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99¢ T-Mobile Prepaid SIM Deal is Back

After a brief absence, T-Mobile prepaid SIMs are once again on sale for 99¢ plus tax (regular price $15) on the T-Mobile USA Website when you use promo code SIM99 at checkout.  The promotion ends 6/30 so at fast if you want to get a SIM for 99¢.

There are two types and three sizes of SIMs to choose from.

Prepaid activation kits, which include a SIM and an activation code, are available in mini/micro combo and nano sizes. The activation code is required when activating a new line of service on any T-Mobile prepaid plan including the $30/month 5 GB of data, unlimited messaging and 100 minutes plan, which is only available with new online activations.

Mobile broadband SIMs in mini, micro and nano sizes are also on sale for a 99¢ with the SIM99 code. These SIMs can be used to activate a tablet or hotspot on any T-Mobile Prepaid Mobile Internet plan. They also let you activate a supported tablet on any T-Mobile Mobile Internet plan including the 200 MB/month free plan.

Either type of SIM can be used as a replacement SIM for any T-Mobile account postpaid or prepaid.

There's a limit 3 SIMs per per order and 5 SIMS over a period of 30 days.

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  1. can this SIM card be used to activate Ting? If not, is $9 SIM card that ting sells the only option?

    1. Ting sims are just for Ting activations. Tmobile sims are just for T-Mobile activations. Your sim gets your phone access to whoevers SIM card you have. If Ting's sims are $9 then that is your only option.

  2. @Dennis Bournique: Does a T-Mobile 99¢ SIM include any talk minutes?

    1. No. You would have to activate the SIM with an older activation code, sold separately on eBay that included some minutes.

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