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Good2Go Improves Plans and Adds Rollover Data

AT&T and Sprint MVNO Good2Go Mobile has shaken up their plan lineup. Changes, which apply to both AT&T and Sprint based service, include: 
  • LTE is now available on all plans.
  • Autopay customers on monthly unlimited talk and text plans get rollover data. 
  • A new $60/month unlimited talk and text, 3 GB data plan. 
  • $25/15 day plan gets unlimited talk and text (was 1000 minutes, 1000 texts). 
  • $10/5 day plan gets unlimited talk and text (was 250 minutes, 250 texts). 
  • Pay As You Go plan data price reduced from 50¢/MB to 5¢/MB. 
  • International text message rate reduced from 20¢ to 10¢ each. 
With these changes, Good2Go's plan lineup now looks like this:

Good2GO Plans
Cost Duration Talk Text 2 Data
$10 5 days unlimited unlimited 10 MB
$20 PayGo 30 days 5¢/min 5¢/ea 5¢/MB
$25 15 days unlimited unlimited 100 MB
$30 30 days unlimited unlimited 500 MB 1
$40 30 days unlimited unlimited 1 GB 1
$50 30 days unlimited unlimited 2 GB 1
$60 30 days unlimited unlimited 3 GB 1
1 Data rolls over for auto pay customers. Add-On data available: 500 MB - $10, $20 1 GB
2 10¢/each to send international texts on all plans

Good2Go's best value plans seem to be the $30 and $40 unlimited monthly plans. The addition of LTE and rollover data for autopay customers make Good2Go's monthly plans competitive against MVNOs like H2O that include similar amounts of high speed LTE data plus unlimited throttled data after the high speed data is used. 5¢/MB data makes the PayGo plan a little more attractive, but the monthly minimum cost of $20 is a show stopper for light users compared with the competition's $3.33 to $10 minimum monthly cost. Visit AT&T and AT&T MVNO Prepaid Plans Compared to see how Good to Go stacks up against the competition.


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  1. As far as you know, does the data rollover indefinitely, or does it expire after a certain amount of time? And is rollover data used before or after monthly allotment?

  2. Airvoice $20 unlimited talk, text and 100mb data is still the best value for low cost service.

    1. Just no LTE............yet

    2. why you need LTE for 100mb per month?

  3. Is the LTE at full speed or scaled back like Cricket?

    1. yes, as far as I know, the LTE is full speed or scaled back.

  4. They have a terrible website--doesn't work very well and no information. The wording on rollover data implies it is good for one month only--"rolls over to the next month." Can't tell for sure. No mention of the LTE speed available, but I would imagine it is full speed like on H2O or PureTalk.

  5. High prices, little data. No thanks.

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