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$50 Credit For Switching to Boost Now Avalable Online and at Dealers

Sprint's Boost Mobile is running a new port-in promotion. From now through Jan. 3, 2016, customers who port a number from non-Sprint based carrier or MVNO and purchase a new phone from boostmobile.com will receive a $50 account credit.  To get the credit you must:
  • Buy a new Boost phone from boostmobile.com and activate it on an unlimited monthly plan and pay for the first month.
  • When activating your new phone, choose the option to port your mobile number from another operator. To be eligible for the credit the number you port must be from an operator that does not use the Sprint network.
  • The $50 credit will be applied to account within two weeks of activation.
This offer is available with activation on any Boost Mobile Monthly plan. There are three plans, including one with unlimited, unthrottled data and two with "Growing Data", which gives users an extra 500 MB of data per month for every 6 on-time payments. Customers can earn a maximum of 3 GB of growing data after 18 on-time payments. Here are Boost's plans:
  • $35/month ($30 with auto-pay) 2 GB of high speed data which grows to 5 GB.
  • $45/month 5 GB of high speed data which grows to 8 GB.
  • $60 unlimited, unthrottled high speed data.
All three plans include unlimited talk and messaging. The $35 and $45 plans provide unlimited 128 Kbps throttled data after the high data allowance is used up.

This new online promotion is identical one Boost as been running since October 1st at independent Boost dealers (dealer locater). But customers porting at a dealer can get an even better deal. The $50 Port-In credit can be combined with another Boost promotion that gives customers activating at a dealer deep discounts on new phones. The discounted phones are:
  • Alcatel Onetouch Elevate reg $99.99, $19.99 with new activation.
  • Huawei Union reg $79.99, $19.99 with new activation.
  • LG Tribute reg $79.99, $29.99 with new activation.
  • LG Tribute 2 reg $99.99, $29.99 with new activation.
  • Nokia Lumia 635 reg $99.99, $29.99 with new activation.
  • Motorola Moto E reg $99.99, $29.99 with new activation.
  • ZTE Speed reg $99.99, $29.99 with new activation.
  • ZTE Prestige reg $99.99, $29.99 with new activation.
  • Alcatel Onetouch Conquest reg $129.99, $49.99 with new activation.
  • HTC Desire 510 reg $99.99, $49.99 with new activation.
  • LG Volt 2 reg $149.99, $79.99 with new activation.
  • ZTE Warp Sync reg $129.99, $79.99 with new activation.
  • ZTE Warp Elite reg $179.99, $79.99 with new activation.
  • LG G Stylo reg $199.99, $99.99 with new activation.
For more about Boost Mobile see PrepaidPhoneNews' Boost Mobile Prepaid Operator Profile.

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  1. I'm curious about Boost's coverage. Does it compare favorably to MetroPCS?

    1. Boost uses Sprint and coverage is similar to T-Mobile and obviously not as a good at AT&T and Verizon.

      Since you asked about MetroPCS, I have to warn you about something. Sprint's current breed of LTE Spark phones listed above does NOT support simultaneous voice and data. When you start a voice call, you will lose data access until you hang up. This is a limitation of Sprint's Spark implementation. This is problematic if you are using your phone for navigation or if you want to sync email or pictures, etc, when you are on the phone.

      This is a HUGE headache, more than you will realize.

    2. The above reply is bad advice in 3 ways: 1. Boost/Sprint coverage may be better for you, as Dennis notes; 2. Simultaneous voice and data depends on the number and type of antennas in the phone, NOT the network implementation. Some CDMA/LTE phones CAN use mobile data at the same time as a voice call; and 3. There is no problem using voice and data at the same time on any smartphone when it is connected to WiFi, since an extra cellular data antenna is not needed.

    3. So the only way to be sure is to avoid "Spark" like the plague?

    4. Of course not. The only way to be sure is to do your homework.

    5. You actually didn't do your homework. Show me one Spark phone that has dual radio and is able do data and voice at the same time... Your info is dated. Only certain older single band LTE phone can do that. All the latest Spark phone can't. Sprint ackowledged that in a few interviews. Able to do WiFi doesn't count. Try use Google Map while taking a call or check email while on a call and you will know what I am talking about.

  2. It really depends on location. Sprint and T-Mobile's overall native coverage is roughly equal although one often covers markets where the other doesn't. MetroPCS also offers limited no-extra cost voice and text roaming which Boost doesn't.

  3. Every Boost dealer I visited forces you to buy the $60 unlimited plan if you want to get any of the free phones. I walked out of every store and Boost lost 3 potential customers.

    1. That's not nice. I guess you could switch to the plan you wan't online after you leave the store. That way only the first month would be $60.

    2. "I guess you could switch to the plan you wan't online after you leave the store. That way only the first month would be $60."

      You'd be giving back as much as $30 of the promotion if you were forced to do that.

    3. Boost dealers are crazy, will never forget the one who said that Virgin had nothing to do with Sprint/Boost (and was owned by comedian Russell Brand)

      I think that dealer was only open for about 2 months. He's also the one who told me that Sprint coverage expanded significantly in the time right after I left their network (and I recently found out, going to RingPlus, that the coverage is still exactly as bad, unchanged)

    4. MetroPCS is also playing the same game. The free LG Leon can only be purchased with the $60 plan. So tired of these dealer shenanigans. That's why I like Cricket, where I can get a discounted phone without going to the store.

  4. Good that you aren't forced to go to "brick and Mordor" extremely hard to find Boost stores that aren't open much at all during the day in order to get these deals.

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