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Good News/Bad News Verizon Changes Prepaid Broadband and Tablet Plans

Verizon has revamped its prepaid mobile broadband plans. The biggest change is that there are no longer separate plans for tablets as opposed to other broadband devices such as hotspots and laptops.

The good news is that prices are generally better for broadband device users and about the same for tablet users. The bad news is that the $5 tablet day plan is gone and the price of the largest package, 10 GB, has increased to $100 from $80 for tablet users and $90 for broadband customers.

It's not all bad news however, $35 and higher packages are now good for two months instead of one. Current users on the old plans are presumably grandfathered as long as they don't let their plans lapse.

Here's a table listing the old and new plans for comparison
Price New Old Broadband Old Tablet
$5 300 MB (one day plan)
$15 500 MB (1 week plan) 250 MB (1 week plan)
$20 1 GB ( 1 month plan) 1 GB (1 month plan)
$30 2 GB (1 month plan)
$35 2 GB (2 month plan)
$40 4 GB (1 month plan)
$50 6 GB (1 month plan)
$60 5 GB (2 month plan) 3 GB (1 Month plan)
$80 10 GB (1 month plan)
$90 10 GB (1 month plan)
$100 $10 GB (2 month plan)

Source: Verizon Release

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  1. The old Verizon logo looked better. The new one looks like a logo from a new start up.

  2. Can any VZW postpaid hotspots be activated on these plans?

  3. The only reason I haven't switched to Verizon prepaid or Sprint prepaid is because of them cutting your data off one you reach your threshold.

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