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T-Mobile Prepaid SIM Kits Are On Sale for 99¢ Now Through 10/14

Now through 10/14, T-Mobile prepaid SIM kits are on sale for 99¢, instead of the usual $15, on the T-Mobile USA Website provided you use the promo code SIM99 at checkout. 

T-Mobile no longer sells individual SIMs in mini, micro and nano sizes online. Instead they offer 3-in-1 SIM Starter Kits which include a nano SIM with mini and micro adapters and an activation code. 

The activation code is required when activating a new line of service on any T-Mobile prepaid phone plan, including the $30/month 5 GB of data, unlimited messaging and 100 minutes plan, which is only available with new online activations.

If you have a tablet or mobile broadband device, these SIMs can be used to activate a tablet or hotspot on any T-Mobile Prepaid or postpaid Mobile Internet plan. They also let you activate a supported tablet on T-Mobile's Free Data for Life plan which comes with 200 MB of data per month absolutely free.

Prepaid SIMs can also be used as replacement SIMs for any T-Mobile account, postpaid or prepaid. Just call T-Mobile support and ask them to switch your account to the new SIM.

There's a limit 3 SIMs per order and 5 SIMS over a period of 30 days.

I'm a little disappointed that T-Mobile has switched from selling individual SIMs in mini, micro and nano sizes to using adapters. The adapters T-Mobile is using are a new design with tiny clips to secure the SIM in the adapter. Hopefully they will work better than older adapters which have a history of damaging phones. Nonetheless, I recommend being very careful when using an adapter especially with phones where the SIM slides into a blind slot.

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  1. Smartel's website has been down for quite some time today and some ppl have not been charged for their plan renewal but service is still active.

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