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New Callingmart Coupons - Save Up To 10% On Prepaid Airtime

Online airtime seller CallingMart.com is having one of its frequent sales, which are usually themed around various holidays and retail events. This one is dubbed a Back to School Sale and it features coupon codes good for discounts of up to 10% on prepaid airtime. 

The coupon codes below are good now through Thursday, Sept 3. 

10% Off AT&T GoPhone refills with coupon code B2S1510

5% Off Verizon, Page Plus, Simple Mobile, H2O, Red Pocket and Airvoice refills with coupon code: B2S155

Although this sale lasts longer than Callingmart's usual 10 to 14 days, some of the discounts are't as good as usual. For years, Callingmart sales have been offered a 7% discount on Verizon and TracFone airtime and 5% off NET10 airtime. This time there are no TracFone or NET10 coupons and the Verizon one is for 5% off instead of the usual 7%.

Although there are no TracFone and NET10 Back To School coupons, you can still get a discount on both carrier's airtime.  Code ca3p-1207, which is available year round, still provides a 3% discount on TracFone and NET10. Callingmart, doesn't charge taxes either, unlike NET10 and TracFone, which do.

If you use PTel, TracFone, NET10, Ultra Mobile, Lycamobile or most other carriers not listed above you can get an extra 3% off CallingMart's regular prices using code ca3p-1207. This code does not expire. Unfortunately it doesn't work for T-Mobile refills.

To get your discount, go to callingmart.com and select your refill. Enter the appropriate code in the "Enter Coupon Code" field on the Shopping Cart page and press the "Apply" button.

All the above codes are good only on purchases of $18 or more.

Sign up for CallingMart's free rewards program to get an extra 1% in rewards credit with every purchase. Rewards credit can be applied to your next order.

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  1. This stinks about no discounts for Tracfone. Their site also only lists one amount to purchase. I just found out about callingmart a few months ago and used them for my Tracfone needs. I wonder why the discounts vanished? Guess fate decided I was getting to much of a good thing.

  2. Callingmart is still the first site I check when it is time to refill. But right now it no longer sells what I need.

    If you can't find your favorite MVNO or the specific plan you are looking for, you might have bettter luck with PR Wireless Systems (epinrefill.com). Discounts on most plans are measured in pennies ($74.59 for a $75 plan), but like Callingmart, there are no fees and taxes.

    There is one other that looks promising, but it has kind of an oddball method of operation. Csllontime.com seems to be very picky about whom it will accept as a customer. Send them an email first to let them know you are interested.

  3. CallingMart - MLK Discount Codes Available

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