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Another RingPlus Promo For New and Existing Customers Sunday 4 - 6 PM PDT

Sprint MVNO RingPlus is running another promotion (their third in eight days) this Sunday 8/23/15.

There are deals for both new and current members, including a very sweet special version of the Pepper free plan for new activations that includes 250 minutes, 500 texts and 260 MB of data per month for almost free. I say "almost" because the Pepper plan requires that you always have a cash balance for overages. The minimum amount you can add to your balance is $5 ($6.09 with taxes here in California, higher or lower in other states). As long as you never use all $5 for overages you never have to pay again. The overage rate is a very reasonable 2¢ per minute, text or MB of data.

Current customers who are on any free plan except the Pepper, including discontinued legacy free plans from long ago, can upgrade to a special "VIP" version of Pepper that includes the same 250 minutes, 500 texts and slightly more data, 280 MB per month instead of 260 MB.

Here's a table listing the promotional plans available to new activations Sunday 8/23/15 4-6PM PDT. The numbers that are struck out represent the amounts of data normally including with the plan during non-promotional periods:
Plan Monthly Cost Voice SMS Intn'l SMS MMS Data Overage Top Up bonus After Months 2 and 5
Truly Free 1 Free 125 40 3¢ ea 4¢/ea 10 MB
Free Free 200 50 3¢ ea 4¢/ea 10 110 MB
Pepper 3 Free 250 500 3¢ ea 4¢/ea 10 260 MB
Joy $1.99+ 2 200 200 3¢/ea 4¢/ea 50 300 MB $1.00
Mint $4.99+ 2 300 500 3¢/ea 4¢/ea 100 350 MB $2.50
Delight $9.99+ 2 700 300 3¢/ea 4¢/ea 300 550 MB $4.50
Harmony $19.99+ 2 unlimited unlimited 3¢/ea 4¢/ea 1 2 GB $7.50
Revel $29.99+ 2 unlimited unlimited 3¢/ea 4¢/ea 2 3 GB $10.00
Hyper $39.99+ 2 unlimited unlimited 3¢/ea 4¢/ea 3 4 GB $15.00
Bliss $49.99+ 2 unlimited unlimited 3¢/ea 4¢/ea 5 6 GB $20.00
1 No credit card required to use the Truly Free plan, 0ther plans require having a card on file.
2 RingPlus taxes and fees average 20% and are charged in states like California and New Hampshire that don't normally tax prepaid airtime.
3 $5 auto-topup required (Pepper Plan only). Charged at signup and anytime your plan balance reaches zero.

Potential customers who don't already have a Sprint compatible phone to activate can buy one from the RingPlus store during the promotion and sign up for any promotional plan at the same time.

For current customers, the following "VIP"plans will be available Sunday 8/23/15 4-6 4-8 PM PDT. Update: The VIP promo has been extended until 8 PM. Customers can only upgrade to a higher plan. Free to VIP Pepper and Free to VIP Bliss or anything in between is OK. Pepper to VIP Pepper is a "side-grade" and is not allowed.
Upgrade From: Plan Monthly Cost Voice SMS IntN'l SMS MMS Data Overage
Truly Free VIP Free Free 200 50 70 3¢ ea 4¢/ea 10 120 MB
Free VIP Pepper Free 250 500 3¢ ea 4¢/ea 10 280 MB
Pepper VIP Joy $1.99+ 2 200 200 3¢/ea 4¢/ea 50 350 MB
Joy VIP Mint $4.99+ 2 300 500 3¢/ea 4¢/ea 100 600 MB
Mint VIP Delight $9.99+ 2 700 300 3¢/ea 4¢/ea 300 550 MB
Delight VIP Harmony $19.99+ 2 unlimited unlimited 3¢/ea 4¢/ea 1 2 GB
Harmony VIP Revel $29.99+ 2 unlimited unlimited 3¢/ea 4¢/ea 2 3 GB
Revel VIP Hyper $39.99+ 2 unlimited unlimited 3¢/ea 4¢/ea 3 4 GB
Hyper VIP Bliss $49.99+ 2 unlimited unlimited 3¢/ea 4¢/ea 5 6 GB

To upgrade, log in to your RingPus Dashboard and click the Upgrade button next to the name of the plan you want to upgrade.

I upgraded a Free plan to VIP Pepper during last Wednesdays promo can it went pretty smoothly. However, there are a several confusing parts to the upgrade process.
  • If you are upgrading from one free plan to another free plan you must choose the upgrade at "Next Billing Cycle" option, immediate changes between free plans are not permitted
  • If you are doing the upgrade on a phone like I was there's a dialog box asking you to confirm the upgrade that pops up off screen. You must scroll around to find and click on the dialog or the upgrade will not happen. This is not an issue if you use a PC.
  • The most confusing thing for me is that if you are upgrading to take effect at the next billing cycle, there's no confirmation that the upgrade succeed. After confirming the upgrade you are taken back to a screen showing your old pre-upgrade plan with no indication that you have a pending upgrade scheduled. I actually upgraded several times because I though the upgrade had failed. To confirm the upgrade you have to go back to your main Dashboard page where you should see a message like "You changed SAMSUNG DEVICE's plan to VIP Pepper, which will be become active on September 3, 2015".
It's not hard but was a little confusing the first time.

Source: RingPlus Discourse


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  1. Sad they won't allow existing customers to upgrade their current plan to VIP easily.

    Sure we can buy a new Sprint phone, register the new Sprint phone on VIP, do a device swap to our real phone, then return the new phone to Best Buy. But why not make it easy for current customers instead of us jumping through hoops and creating extra work for Sprint too.

  2. So that time windo for existing members promo is confirmed? Seemed to ba a bit of confusion in the thread for existing members on R+ discourse because RingPlus_PR posted 6-8pm and then posted the graphic that said 4-6pm.

    1. There's still some confusion. But I'm pretty sure it's 4-6 PM. RingPlus_PR only posted the 6-8 PM window once on Discourse, AFAIK. The 4-6 PM time has been posted by RingPlus employees on Discourse and social media multiple times so that seems the likeliest.

      I recommend checking your Dashboard at 4 PM tomorrow and if the VIP grade plans aren't available then check Discourse for an update.

  3. There's an extra step when you upgrade from Truly Free to VIP Free. You have to associate a stored credit card with the line, or enter a credit card.

  4. So people that are on the original Pepper, get no love?

    I really wish this company would lose some of it's hyperactivity. It's hard to keep track of the plans, and know if you are in the best one for your needs. Any upgrades should be across the board, and automatic. The timing gimmicks are also annoying. "XYZ plan will only be offered for 1 hour and 42 mins at Wed on midnight", etc... Then it often comes back a week later. Great rates overall, but all the games & gimmicks are annoying.

    1. There may be a promo for Pepper subs after these two.

      Give it a few days and see what they say.

    2. Start by watching 1birdman1's posts, who has taken the time to make a handy, dandy comparison graphic/spreadsheet for the last several promos.

      Here's the latest update:

      Click here

  5. Reminder: Sign up for the Sprint hotspot feature during promo hours today.
    The service should start in a few days.

  6. So my downgrade to truly free from free request from the 19th or 20th took effect at the end of my billing cycle on the 21st and now it appears my upgrade from truly free to free VIP seems to have taken, won't know for sure 100% until Sept. 21st.

    "You changed xxx's plan to VIP Free Plan, which will be become active on September 20, 2015.
    less than a minute ago
    Your account xxx's plan Truly Free Plan was renewed for $0.00 taken off of your account balance. See your invoice for more details.
    3 days ago
    You changed xxx's plan to Truly Free Plan, which will be become active on August 21, 2015.
    4 days ago"

  7. where is the vip truly free plan?

  8. Its before 6pdt and I can't find the VIP plans on Ringplus.net

    1. Log in to your RingPus Dashboard and click the Upgrade button next to the name of the plan you want to upgrade to a VIP plan.

  9. I didn't see it either and got confused about the hotspot signups.

  10. I'm trying to help my cousin sign up. He is a new customer. I crawled all over their website from 5:30-6:00 pdt but couldn't find the VIP plans. I sent in a support ticket but I doubt they will respond since my last support request almost a week ago has been ignored.

    1. The VIP plans were only for current RingPlus customers who upgrade to a higher plan. As a new customer, your cousin should have activated on one the non VIP plans (1st table) and he would have received the activation bonus which is almost as good as the VIP plans. The promos are over now but I suspect there will be more promos.

  11. For existing customers, the upgrade window has been extended until 8 pm PT tonight to honor prior conflicting announcements of its times.

  12. Does anyone know a good way to reach RP customer service? I can never get through on their main phone and they only send an auto reply to my emails. Thanks.

    1. Use the RingPlus Discourse Forum.

    2. Live chat is available between 9:30AM and 5:00PM PST, Monday through Friday.

  13. Thanks Dennis and Comintel

  14. Was able to activate 2 old sprint phones. Having trouble activating a new phone which Dennis advertised last week. Will keep you posted. A port is also taking more than 24 hours even though T-Mobile promptly released the number.

    1. Still waiting for my port. Don't know what the problem is. Opened a ticket, they said it has to be "Manually Pulled", whatever that means.

  15. Was able to activate the LG Volt after the ESN was corrected. Am able to get LTE on it.
    I still need to port a different number to it...

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