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Real Mobile Lowers Pay As You Go Plan Pricing, Adds Rollover

Sprint and AT&T MVNO Real Mobile (877-316-0493) has made a several welcome changes to their Sprint powered CDMA Pay As You Go plan.
  • The price of data has been cut from 50¢/MB to 5¢/MB. Texts and minutes are still 5¢ each.
  • The plan, which used to cost $20 per 30 days, now only requires a $10 top up every 120 days for a minimum monthly cost of just $2.50.
  • Unused balances, which used to expire after 30 days, now roll over as long as the plan is topped up a least every 120 days.
  • The $20 top-up is now good for a full year.
With these changes Real Mobile's pay as you go plan vies with Expo Mobile's for the title of best light-use Sprint network plan. Both have 5¢/MB data and support LTE devices with working LTE. Expo has the advantage of cheaper minutes and texts (2¢ vs 5¢) than Real. On the other hand Real has a lower minimum monthly cost and rollover, which Expo lacks. Real also has the advantage of US based customer support.

In addition to CDMA pay as you go, Real Mobile offers monthly plans on the Sprint network and monthly and pay as you go plans on AT&T (listed below). Real's monthly plans have a weird limit of only 100 MMS per month and the plan prices are nothing special, making the revamped Sprint pay as you go plan the real star of the Real Mobile lineup.

Real Mobile CDMA (Sprint) Monthly Plans
Monthly Cost Voice SMS (Int'l Included) MMS Data 1
$30 unlimited unlimited 100 250 MB
$40 unlimited unlimited 100 unlimited, first 1 GB high speed
$55 unlimited unlimited 100 unlimited, first 2 GB high speed
$60 unlimited unlimited 100 unlimited, first 3 GB high speed
1 Additional high speed data is $10 for 500 MB

Real Mobile GSM (AT&T) Plans
Monthly Cost Voice SMS MMS Data Int'l Minutes
$1.67 (PayGO) 5¢/min. 5¢/ea. N/A 50¢/Mb N/A
$30 unlimited unlimited 100 500 MB 1 N/A
$40 unlimited unlimited 100 1 GB 1,2 300
$55 unlimited unlimited 100 2 GB 1,2 300
$60 unlimited unlimited 100 3 GB 1,2 300
1 Additional high speed data is $10 for 500 MB
2 Unused data rolls over

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  1. "Both have 5¢/minute data " Should be mb data. -Ed.

  2. Update: On the Real Mobile website under new products, they show the $30 GSM plan with 500mb, versus 250mb.

  3. I'm also seeing a $20 / 360 Pay As You Go plan on their website. That would be a minimum of $1.67 per month.

  4. It would only be good if it was Verizon, since its Sprint going have to pass. It's undepenable

  5. The real Mobile website needs to be cleaned up. The matrix here, http://myrealmobile.com/the-matrix, indicates that paygo data is 50 cents on both CDMA and GSM. It also indicates that the $20 paygo top-up is good for 30 days on both CDMA and GSM. So right now, I'm not sure what the deal is with paygo - particularly for GSM.

    A paygo plan with 5 cents per minute/text and a $20 top-up that lasts for a year would rival Lyca for low usage users. If it also had 5 cents per MB data, that would beat Lyca for many of those people.

    1. I agree, the Real Mobile website is a mess. But according to a Real Mobile dealer and Real Mobile CS the $10/120 days and $20/one year plans with 5¢ minutes, messages and MBs are on Sprint CDMA only. $$20/30 days with 5¢/MB data is for AT&T GSM.

  6. Hello.. ACRS Wireless here,, in the next few weeks Real Mobile (RM) website we will revamped, we works as fast we can to have it done, I finally get done this paygo plans who bring Ptel Mobile (Old Platinumtel) to the light , starting on Wednesday, our website imeipros.com (site is down for fixing ) will be have a special code to discounts the $20 plan to $15 for the year(Phonesnews5) , also I will be offering good discounts on Refills .. mean time will be some discounts on ATT side. Thanks ACRS WIRELESS. . REAL MOBILE USA EXCLUSIVE MASTER.

    1. Welcome back, Germain. It's been too long!

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