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US Mobile Lowers Voice and Data Prices

US Mobile (888 878 1488), a T-Mobile MVNO with a flexible pricing model, has lowered some of its prices. Like the better known MVNO Ting, US Mobile uses a tiered pricing system that lets users build custom plans by combining separate monthly buckets of minutes, messages and data.

Today's changes affect some of the higher priced voice and data tiers:
  • 1GB data which was $15, is now $14.
  • The 2 GB $25 data tier has been replaced by 2.5 GB at the same $25 price.
  • There's a new $45 5 GB tier.
  • The price of 250 voice minutes has been cut from $7 to $5.
  • The 1000 minute voice tier's price has been reduced from $15 to $10.
  • The 200 minute tier, which was $25 is now $15.
The table below shows US Mobile's new price structure with the changes indicated by strikeout and bold.

Talk 100 min $3 250 min $7 $5 500 min $9 1000 min $15 $10 2000 min $25 $15
Text 100 texts $2 250 texts $3 500 texts $4 1000 texts $5 Unlimited texts $7
Data 100 MB $2 250 MB $5 500 MB $9 1 GB $15 $14 2 2.5 GB $25 5 GB $45

Customers build a plan by combining talk, text and data tiers as needed. There's also a $2/30 days line charge and taxes and fees averaging 9%.

For an example of how the tiers work, a plan with 1000 minutes, 1000 texts and 1 GB would cost $10 + $5 + $14 + $2 = $31 plus taxes.

You can change your tiers, but only at the end of a 30 day plan period. An online dashboard that lets you track your usage. If you are running low on minutes, messages or data you can purchase purchase any tier as temporary add-on. However, add-ons expire at the end of the plan month rather than lasting a full 30 days.

US Mobile's tiered pricing works best for customers who need limited amounts of data and especially voice minutes, with or without unlimited texting. If you use more than 2000 minutes per month, also any operator's unlimited plans would be a better deal. But light takers with light or even moderate data needs can likely save some money with US Mobile.  

US Mobile charges $3.99 for a triple cut SIM. Shipping is free and new customers get their first month of service free. Coverage is T-Mobile native with no roaming. LTE data is available and hotspot and tethering are supported.

Compared with its chief competitor, Ting, US Mobile's plans are less expensive. 1000 minutes, texts and MBs would cost $48 on Ting compared with $31 on US Mobile. On the other hand, Ting offers no extra cost voice and text roaming and more flexibility in building and maintaining plans. Ting allows sharing tiers across multiple devices and lets you change tiers in the middle of a plan period. Optionally, Ting can even automatically upgrade you to the next larger tier for the current month you should happen to run out of minutes, texts or data.

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  1. Although I haven't tried in a few months... as far as I know, add-ons are supposed to last 30 days.

    1. Not according to this US Mobile Help Page:
      "If I topped up at the end of my billing cycle, will my airtime carry over to the next billing cycle?
      No, sadly airtime is not carried forward to your next billing cycle. So you better not snooze on what you got!"

    2. http://www.howardforums.com/showthread.php?p=16265290

  2. Yes, US Mobile add ons do last 30 days from when they were purchased.

    Ting charges $6 per line and US Mobile charges $2 per line. $4 good for an extra 100 text and 100MB of data.

    You can not change your tier with Ting, you are simply auto bumped to the next higher level and charged for that entire bucket whether you use it or not, no roll over whatsoever.

    Ting is not even remotely competitive IMO.

  3. You forgot to change the 250 minutes from $7 to $5 in your chart.

  4. Alas, still no competition in comparison to my T-Mobile secret plan, which gives me 5 GB of LTE data (with 100 MB allotted for courtesy tethering), free text, and a bonus 100 voice minutes for only $30, all taxes and fees included!

    1. But if you don't need voice minutes, don't need text, and only need 1GB data, this is a better deal @$17+tax.

    2. You meant to say $16 plus tax.

    3. Five times the data for only twice as much ( the "secret plan") looks like a much better deal. 1 gb is so meager anyway.

  5. SD, taxes are not included with that plan, when I recharge it is more than $30.00, and your secret has been out for a few years.

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