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RingPlus Plans and Prices Changing June 13

Sprint MVNO RingPlus is revamping their plans and pricing effective this Saturday June 13. The plans were announced yesterday on the RingPlus Forum and are being tweaked based on user input and are subject to change before launch. 

There are a lot of changes some good, some bad. The main differences I see are: 
  • International texts are no longer included at no extra cost. It will cost 3¢ to send an international text on all the plan new plans. 
  • The sliding scale prices that made MMS and voice, text and data overages cheaper on higher priced plans have been replaced by a flat 4¢ per MMS and 2¢ per overage minute, text or MB of data on all the new plans.
  • More minutes, texts and data are included on lower priced new plans but there's less data for the money on the higher priced new plans.
  • Wifi calling is now available on all plans, but WiFi calling minutes come out of plan minutes on new plans instead of the separate buckets of WiFi calling minutes that were included with most of the old plans.
The table below lists all the new and old plans below. New plans have a green background.
Plan Monthly Cost Voice WiFi Calling SMS IntN'l SMS MMS Data Overage
New Big Surprise Free 200 available 50 3¢ ea 4¢/ea 10 MB
Old Ian 99¢ + 1 10 10 included 9¢/ea
Old Kate $1.99+ 1 50 10 included 9¢/ea
New Joy $1.99+ 1 200 available 200 3¢/ea 4¢/ea 50 MB
Old Harrison $4.99+ 1 100 75 100 included 8¢/ea
New Mint $4.99+ 1 300 available 500 3¢/ea 4¢/ea 100 MB
Old Hazel $7.99+ 1 300 100 300 included 7¢/ea 100 MB
Old James $8.99+ 1 50 unlimited 200 included 7¢/ea 300 MB
Old Bella $9.99+ 1 400 200 400 included 6¢/ea 300 MB
New Bella $9.99+ 1 400 200 400 3¢/ea 4¢/ea 300 MB
Old Noelani $17.99+ 1 unlimited unlimited unlimited included 6¢/ea 400 MB
New Harmony $19.99+ 1 unlimited unlimited unlimited 3¢/ea 4¢/ea 1 GB
Old Grant $23.99+ 1 unlimited unlimited unlimited included 6¢/ea 1 GB
Old Data $26.99+ 1 300 unlimited unlimited included 4¢/ea 2 GB
Old Jump $29.99+ 1 unlimited unlimited unlimited included 4¢/ea 2.5 GB
New Revel $29.99+ 1 unlimited unlimited unlimited 3¢/ea 4¢/ea 2 GB
Old Pro $33.00+ 1 unlimited unlimited unlimited included 4¢/ea 3 GB
New Hiper $39.99+ 1 unlimited unlimited unlimited 3¢/ea 4¢/ea 3 GB
New Bliss $49.99+ 1 unlimited unlimited unlimited 3¢/ea 4¢/ea 5 GB
1 RingPlus taxes and fees average 20% and are charged in states like California and New Hampshire that don't normally tax prepaid airtime.

Current users are grandfathered and can keep their current plans and pricing or switch to one of the new plans if they prefer.

I don't know what the "Big Surprise" plan is going to be but based on its placement in image below from the RingPlus Forum it looks it will cost less than $1.99/month. There's some speculation that it might even be a new Free Ad Supported plan like the ones RingPlus offered when they first launched.

Update 2:45 PM 6/10:  RingPlus just announced that the "Big Surprise" is a new content sponsored free plan with 200 minutes, 50 text messages, and 10 MB of LTE data per month. Overages will be charged at 2¢ per minute, text or MB of data. There will be guidelines requiring users to "make calls and let us sell you some deals" According to Ring Plus Founder and CTO Karl Seelig.

In general I like the new plans which seem to focus on providing more value at the lower price points. The added minutes and texts and the 2¢/MB overage rate for data make the $1.99 Joy and $4.99 Mint plans really attractive for someone like me who doesn't need a lot of minutes or texts and has WiFi available most of the day yet still needs to access email, navigation and the web while away from WiFi.

On the other hand, all the new unlimited talk and text plans priced above $20 are either more expensive or include less data than their old equivalents. As long as you are OK with Boost Mobile's phone selection and limited BYOP, Boost's plans are a better value than anything from RingPlus or any other MVNO offer at $30/month and up

Source: RingPlus Discourse Forum

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Comment Page :
  1. The new Joy plan looks just right for me, with some data overage.
    I could even use this or Mint plan as my main phone now (LG Tribute is not bad).

  2. This company changes plans/prices more often that I change my toothbrush.

    1. As long as the changes are for the better who cares and for the most part they look better.

  3. My thoughts are good on the low cost plans, but bad at the higher end more stream plans. The new New Revel $30 plan is same as Boost but why would one want to go through RP+'s unique call routing paths and create extra delay and audio degradation issue. At that price point, it's very hear that you are better off going direct to Sprint or one of other MVNOs.

    1. Except there is little complaint of that lately.

    2. Free Plan has been added 200/50/10 w/2c overages and 4c MMS

      All plans are now 4c for MMS an 2c overages

      The Bella still includes 200 WiFi minutes on top of the regular alloted minutes.

    3. I had trouble last year. This year with a new LG Tribute I have had zero issues.

  4. The old and new Bella plans on the table are mixed up.

  5. Does Boost offer voice or data roaming capabilities?

    I do know with R+ you can voice roam for 14c additional which is reasonable and data roam for 55c MB, reasonable would be in the eye of the beholder, but in a pinch it is there.

  6. The Boost $30 Plan is a Promo for how long?

  7. So many thing wrong with this company. After two years, I'm looking to get out. Cheapest mobile plans around, but you definitely get what you pay for.
    All my friends, and relatives and customers keep saying 'when are you going to get a real phone?' when we talk, as voice quality is worse than Skype, and we all have to repeat ourselves many times during a call, and also the delay, and then you end up talking over each other, and the both awkwardly pausing, waiting for the other to speak...

    1. I think you are just regurgitating old info to cast a bad light on R+. Very few complaints on those issues as of late and the issues you described have always only affected a small minority of users. Very few outages as well. For me it has been extremely stable over the last 6-8 months.

      I would expect some issues when these new plans go into effect, some issues always seem to crop up after they make changes to or release new plans.

    2. Posted on Ring Plus Discourse Forum by the CEO Karl
      "RingPlus is using the Sprint Nation Wide Network. You are correct we do something different. We are directly connected as a telecom with Sprint over WMI (Sprints gateway to us) to our media player. So Sprint throws us the call (after you dial) from the sprint network over to us. We play the media and hand the call back to Sprint for connection ( in telco language termination ).

      There has been some problems on certain accounts in the past, but prior to this launch it was a prerequisite to be fixed. Sprint and RingPlus worked non stop and all problems have been fixed now and tested by both companies."

    3. this is really good news that they have sorted things out.

  8. going to switch from the kate plan on my iphone 4 to the new joy plan.

    got another iphone 4 to put ring+ on, but getting an error message on the ring+ page for checking the esn/meid. the meid checks out as okay and clear on swappa. wondering if ring+ is not doing new activations until the new plans are in effect on saturday???

    1. Swappa is not reliable for Sprint phones. RingPlus usually is. What does Ting say?

    2. ting says compatible and can bring to ting. so my guess is ring+ should also be okay whenever they get their esn/meid checker working again.

      was so enthused to get another super inexpensive iphone 4 on ring+ but will have to wait a little longer.

    3. I was also getting an error with a known good device using the R+ ESN checker. Several hours latter I rechecked it and it passed. I just checked it as I post and it passed They may have be doing maintenance to the ESN check Tool in anticipation of this up coming launch? So you need to check it again and if you are getting an error contact R+ and let them know.

    4. yea! no error today. registered the "new" (really used) iphone 4 on ring+ and successfully activated with new number. on kate plan today. and will be switching both iphones from kate to joy tomorrow. very pleased.

      sprint reception is surprisingly good in our area. a new sprint store recently opened near us in a nearby shopping area. taking that as a continuing good sign for sprint in our area.

      really more interested in the data (when away from wifi) and the cheap overage, with the occasional phone call or text. now with 50mb data included (and the 200min & 200txt) on the joy plan along the 2cent overage, this is great for these two very low usage iphones for my parents.

    5. It is not all that much but you just wasted $1.99, when you switch plans you will be charged another $1.99 for the new Joy Plan? You could use up the the New Kate and then switch.
      Anyone who see a plan they like better than the new offerings can activate today and those will be grandfathered in. Personally I think the Pro, Jump, Data and Grant are better priced plans?
      By the way Dennis, you missed the Andrea 600/600/400/UWiFi in the chart above. :)
      I also have grandfathered Kate and will most likely switch to the Joy as well.

    6. oh geez. so what. it's my money and need the phone working today. birthdays cannot be postponed. it's like so what, no big deal, if it's another two bucks tomorrow. it's dirt cheap. thank you ring+ my dad says thank you.

    7. switched both iphones to joy. you can set it to change at the end of your current billing month, or you can choose to switch now. if you want to change now, it will take maybe three to five minutes before you see the change when you should also see your account taking the money.

  9. The new plans listed above are all available. Old plans are gone, except for Ian, which has not changed.

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