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RingPlus Reopens Pepper Plan And Gives a $3 Credit to All New Activations

Sprint MVNO RingPlus has reopened their free Pepper Plan, which includes 250 minutes, 500 texts and 10 MB of data per month. The Pepper plan, which RingPlus occasionally opens briefly to new subscribers, includes more minutes and texts than RingPlus' other two free plans. However, unlike the other plans, Pepper users must sign up for auto-pay and top-up with $5 to cover potential overages. See the table at the end of the post to see how all of RingPlus' plans compare. 

RingPlus also revealed today that it experienced a system problem over the last few days that caused many new activations, phone swaps and port-ins to fail. To compensate current and potential customers who were affected by the problem, RingPlus will: 
  • Give everyone who tried to sign up and failed but who got as far as entering their email address a $5 top-up credit if they activate now. These customers will be notified of their eligibility for the credit by email. 
  • Customers who lost service during the outage will get a free month of service if they are on a paid plan or a $5 top-up if they are on a free plan.
  • For the next 48 hours (until approximately 11 AM 7/24) everyone activating a new account will get a free $3 top-up credit.
Ring Plus Plans Currently Available
Plan Monthly Cost Voice WiFi Calling SMS IntN'l SMS MMS Data Overage
Truly Free 1 Free 125 available 40 3¢ ea 4¢/ea 10 MB
Free Free 200 available 50 3¢ ea 4¢/ea 10 MB
Pepper 3 Free 250 available 500 3¢ ea 4¢/ea 10 MB
Joy $1.99+ 2 200 available 200 3¢/ea 4¢/ea 50 MB
Mint $4.99+ 2 300 available 500 3¢/ea 4¢/ea 100 MB
Bella $9.99+ 2 400 200 400 3¢/ea 4¢/ea 300 MB
Harmony $19.99+ 2 unlimited unlimited unlimited 3¢/ea 4¢/ea 1 GB
Revel $29.99+ 2 unlimited unlimited unlimited 3¢/ea 4¢/ea 2 GB
Hyper $39.99+ 2 unlimited unlimited unlimited 3¢/ea 4¢/ea 3 GB
Bliss $49.99+ 2 unlimited unlimited unlimited 3¢/ea 4¢/ea 5 GB
1 No credit card required to use the Truly Free plan, Over plans require having a card on file.
2 RingPlus taxes and fees average 20% and are charged in states like California and New Hampshire that don't normally tax prepaid airtime.
3 $5 auto-topup required (Pepper Plan only). At signup and anytime your plan balance reaches zero $5 will be charged to your card

Source: RingPlus Discourse Forum. Image: Twitter


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  1. can a person activate more than phone with different emails ?

    1. R+ allows multiple devices to be activated on a single account, so there's no need to use different emails.

  2. Thanks for this information, Dennis. I just snagged a Pepper plan for my 9-year-old son on his never-activated Boost Moto G (first generation) and it's working! I had checked his MEID before a couple of times over the last few months and had been rejected, but now it's been accepted. He bought the phone new at Best Buy 9 months ago just to use to play games and now it's an actual working phone! And we got a $3 credit on top of the $5 top-up that I paid. Awesome!

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