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Karma Launches $50/Month Neverstop Unlimited Mobile Broadband Plan

On the eve of the WiMAX shutdown, Sprint mobile broadband MVNO Karma Mobility has launched an innovative new plan that offers truly unlimted data, although Karma doesn't call it that. For $50 per month Karma's new Neverstop plan lets you use as much LTE data as you want.

The only catch is that data speeds are throttled from the get-go to 5 Mbps. But that's fast enough for most purposes including SD NetFlix. It's also as fast as many wired ADSL connections and not much slower than average WiMAX speeds in many locations.

Neverstop looks like a good replacement for grandfathered Clear unlimited customers and anyone else who needs more than the 10 to 20 GB that most other mobile broadband plans top out at. Of course you also have to be OK with Sprint coverage, which is pretty much limited to developed areas. That shouldn't be a problem for Clear customers  or anyone happy with a WiMAX based plan as Sprint's LTE coverage footprint is much more expansive than its WiMAX one and Karma's hotspot falls back to Sprint 3G when LTE isn't available.

Karma is saying they aren't calling Neverstop an "unlimited" plan because they want to be transparent about what they are offering and Neverstop speeds aren't unlimited although the quantity is. As Karma puts it:

We are upfront about what this $50 a month gets you: no caps on the amount of data you use at 5Mbps.
Neverstop doesn't replace Karma's Refuel pay as you go plan which offers data that never expires with no monthly access fee at prices of $14 for 1 GB, $59 for 5 GB and $99 for 10 GB. In fact users can switch back and forth between Refuel and Neverstop anytime as their data needs change.

Karma's data sharing feature, which lets Karma users earn credits by sharing their hotspot with strangers works a little differently with Neverstop than it does with Refuel. The basic principle is the same, anyone in range of your hotspot can connect to it, enter an email address and get 100 MB of data for free with an option to pay for more. With Refuel the data you share with others doesn't count against your use and you get an extra 100MB added to your account every time someone new uses your shared data. With Neverstop you get a $1 credit for every new user that shares your connection. The credit will reduce to your next monthly charge. Because there's less bandwidth to share, sharing on Neverstop is limited to three simultaneous users, instead of the eight that Refuel allows.

To use Karma you need to have a $150 Karma Go hotspot. BYOD is not supported. The price is steep but understandable as the Karma Go is a custom device designed by Karma to support its data sharing business model. Having custom hardware made in low volumes is never cheap. The Karma Go, which is pictured above, is a tri-band (Sprint Spark) device that also supports Sprint's EV-DO 3G for fallback in locations where LTE isn't available.

Source: Karma Blog

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  1. Loving the alternative but 50 may be a good price range for something that runs on a larger network! 5mbls is good enough for most streaming, ive been fine on a cablevision home internet capped at 5 mbps even for netflix! The upside to mine is that its inly 25 bucks, but 50 for a moveable item is bank!

    1. Maybe this will get att and verizon to lower their dsl prices!

  2. Does this only work on wimax?

  3. I had clear back in the days but I got uverse now. and a phone that has unlimated data already. I'll pass

  4. Does this still fall under Sprints 23GB Network Management policy?

  5. FYI the Court has ordered a 90 day extension before WiMax can be shut down.


    We do not know for sure yet whether this applies to all users, whether it can be appealed, etc. Sprint may clarify soon.

    I looked at the list of markets covered and it includes all major WiMax Markets.
    Sorry it is two columns.

    Minneapolis-Saint Paul Raleigh
    Philadelphia Stockton
    Los Angeles Bridgeport
    Seattle Yakima
    Chicago York
    San Francisco Tri-Cities
    Cleveland Harrisburg
    Sacramento Richmond
    New York Lubbock
    Columbus Lewiston
    Portland Merced
    Kansas City New Haven
    Salt Lake City Lancaster
    Phoenix Wilmington
    Indianapolis Greensboro
    Denver-Boulder-Fort Collins Hartford
    Las Vegas Anchorage
    San Antonio Eugene
    Flouston Grand Rapids
    Miami Maui
    Providence Killeen-Temple
    Washington, DC Corpus Christi
    Boise Daytona Beach
    Boston Reading
    St. Louis Amarillo
    Dallas-Fort Worth Rochester
    Atlanta Wichita Falls
    Honolulu Bellingham
    Orlando Everett
    Baltimore Duluth
    Visalia Syracuse
    Tampa Kitsap County
    Jacksonville Midland-Odessa
    Pittsburgh New Brunswick
    Austin Waco
    Modesto Dayton
    Abilene Memphis
    Nashville Salem
    Tacoma Trenton

  6. Wait...only three devices can connect to this?

    1. Is there any reason one of those devices can't be a range extender, effectively making that unlimited?

    2. Yes. It supposedly signs off the most inactive device when you connect the new one. You can only have three connected using the hot spot at the same time.
      I have the same question as the last comment. Would adding a range extender allow to sign on multiple devices at once? My clear account used to allow me to use as many devices add I wanted at the same time. The speed would obviously be reduced but we all could still use it.

  7. 5Mbps is fine unless there is 300msec latency. Unfortunately "proxy server" games are usually afoot on these too good to be true data plans.

  8. The $150 Karma Go current price tag can be reduced by $10 using a referral link from a current user (no shortage of these in the posts on the Karma blog).
    The unlimited usage plan is a nice perk for heavier users who would use it in Sprint coverage areas. Need both AT&T and Sprint for my coverage needs though, so keeping my Karma in Refuel mode for now...but might go eventually for the unlimited Neverstop if Sprint coverage improves in my area. $3 more a month than AT&T LTE for unlimited is awfully tempting...even though it would be limited to 5 mbps (which would work fine for me since I don't do much video streaming or heavy downloads).

  9. Ordered my new karma go hotspot. I have great Sprint coverage in my area. Replacing clear service which stopped last Friday.

  10. Spoke to Karma support today. Range extenders don't work with Karma so that answers the question about the extender.

  11. $20 off the device with a Neverstop plan, on sale for a few more days (I got an e-mail on Nov. 20th that said buy "within the next 7 days").

  12. Karma has $50 off the device (regularly $150) with a Neverstop plan for Black Friday - I don't know exactly when the offer expires ...


    1. This lets you get one month of unlimited at no extra cost, compared to paygo. Cancel anytime, and you are automatically switched to the pay as you go plan, where the data you buy never expires. Still available.

  13. Quoted from the Karma Neverstop FAQ:

    "Can I use Neverstop for gaming or streaming devices?

    No, Karma Go does not support streaming devices (such as Apple TV, Roku, or Chromecast) or gaming consoles. Gaming consoles and streaming devices require high speed and performance, both of which Neverstop is not intended for. Overall, the experience will not be adequate enough for these use cases. Also, Karma Go isolates each connection, meaning devices are not able to communicate with each other over WiFi.

    You'll be able to do normal daily activities, such as: surf websites, read news, send emails, make voice calls, occasional video calls, and much more."

    "occasional video calls" ? I'll be curious to hear how the device actually works for people.

  14. Looks like Karma has already throttled their LTE hotspot down to 1.5Mbps. http://www.howardforums.com/showthread.php/1877658-Karma-Neverstop-users-suddenly-throttled-to-1-5Mbps

    1. Welcome to the program. Neverstop LTE has always been throttled.
      If you don't want a throttle, pay for all your data.

    2. Ummm.... you always HAVE paid for all your data with the Neverstop plan.

    3. If 'Ummm' is right, Karma would not have lowered the throttle on Neverstop.

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