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Don't Miss These Six Boost Mobile Promotions Ending Sept. 30

Six Boost Mobile promotional deals are scheduled to end next Wednesday, September 30. It's possible that some or all of these promotions will be extended but I wouldn't count on it. Sign up before the end of a month to lock in a good deal.

1) 2 GB of high speed data for life: All current Boost customers who have been on a monthly plan for at least 3 months can get an additional 2 GB per month of FREE high-speed data simply by texting BOOST2GB from their device to 8005.

2)  $30/Month Data Boost Up Plan: This promotional plan includes unlimited voice minutes, unlimited text and picture messaging and unlimited data with the first 2 GB at full 3G/4G speeds.

The Data Boost Up plan is available to new and existing customers. An LTE phone and auto pay using a credit or debit card is required. If the customer cancels auto pay the plan cost increases to $40.

The following four promotions are only available at Boost dealers (dealer locater) not online or at national retailers like BestBuy, Target or Walmart.

3) UPGRADE: current customers who have been with Boost for at least 60 days can get their choice of discounted phones at participating Boost dealers. The following choices are available:
  • Motorola Moto E, Kyocera Hydro ICON, Kyocera Vibe or LG Tribute 2 for $29.99.
  • HTC Desire 510 for $49.99.
  • $100 off all Samsung Galaxy phones and iPhones priced at $200 or more.
4) Slash Your Payment in Half: port in a phone number from Cricket, T-Mobile, MetroPCS or Puerto Rico's Claro or Open Mobile at a Boost Mobile store to get half price service for a year. There are three Slash Your Bill in Half plans:
  • $20/month - unlimited talk, messaging and data including 2.5 GB of high speed data
  • $25/month - unlimited talk, messaging and data including 5 GB of high speed data
  • $30/month - unlimited talk, messaging and data including 10 GB of high speed
The slashed prices are good for one year after which customers will be switched to a current Boost plan with a comparable amount of data.

5) SWITCH: Port a number to Boost from any non-Sprint based operator and activate on any Boost Mobile monthly plan to get a free basic smartphone or a credit of $100 to $150 dollars toward a more expensive device. Options are:
  • Free Nokia Lumia 635, LG Tribute 2, Kyocera Icon, ZTE Speed, Moto E LTE, Kyocera Vibe or LG Volt,
  • $100 off the $129.99 ZTE Warp Sync, $129.99 Samsung Prevail LTE, $154.99 CPO Samsung Galaxy 3, $279.99 CPO iPhone 5c or $329 CPO iPhone 5s
  • $150 credit toward the $249.99 Samsung Galaxy S III, $329.99 Samsung Galaxy S4, $499.99 Samsung Galaxy S4, $649.99 Samsung Galaxy S5, $299.99 iPhone 5c 8GB, $349.99 iPhone 5c 16 GB, $449.99 iPhone 5s 16 GB, $549.99 iPhone 6 16 GB or $649.99 iPhone 6 Plus 16 GB
6) JOIN: Activate a new Boost line of service at a Boost Mobile store (no port in required) on a monthly plan and get $50 to $70 off the price of a new phone plus a free month of service. Or get $100 off iPhones and Samsung Galaxies without the free month. Eligible phones and discounts are:
  • $50 off the $99.99 HTC Desire 510 and a free month
  • $70 off the $99.99 Moto E, Kyocera Hydro ICON, Kyocera Vibe or LG Tribute 2 and a free month
  • $100 off all Samsung Galaxy phones and iPhones priced at $200 or more (no free month)
The free month of service comes in the form of an account credit. The customer gets half the credit during their 2nd month of service and the other half during their third month.

The UPGRADE, JOIN, SWITCH and Slash Your Payment in Half offers can't be combined with each other or with any Boost Mobile Port-in Promotion or rebate. If you are eligible for more than one offer you have to choose just one of them.

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  1. I was on half rate ported from cricket wireless , me too got 2 gb free. now i have 12 gb data for just 30 dollars. thanks dennis.

    1. Were you active for 3 months before you got the 2gb free?

  2. Dennis any word about the Enhanced Stream 600kb video throttle? I haven't been able to get that removed from my account or get customer service to even acknowledge they throttle video.

    1. Im a SPG dealer and this is the email that we received in regards to video streaming.
      Date: August 25, 2015 at 5:23:57 PM
      Subject: SPG News - Prepaid Video Streaming Controls Removed

      Speed controls are no longer in place for customers.
      SPG News
      Issue Date: Tuesday, Aug. 25, 2015
      Prepaid Video Streaming Control Removed

      Indirect Retail Partners:

      Effective immediately, rate limitation speed controls for video data streaming have been removed for all Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile plans. Why you ask? Prepaid customers have expressed a desire to watch videos without speed controls and we listened. Customers can now enjoy video streaming at the highest quality on their devices (for select devices, at 4G speeds where available). Please read the important information below so you can talk to your customers about the change.

      Important Information:

      Effective immediately, Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile have removed video rate streaming limitations from all daily and monthly plans.
      Effective Wednesday, Aug. 26, 2015, Boost Mobile’s $30/$35/$45/$55 Data Boost w ES Video (EnhancedStream Video) will be removed from the SPG Sales Portal.
      Customers on any of the ES Video plans can remain on this plan and there is no action required by the Dealer or customer.
      Indirect Retail Partners should inform customers that with the higher video speeds, customers may deplete their plans’ high-speed data allotment more quickly. This could result in customers experiencing slower data speeds (aka "throttling") for the remainder of their billing cycle sooner than their usual experience.
      Suggest that customers utilize Wi-Fi for all video streaming activities when possible.
      Customers can purchase data packs or restart their monthly plan to resume at higher video speeds.
      SPG Sales Operations

      cc: Internal SPG Field Teams, Master Agents

      Getting Better Every Day

    2. Can anyone answer this question? I want to switch to the new October 1st, $30 Monthly Unlimited w/ Growing Data Auto Re-Boost plan but I don't want to be throttled at 600kb for video. Anyone?

  3. I wouldn't be surprised if they extended it. They have the iPhone 6S but it's out of stock.

  4. Does Boost charge taxes and fees to the monthly rate?

    1. They charge whatever state and local sales taxes and point of sale e911 fees are applicable at your billing address. So no taxes in a few states and anywhere from 6% to 30% in others.

  5. So I can get the iPhone 6 for $349 and the $30 2gb plan as a new customer?

    1. You can get the $30 2 GB plan and with $100 off the iPhone 6 is $449.99 or $399.99 if you port a number from a non-Sprint based operator

  6. Boost Mobile - ONLINE ONLY - "Switch And Save" Promotion - $50 OFF credit when you switch to Boost Mobile. http://www.boostmobile.com/accountcredit/?icamp=INTC_HP_Panel_Row3Col1_AccountCredit

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