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Get Extra Data For Free With RingPlus 3 Hour Promo Tomorrow

As part of a "Don't Get Milked" promotion its running on Instagram, Sprint MVNO Ring Plus is giving extra data every month to customers who activate a new line. This Sunday Aug 16, for 3 hours only, from noon to 3 PM PDT, every new and current subscriber activating a new cell phone (without deactivation of an old phone) will be eligible for bonus data every month. Eligible phones cannot have been active on RingPlus in the past 3 months. 
  • Subscribe to the free plan get an additional 100 MB added to your account each month. 
  • Subscribe to the Pepper, Joy or Delight Plan and get 250 MB added each month. 
  • Subscribe to the Mint Plan and get 350 MB added each month. 
  • Subscribe to any Unlimited Talk and Text paid plan and get an extra 1 GB added per month. 
RingPlus can activate most inactive Sprint phones. Use the RingPlus Device Check Tool to see if your phone can be activated on RingPlus

RingPlus' free plans are ad sponsored. Customers hear ads in place of the usual ringing tone that before a call is answered. When a user hears an offer of interest to them they can press the five key on their phone and get a text message or an email containing a coupon or additional information.

With RingPlus paid plans, users hear news or music instead of ads. They can customize their experience by selecting from a range of music by genre and news stations by interests.

Here's a table listing all Ring Plus Plans with regular and bonus data
Plan Monthly Cost Voice WiFi Calling SMS IntN'l SMS MMS Data Overage
Truly Free 1 Free 125 available 40 3¢ ea 4¢/ea 10 MB
Free Free 200 available 50 3¢ ea 4¢/ea 10 110 MB
Pepper 3 Free 250 available 500 3¢ ea 4¢/ea 10 260 MB
Joy $1.99+ 2 200 available 200 3¢/ea 4¢/ea 50 300 MB
Mint $4.99+ 2 300 available 500 3¢/ea 4¢/ea 100 450 MB
Delight $9.99+ 2 700 200 300 3¢/ea 4¢/ea 300 550 MB
Harmony $19.99+ 2 unlimited unlimited unlimited 3¢/ea 4¢/ea 1 2 GB
Revel $29.99+ 2 unlimited unlimited unlimited 3¢/ea 4¢/ea 2 3 GB
Hyper $39.99+ 2 unlimited unlimited unlimited 3¢/ea 4¢/ea 3 4 GB
Bliss $49.99+ 2 unlimited unlimited unlimited 3¢/ea 4¢/ea 5 6 GB
1 No credit card required to use the Truly Free plan, 0ther plans require having a card on file.
2 RingPlus taxes and fees average 20% and are charged in states like California and New Hampshire that don't normally tax prepaid airtime.
3 $5 auto-topup required (Pepper Plan only). At signup and anytime your plan balance reaches zero $5 will be charged to your card.


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  1. Sunday is Aug 16.

  2. I will activate a moto e on pepper tomorrow. I alread have 4 free lines on ringplus this will be my 5th. lol all on pepper.

  3. So current members get bilked. No phones activated in the last 3 months on R+ are allowed and you could not cancel a free plan and activate that device with the current Ring Plus 30 day black list.

    1. "For the most part Ring Plus is excluding current members from this promo, no switching, swapping or canceling of current devices to take advantage of this promo. Only a new to Ring Plus device that has not previously been on the service for 3 months".
      So if you have a device sitting there that had been activated on R+ less than 90 days it is a no go!
      It is also not clear if you cancel a plan on an account that you activated this promo on will in fact cancel it as well?
      If you want to eventually swap a device activated on R+ over to this promo plan then I think it would be best to activate it on a separate account.

  4. You won't get milked but you sure will get fleeced.

  5. If I switch from the free plan to a paid plan do I get the bonus data?

    1. No but if you keep the free plan active and activate a different phone on one of the eligible plans you would get the bonus.

  6. Can one use a Boost or Virgin phone on Ring Plus?

    I understand Ring Plus treats all calls as data.
    Should one expect clear call quality on LTE?

    Should one expect clear call quality on 3G?

    Do phone calls count against your data limit?

    Is Ring Plus Sprint coverage only or do they have roaming?


    1. Wrong, Ring Plus voice initiates with Sprint, then routes calls through their server and ends with Sprint. Both SMS and Data are true Sprint.

    2. Officially Boost and Virgin phones have to be used on Boost or Virgin for 12 months before they can be used on RingPlus but most new Boost or Virgin that have never been activated on Boost or Virgin will activate on RingPlus.

      Ringplus calls use cellular voice not data. Call quality is typical Sprint although some users (not me) say latency is higher on RingPlus.

      Voice Roammgi is 14¢ per minute. Data Roaming is 55¢ per MB

  7. You have the Delight plan listed wrong, should be 700 300 300 MB

  8. **Just A Friendly Reminder for the Promotion starting at noon for 3 hours.**

    The promotional don’t get milked add ones ( 1 GIG, 250 MB, 100 MB) will be usable and visible for new subscriber **24 hours after sign up**. This is technical necessary for such promotions. We apologize for the inconvenience.

    1 Step
    Signe up for any plan between noon (PST) and 3pm (PST) as usual.
    2 Step
    You will see the extra allotment on Monday afternoon appearing on your account.
    3 Step
    Your account is upgraded and will receive the same additional allotment every Month.

    You will have nothing to-do in addition to sign up

    Every new and current member activating a new cell phone (without deactivation of an old phone) will be eligible. Eligible phones cannot have been active on RingPlus in the past 3 months.

  9. Well great. I just signed up for pepper on Friday on the line I actually intended to buy data on... Doh!

  10. i just signed up my phone yesterday on free, just to get it added and signed up my wifes phone today on free. I was able to upgrade my phone today to the Mint VIP but when i went to upgrade her phone, it would not let me... how come?

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