suspension issue is still an issue. Good luck with getting any answers or fixes on that. It has been ongoing and very troublesome since puppy started. Another major problem is that there is no email notification from puppy for auto-pay charges made to your on-file credit card. I say it is "major" because kitty has been unable to get it fixed after many many complaints.
    The most recent reply to questions directed at kitty on issues is: "I am right in the middle of tax season. Sadly, my time is being monopolized by accountants and lawyers from mid January through mid April. Please PM KW-Andrew for issues, simply because I'm not able to get to anything right now. I'm barely able to spend 5-10 minutes a day on here reading. I apologize."

  76. I suppose that this is just being human and honest?

  77. Who is on PW and do you like it? Are there any issues one should be aware of? Is this company financially stable? I don't want to lose my cell number, and that is the reason for all of these questions.

  78. It is built with a stylish desig and robust otlook along with attractive features.
    Another option is to order Corel Pajnt Shop Pro 4 using your Super - Multi DVD burner.

    Build-quality is fairly solid with very little flex duee to the metal chassis nefertheless it feelks heavier as opposed to netbook's actual 2.

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