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iPhone 6s coming to Boost and Virgin - Will The Virgin One Ever Be In-Stock?

On Saturday, Sprint's Virgin Mobile posted on Facebook and Twitter that the iPhone 6s will be coming to Virgin Mobile. An hour later Boost Mobile, another of Sprint's three prepaid brands chimed in on Facebook and Twitter that it will be getting the iPhone 6s too. No word so far about iPhone 6s availability from Sprint Prepaid, the third Sprint prepaid brand. 

Neither brand revealed pricing or release dates for the iPhone 6s. In the past Boost and Virgin iPhones, which are locked until they have been used on Boost or Virgin for 12 months, have been priced $100 below what Apple charges for the equivalent unlocked version. Apple is asking $649 for the 16 GB iPhone 6s, $749 for the 64 GB model and $849 for the 128 GB version, so I expect Boost and Virgin iPhone prices to be $549, $649 and $749 for the 16, 64 and 128 GB models respectively.

As to when the iPhone 6s will be available from Boost and Virgin, that's anybody's guess. Last year Boost got the iPhone 6 29 days after it went on sale at Apple Stores. The iPhone 6s will be in Apple Stores starting Sept. 25 so I'm guessing it should be available on Boost before the end of October.

With Virgin, the big question is if the iPhone 6s will actually be in stock on the Virgin Mobile site. Virgin stopped selling iPhones late in 2014. Virgin Mobile iPhone sales resumed in July of this year, but the iPhones quickly went out of stock and are still out of stock on the Virgin site. It's also almost impossible to find a Virgin Mobile iPhone 6 at the big box stores that sell other Virgin phones such as Walmart, Target and Best Buy. Actually the supply of all Virgin Mobile phones seems to be drying up, leading many to speculate that Sprint is going to discontinue the brand. Hopefully for Virgin Mobile customers, the iPhone 6s will mark the beginning of the revitalization of the Virgin Mobile brand in the US.

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  1. Apple lowered the price of the 6 and 6+ last week by $100. So the 6 is $550 and the 6+ $650 for the 16gb.

  2. I'm getting the iphone 6s plus and putting it on ringplus

    1. Which one, from apple, sprint,verizon?

    2. Unlocked 6S from Apple works on all 4 US networks.

  3. I am getting the 5s 32gb.

  4. I have my 6+ with Boost and it works excellent. Just paying $45 for 10gb of high speed data and unlimited talk and text.

  5. I have a iPhone 5S with Verizon and my $60 a month, 2-yr contract ends on 9/24. I have decided to switch to the $80 a month Tmobile prepaid to get the free hotspot. Right now, I also have a 9 GB mobile broadband with T-mobile at $60 a month. I will be saving $40 a month once I make the switch.

    I really wish Boost or VM could offer free hotspot because I could really go for the $100 discount on the new phone -- I would prefer the 6S because I want my phone to be portable. I really like the larger size of the 6S Plus, but being able to put my phone in my front pocket is really a big deal for me.

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