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Ends 10/31 - Amazon is Giving Away 33 Paid Android Apps For Free

Amazon is running a Scary Good Deals Halloween themed Android app giveaway now through 11:59 PM PDT Oct 31.

During the promotion 33 paid apps and games with a combined value of over $70 are free from Amazon. They include popular titles like Photo Lab PRO, Cubistry, Scriblenauts Remix, Spashtop Remote Desktop, Runtastic PRO GPS and LEGO Star Wars Microfighters. The full list is here Apps & Games : Free App of the Day Bundle. The regular price of these apps ranges from 99¢ to $11.99 each.

To install apps from Amazon you need the Amazon Underground App or the older, discontinued Amazon Appstore app installed on your phone. Once you have the Amazon app go to the list of free apps with your phone browser and start downloading. You can also get the free apps by going to the Amazon Appstore in a PC browser, clicking the app you want and then clicking the Get App button.  Then launch the Amazon app on your phone and go to Menu > My Apps > Cloud > Refresh to find and install your free apps.



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  1. I read the older Amazon Appstore app doesn't work anymore - you have to have the Underground app, and there are some community concerns about the permissions / terms, but it may just be FUD.

    1. I purchased and installed about 5 of the apps using the old Amazon Appstore without a problem.

  2. I just used the old App Store to download and install an app by clicking on a link on the Amazon website with the phone browser and choosing Amazin App Store as the app to open it in, so at least that part still works, I don't know about the rest of the app's features as I never use them.

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