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Red Pocket Mobile Cuts $29.99 CDMA Plan Minutes From Unlimited to 3000

Red Pocket Mobile has reduced the voice minutes included with its $29.99 Verizon based CDMA plan from unlimited to 3000. For current customers on that plan the change will take place at the next renewal.

Red Pocket's CDMA plans use the Verizon network. Verizon's agreements with its MVNOs do not allow them to use the Verizon name so Red Pocket refers to Verizon based plans as CDMA to distinguish them from its Sprint based CDMAS and AT&T based GSMA plans.

I believe that the reduction in minutes is in preparation for Red Pocket's official launch of Verizon LTE service. Verizon apparently charges its MVNOs more for LTE than 3G and as a result Verizon MVNOs, with the exception of TracFone have either increased prices with the launch of LTE or have not made it available on lower priced plans.

There's no mention of LTE in Red Pocket site's description of the CDMA plans but Red Pocket dealers have been able to activate LTE phones on Red Pocket's $29.99 and higher CDMA plans for several weeks now. In addition RedPocket recently started selling $199.99 one year Verizon CDMA LTE plans on eBay.

The table below lists all of Red Pocket's current CDMA plams.

NamePriceVoiceDomestic Text/MMSData
$19.99 Starter Plan$19.99/30 days300 minunlimited SMS & MMS1GB 1
$29.99 Unlimited Text$29.99/30 days3000 minunlimited SMS & MMS500 MB 1
$34.99 Web and Texter$34.99/30 days300 minunlimited SMS & MMSunlimited, 2 GB HS 2
$39.99 Unlimited Everything 500 MB$49.99/30 daysunlimitedunlimited SMS & MMSunlimited, 500 MB HS 2
$49.99 Unlimited Everything 1 GB$49.99/30 daysunlimitedunlimited SMS & MMSunlimited, 1 GB HS 2
$59.99 Unlimited Everything 3 GB$59.99/30 daysunlimitedunlimited SMS & MMSunlimited, 3 GB HS 2
1 hard cap, data stops after 1GB or 500MB
2 After the high speed (HS) allotment is used data speeds are throttled to 64-128 Kbps for the rest of the plan month

Red Pocket's $29.99 and higher plans include unlimited (3000 min on the $29.99 plan) calls to China and Hong Kong. $39.99 and higher plans also include a $2 international calling credit.

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  1. Talking for only 100 minutes a day on average?

    I could live with that. Seems like one of the least innocuous service degradations I've seen come along in a while.

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