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Defense Mobile Celebrates Veterans Month with "Your Carrier, Your Call" Promo

For years, November has been considered as a special month dedicated to Veterans. The highlight, of course, is the Veterans Day; which normally falls on November 11. This year, Defense Mobile has launched a new promotion in line with the month long celebration.

The promotion, called "Your Carrier, Your Call," is an effort by the company to hopefully attract new members to avail of their services. Through this promotion, Defense Mobile gives assistance to three charities that are supportive of military causes. With every new line of service activated throughout the month of November, the carrier has promised to make a $25 contribution to the charity specifically picked out by the subscriber. Among the three charitable organizations that have been chosen by the carrier include the Lone Survivor Foundation, Bob Woodruff Foundation, and the Fisher House Foundation.

Aside from new subscribers being able to help out these charitable groups, pre-existing subscribers of Defense Mobile and milliSOURCE users can also do their part in helping out one of these organizations. All it takes is to cast a vote through a survey email on which charity is most deserving of an additional $3,000 contribution. Once all the votes are gathered, the carrier will be awarding the charity group with the money.

Defense Mobile is the only carrier in the US that focuses solely on the military community. With the help of the "Your Carrier, Your Call" promotion, they will be able to recognize Veterans Month as well as those who have done their part in serving the country.

Source: Fierce Wireless


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  1. I'm pretty sure the donated proceeds goes something like 10% to the charity and 90% overhead costs. This MVNO's goal is to take advantage of the gullibility of service members, particularly young ones fresh out of high school with not much life experience and money-management skills. I know because I'm in the military, and seen many!

    1. "Gullibility of service members ". Sure.

  2. I have sold it to a few customers to check them out so far it have been good service and data work good

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