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RingPlus Getting Minute, Text and Data Add-On Packages

Starting at 7 PM PT today July 21, Sprint MVNO RingPlus customers will be able to add bundles of minutes, texts or data to their plans. 

The following add-ons will be available: 
  • Texts: 100 for $1, 1000 for $4, 2000 for $6, 5000 for $8 
  • Minutes: 100 for $1.80, 500 for $7, 1000 for $15, 2000 for $25 
  • Data (MB) 200 for $3, 500 for $7, 1000 for $8, 2000 for $16 
The add-ons were announced in a cryptic post on the company's Discource user forum. Details are scarce. I don't know if the add-ons roll over or if they are "use it or lose it", or for how long they will be available. I'll update this post as I learn more.

Without an add-on, if you use up all the minutes, texts or data and have a cash balance, RingPlus charges 2¢ per extra minute, text or MB of data on all plans.

RingPlus is best known for its free plans but offers a number of paid plans as well. Currently available plans are listed below.
Plan Monthly Cost Voice WiFi Calling SMS IntN'l SMS MMS Data Overage
Truly Free 1 Free 125 available 40 3¢ ea 4¢/ea 10 MB
Free Free 200 available 50 3¢ ea 4¢/ea 10 MB
Joy $1.99+ 2 200 available 200 3¢/ea 4¢/ea 50 MB
Mint $4.99+ 2 300 available 500 3¢/ea 4¢/ea 100 MB
Bella $9.99+ 2 400 200 400 3¢/ea 4¢/ea 300 MB
Harmony $19.99+ 2 unlimited unlimited unlimited 3¢/ea 4¢/ea 1 GB
Revel $29.99+ 2 unlimited unlimited unlimited 3¢/ea 4¢/ea 2 GB
Hyper $39.99+ 2 unlimited unlimited unlimited 3¢/ea 4¢/ea 3 GB
Bliss $49.99+ 2 unlimited unlimited unlimited 3¢/ea 4¢/ea 5 GB
1 No credit card required to use the Truly Free plan, Over plans require having a card on file.
2 RingPlus taxes and fees average 20% and are charged in states like California and New Hampshire that don't normally tax prepaid airtime.

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  1. This would definitely give Ting a run for its money. If only RingPlus is GSM...

  2. Ive been watching that thread on RP for last day. Fascinating. It looks like there is confusion about how these add-ones will cycle. I'm a new customer of Ring plus (having left Ting now that they are too big to provide their previous level of customer service.) These plan options are amazing. Created three lines on one paid plan, then created a single line by itself on the Truly Free Plan. Not bad

  3. Is this a death knell for Republic Wireless? They want to charge $15 for every gigabyte of Sprint data, in a closed ecosystem with locked phones - no BYOSD.

    RP's data pricing blows Republic out of the water. If they let people on the free plans access the data offers, Google Voice + free RP plan + 2000mb = $15 roughly equivalent to Republic's $40, since they want you to call on WiFi all the time anyway. Crazy. We live in exciting times for cell service.

    1. If it doesn't bankrupt R+!

    2. PREPAID cellphone service, that is. Contract cellphone plans are still as horrible as ever.

  4. I wish a company on GSM would institute something like this. I have a ton of GSM phones.

    1. Something like this on the GSM network would definitely give the T-Mobile $30 secret plan a run for its money!

    2. Its not a secret.

  5. The add-ons are live! They look great. You can add the 1gb for $8 now. And there are some nice combinations possible. A member on the RP forum created a useful chart with commentary: https://discourse.ringplus.net/t/making-sense-of-all-of-the-add-on-and-plan-options/4028

  6. Pepper is back up.

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