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Ecomobile Goes Multi-Operator, Launches New Plans

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Ecomobile, a Sprint MVNO traditionally sold mainly through dealers in strong Sprint markets, has expanded in several directions at once. There's a new logo and a new web site. More importantly, Eco is now offering service on T-Mobile and Verizon as well as Sprint, with LTE data available on monthly plans on all three LTE works.

Ecomobile has also completely revamped it's monthly plan lineup. The old plans which had unlimited talk and messaging and varying amounts data have been replaced by what Eco calls Point Plans. There are three plans, they all include unlimited domestic and internation SMS and an allotment of points which can be used for either talk or data. One point is good for one minute of talk or one MB of data. The three tiers are:
  • $35/mo - 3,000 points good for any combination of 3,000 minutes or MBs
  • $45/mo - 5,000 ponits
  • $55/mo - 7,000 points
With unlimited talk and text plans starting as low as $20 on other prepaid operators, I think Eco's point plans will mainly appeal to users who need lots of data, especially on Verizon, and only a modest number of voice minutes. No other operator gives you 7000 MB of LTE data on Verizon for $55/month. PagePlus charges $69.95 for 7 GB,  Verizon Prepaid is $85 for 8 GB and Straight Talk, NET10 and Selectel plans all top out at 5 GB. Of course Eco's competitors plans include unlimited talk and text and except for Selectel, unlimited throttled data after the high speed allotment data is used. But if you mainly need high speed data, texting and a little bit of talk time, Ecomobile looks like a good deal.

Ecomobile's Pay As You Go plan is now available on all three operators but is otherwise unchanged. Rates are 5¢/minute, 2¢/text and 10¢ per MB. LTE is not available, $10/month is the minimum top up and unused balances rollover from month to month.

As with all Verizon MVNOs LTE data speeds are throttled to 5 Mbps. Speeds on Sprint and T-Mobile are unthrottled, according to Ecomobile.

I've seen claims from an Ecomobile dealer that Ecomobile's Verizon based plans include Selectel-style voice and text roaming. However Ecomobile support denies that there's any roaming. I'd be interested in hearing from any users who manage to roam on Verizon's Extended network.

Like every other Verizon MVNO, Ecomobile's terms and conditions prohibit tethering and hotspot usage so I wouldn't recommend using EcoMobile as a substitute for a mobile broadband plan. If you require hotspot, Verizon Prepaid does allow it. But if just you need a lot of on-device data and not many voice minutes the new Points plans look promising.

Ecomobile plan prices include all taxes and fees. SIMs are 9.99 for T-Mobile, LTE SIMs for Sprint or Verizon are $14.99.

Source: Ecomobile

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  1. The news by carrier column has a few errors.
    Total Wireless has two links.
    Jolt no longer offers service on the T-Mobile network.
    AT&T should probably read "AT&T GoPhone" and Verizon should read "Verizon Prepaid"
    I don't know what T-Mobile calls their prepaid brand.
    (t) and (v) are missing from Ecomobile.

    1. That's for the heads up. I've corrected the errors.

  2. All they had to do was incorporate the "Add Points" feature into a paygo plan.

    A de facto 1 cent rate for all usage would've made Eco anyone's go-to MVNO.

    However, their current prices are terribly uncompetitive compared to...

    Expo (2/2/5 paygo)
    US Mobile (bucket paygo)
    T-Mobile ($30 for 100/Unlimited/5GB)
    GoSmart ($30-$40-$45 for Unlimited/Unlimited/2.5GB-5GB-10GB)
    and Metro ($60 for Unlimited/Unlimited/Unlimited)

    It seems like Verizon customers are the only one's who'll get any value out of Eco's new Point Plans.

  3. There's a mention of adding a line on their website, but no info. Any idea how much that would cost?

  4. The new plans look great for Verizon. However their BYOD page only talks about Sprint phones.

    1. Ecomobile customer support and an Ecomobile dealer have confirmed that BYOP and all plans are available on all three networks.

  5. • Go Smart is at 3g speeds - poor data experience
    • Metro $60 plan is only 6gigs at 4g Lte speeds then throttled. Eco points can give you up to 7Gigs for $55/month if you keep talking down.
    • T-mobile's $50 plan gives you 1GB at 4G Lte speeds then throttled.

    Seem to me that the new Eco plans might be good for me as I just usually use data and text.

  6. Eco's smart. When Sprint had their byosd program affected in February about 80 percent of eligbile devices were rendered bricks. Even though the Sprint byod program has slowly and steadily recovered for the most part, the damage is done. Eco is still keeping ties with Sprint but have diversified to other Big Four carriers like Real Mobile and Expo mobile and other former exclusive Sprint mvnos have. Let this be a lesson to Sprint. Your mvno program ain't all that. Take care of your mvnos or they will take measures to take care of themselves. With lesser coverage then Att and Verizon and worse prices and byod then Tmobile, and Sprint giving priority to it's prepaid divisions like Boost over their mvnos like Eco I really wonder what their one hundred mvnos are gonna do... stay loyal? Probably not.

  7. My son has a basic talk/text phone with ecomobile but is now wanting to upgrade to an iphone (I've stalled him as long as possible!) Won't need a lot of minutes (maybe 30-60/month), maybe some text but not consistently (from 100-400 per month) and data periodically only if not on wifi. He is driving/working/playing sports so his need is valid. Unlimited or even high limited monthly plans seem a waste? I can't justify $30/month for it to go unused. Was trying to find a plan with limited talk/text but more data. May have to go with pay-go and see how he does? We are outside Charleston, SC - Verizon is best, ATT probably second, T Mobile is spotty. Was thinking of a prepaid to see how much he uses. He has a rollover balance on ecomobile with his sprint phone. Does anyone think this plan would be a good fit and we could keep the # but upgrade to an iphone on the CDMA with ecomobile? Trying to find best options. Have been happy with ecomobile and CS up to this point. (I tried to post this same comment here yesterday but it is not showing up on the thread - sorry if a doublepost and I just don't see it.)

    1. Is your son still using the Sanyo I sent him? I moved my nephew from Eco to a free plan on RingPlus. He has an iPhone 4S ($80) and mostly uses the free data for iMessages and Snapchat texts and picture messages. Roaming on Verizon is available for safety purposes.
      Before that he was on Puppy Wireless $25 plan; 400-400-400 was enough for him. Their new $17 3G plan could work for your son if you need Verizon. Real Mobile is perfect for my wife's father. Sprint net, $20/year. 5c/min, sms or MB. He uses iPhone 5C. Add $5 if bal gets low. If you have more questions I can email you. RB

    2. EcoMobile pay go would work if your son doesn't use too much data. 100 MB combined with 400 texts and 60 minutes would be $21/month. TracFone using a combination minutes, text and data cards would be even less expensive if you can deal with Trac's customer support.

    3. Puretalk USA $20 for 250 min, 750 SMS or combinations, with 400mb on AT&T.

    4. Ting 100-500-100 for $17 plus $3 tax, est. Free roaming on Verizon for TnT. Current phone will work.

  8. Enter your comment...Eco does have unlimited plans. They're. just a bit hidden on their website.

    1. They have 1 CSR per shift. Offshored Custom Service lack professionalism. English is questionable.

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