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T-Mobile 99¢ Prepaid SIM Sale

Now through 6/18/15, T-Mobile prepaid SIMs are on sale for 99¢ (regular price $15) on the T-Mobile USA Website when you use promo code SIM99 at checkout. There are two types and three sizes of SIMs to choose from.

Prepaid activation kits, which include a SIM and an activation code, are available in mini/micro combo and nano sizes. The activation code is required when activating a new line of service on any T-Mobile prepaid plan including the $30/month 5 GB of data, unlimited messaging and 100 minutes plan, which is only available with new online activations.

Mobile broadband SIMs in mini, micro and nano sizes are also on sale for a 99¢ with the SIM99 code. These SIMs can be used to activate a tablet or hotspot on any T-Mobile Prepaid Mobile Internet plan. They also let you activate a supported tablet on any T-Mobile Mobile Internet plan including the 200 MB/month free plan.

Either type of SIM can be used as a replacement SIM for any T-Mobile account postpaid or prepaid.

There's a limit 3 SIMs per per order and 5 SIMS over a period of 30 days.

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  1. I miss the 1ct deal t-mobile had for sim's.

  2. Hi Mr. Bournique, I have an old TMobile flip phone from 2005, I last used it on TMobile Prepaid in 2013, I want to reactivate it on their Pay-as-you-go plan for $3/mth to have as an emergency back-up phone since you seem to imply in the TMobile section of this website that TMobile has really good coverage nationwide since they have free unlimited roaming (did I get that right?) I have Sprint right now for my main phone, spotty coverage in some outlying areas, so does my idea make sense to you?

    Also, I would only want to spend the $3/mth during months that I plan to travel and may need this additional emergency coverage in outlying areas. So let's say I have the plan in July and Aug, cancel in Sept, don't restart it until Dec, cancel in Jan, start again in May, etc. Do I need to keep buying a new SIM card for the phone each time I want to start up coverage again, or will this $.99 SIM be a one-time purchase that I can keep using whenever I need it?
    I ask because I called TMobile today and they said the SIM that I have in my old phone from 2013 can no longer be activated, and that I need to buy a new one. Seems strange, you have to keep buying a new SIM everytime you want to reactivate?

    1. You have better choices.
      1. Buy a legacy T-Mobile account on eBay if you can find one. Add $10 or $30/year to keep it alive, and only pay for what you use.
      2. If you can get your old phone unlocked, buy a Truphone SIM for $30; they will give you $15 credit on the account. Use the phone for at least one minute our outgoing text every 90 days to avoid the "inactivity fee." Your cash balance will not expire. This SIM will work on both T-Mobile and AT&T, and connects to more AT&T towers than T-Mobile roaming will allow.

    2. Truphone or a legacy T-Mobile pay as you go account, if you can find one is probably a better choice. But to answer the OP's question. The way the $3/month plan would work for minimum cost and occasional use is:

      1) You add $10 (the minuimum). As long as you use 30 minutes or texts or less per 30 days, your $10 would last 90 days with a dollar left over. There's no way the user can cancel a prepaid account except by porting out. T-Mobile takes $3 out of your balance every 30 days as long as there are sufficient funds in the account.

      2) After the 90 days the $1 balance is insufficient to renew and the account will be suspended. You have 120 days to add money and restart the plan.

      3) 120 days after the account is suspended for insufficient funds, it will be canceled, the phone number lost and the SIM permanently invalidated.

      Disclaimer: The rules for account explanation on T-Mobile prepaid for poorly documented and T-Mobile customer support often gives contradictory information as to when funds expire or accounts are terminated. The above is based on user experience and is believed, but not guaranteed, to be accurate.

  3. What they NEED is a TRULY uncapped unlimited data on the phones you can Tether.

  4. Not sure where anyone got the idea that T-Mobile has free unlimited roaming or good nationwide coverage.

    An emergency back-up phone would be a $2.50/month Page Plus account (Verizon + roaming).

    Even in California, there are vast areas with Verizon and AT&T coverage but no T-Mobile coverage and no roaming.

    You never buy a T-Mobile phone as an emergency phone. You could still make 911 calls on AT&T but you could do that without any SIM in the phone at all.

    1. Why do you T-Mobile doesn't have free unlimited voice and text roaming. They do, it's shown on the prepaid coverage maps and I've used it in Alaska, California, Nevada and Wisconsin. Of course it doesn't work everywhere, only in markets with no T-Mobile coverage where T-Mobile has a roaming agreement, but that's true of any carrier's roaming

    2. "Not sure where anyone got the idea that T-Mobile has free unlimited roaming or good nationwide coverage."
      Our family's 9 years experience with T-Mobile prepaid has confirmed that they have excellent, free voice and sms roaming. For example, my sister lives in Upper MI, the U.P. There is NO T-Mobile network there. She has used a T-Mobile prepaid phone there since 2005. It always says "AT&T" on her screen, and after a few years she thought she had AT&T plan. When she drives through WI to MN, she has roaming all the way. Her husband has PagePlus. He has to pay 29c/minute on his PagePlus plan through large sections of WI, and his coverage in the MI U.P. has bigger coverage holes than T-Mobile's AT&T coverage.
      If you cannot see this on the coverage maps, you are reading the wrong maps (or maybe need new glasses).
      I have traveled through many states over the past 9 years, and have never been without T-Mobile prepaid coverage with free roaming when I needed it. And I saw "AT&T" plenty of times.

    3. "You could still make 911 calls on AT&T but you could do that without any SIM in the phone at all."

      Really, is this true? I did not know that. So even if I have no cell phone plan. just my old TMobile phone with no service, it can still make 911 calls? Is that also true of my main phone (Sprint)...can it make 911 calls anywhere, assuming there is some cell provider in that area (like Verizon)?

    4. Currently, the FCC requires that all cell phones, whether activated or not, be able to make 911 calls on any available network.

      However, the FCC is considering changing that rule to only require phones that are active with a carrier to be able to make 911 calls. The change is being requested by 911 providers who claim that the majority of calls from unactivated phones are accidental or crank calls. If the change goes through active phones would still be able to make calls when they had no service from their operator but another network was available.

      So it the change is approved, your old T-Mobile phone with no service would no longer be able to make 911 calls but your Sprint phone would still be able to in areas with no Sprint coverage as long as another network was available.

      See: FCC explores sunsetting 911 call forwarding

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