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Prepaid News Bytes: GoPhone and Cricket Canada, Harbor AT&T and BYO/Budget Rebranding

I've updated a bunch of stories that from the last few weeks. Most of the original posts are no longer on the front page and thus hard to find. So here's a summary of what's new with some old news. 

Last week AT&T announced that GoPhone $60 plan users would get 4 GB of high speed data at no extra cost while roaming in Mexico and Canada as well as unlimited talk and text from the US to Mexico and Canada. But they didn't say anything about talk and text roaming in Mexico or Canada leaving everyone wondering if that was an oversight or they really intended to make users pay roaming rates for talk and messaging but not data. It turns out to be an oversight.

Today the GoPhone Plans page was finally updated to say that unlimited talk and messaging as well as 4 GB of high speed data is included while roaming in Mexico and Canada. International use must not exceed 50% of total use per month for more than three consecutive months.

When AT&T's Cricket Wireless announced last month that customers on the prepaid brands's $50 Smart and $60 Pro plans will get free Mexican voice and text roaming starting August 2 they also said that the plans would get Canadian voice and text roaming sometime in August. Sometime turns out to be last Sunday August 23. That's the day the Cricket site's Plans Matrix was updated to say that Canadian roaming was now available. Users report that Cricket and GoPhone are roaming on Telcel in Mexico and Rogers in Canada.

Business reseller Harbor Mobile, which is switching to reselling AT&T service instead of T-Mobile, stopped activating new accounts over a month ago. They had announced Monday August 24th as the day they would begin accepting new customers on AT&T. It didn't happen, Harbor customer service is now telling callers that activations will begin tomorrow August 26.

As we reported last week, BYO Wireless (855-801-2969) a Verizon and T-Mobile MVNO that is being merged into its parent company, Lifeline provider Budget Mobile effective September 1, 2015, will have different plans in different states. I've been trying with no success so far to get Budget/BYO to give me a list of plans for all fifty states. BYO has been sending users emails listing the plans in only their states. I published the plans for California and Texas in last week's post. Here are plans for two more states that PrepaidPhoneNews readers sent me:

South Carolina:
  • $5 - 100 minutes, 100 texts, no data.
  • $12.75 -250 minutes, 250 texts, no data.
  • $15 - 350 minutes, unlimited texts, 50 MB data.
  • $20 - 500 minutes, unlimited texts, 250 MB data.
  • $30 - 1000 minutes, unlimited texts, 400 MB data.
  • $40 - unlimited minutes, unlimited texts, 500 MB data.
South Carolina Add-ons:
  • $5 - 100 minutes OR 1000 texts OR 100 MB.
  • $10 - 250 minutes OR 2000 texts OR 250 MB.
  • $15 - 400 minutes OR 4000 texts OR 400 MB.
A Washington state reader left a comment saying he was told by BYO CS that there would be no change to plans in that state. Assuming that's true, here are BYO's current plans:
  • $5 - 100 minutes, 100 texts, 20 MB data.
  • $10 -250 minutes, 250 texts, 50 MB data.
  • $20 - 500 minutes, unlimited texts, 500 MB data.
  • $25 - unlimited minutes, unlimited texts, no data.
  • $40 - unlimited minutes, unlimited texts, 1 GB data.
  • $55 - unlimited minutes, unlimited texts, 3 GB data.
  • $70 - unlimited minutes, unlimited texts, 500 MB data.
Current and Washington Add-ons:
  • $5 - 1000 texts OR 250 MB
  • $10 - 2000 texts OR 500 MB.
  • $15 - 500 minutes OR 4000 texts OR 1 GB.
Bits and Bytes Image: Pixabay, license: Public Domain CC0

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  1. I have not received an email from BYO (my state is not a lifeline state) regarding new plans so I guess I'm in limbo as of 9/1. BYO has worked well for me and I would like to keep it but only with similar plans to the one I have now.

  2. Anyone taking bets as to whether or not Harbor will blow its new deadline?

    I went to their site and tried their online support chat. No-one was there. About as I expected.

  3. How do they know what state you're in? Phone #? Billing Address?

  4. I emailed asking about the plans and was told these would be the plans available to me as of 9/1:

    $5 100 Talk 100 Text
    $10 250 Talk 250 Text
    $15 350 Talk Unlimited Text 50MB Data
    $20 500 Talk Unlimited Text 250MB Data

    $30 1000 Talk Unlimited Text 400MB Data
    $40 Unlimited Talk Unlimited Text 500MB Data

    $5 100 Voice or 1000 Text or 100MB Data
    $10 250 Voice or 2000 Text or 250MB Data
    $15 400 Voice or 4000 Text or 400MB Data

    1. Those New Jersey plans are the same as the Texas plans. They are still worse than what's available now but at least we don't have 50 different sets of plans.

  5. Some HowardForums users are reporting that their BYO accounts are being taken over by Selectel, effective 09/01/2015: (this may be limited to some, but not all states)


    1. I am the previous poster from New Jersey. I just got an email from BYO saying that my account will be transferred to Selectel Wireless as of 9/1. Not a great deal for me - the $15 plan has more minutes/texts than I need and not enough data.

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