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T-Mobile Forgets to Announce Price Hike on New Doubled Data Plans


A few days ago, T-Mobile held its 10th Uncarrier X event in Los Angeles with a big announcement. Responding to its customers' demand for mobile entertainment, they have made mobile video available to all. With this, T-Mobile users could already start enjoying video streaming on their subscriptions under channels such as HBO, Netflix, Hulu, WatchESPN, Sling TV, STARZ, SHOWTIME, and many more.

Another announcement they made during the event was their decision to increase their data caps on their Simple Choice plans by up to twice as much. The changes to these plans include:

  • 1GB increased to 2GB of high speed data
  • 3GB increased to 6GB of high speed data
  • 5GB increased to 10GB of high speed data
What made these changes more exciting was the fact that T-Mobile announced that they will be available to both current and new Simple Choice customers at zero extra cost. Seems a little too good to be true, right?

Unfortunately, all the excitement over these new features offered by T-Mobile made people forget to check the prices on most of their Simple Choice data plans, especially if you prefer unlimited. On their website, the plans tell a different story:

  • 1GB plan increased to 2GB for $50 (same price)
  • 3GB plan increased to 6GB for $65 (previously $60)
  • 5GB plan increased to 10GB for $80 (previously $70)
  • Unlimited plan doubled to 14GB hotspot data for $95 (previously $80)
Relatively, these prices are not too bad especially since T-Mobile has doubled the data bucket available for each plan. And comparing it with its competition, it still is a pretty good deal. Perhaps the only disappointment on the part of T-Mobile was that they never announced a price hike during their Uncarrier X event. Although they did put up an image to depict the new plan offers, they did not mention whether these prices were new or increased.

It is important to note, however, that T-Mobile has kept its promise of never raising your bill. Current Simple Choice customers won't see an increase on their monthly rate as only the new individual customers are affected with the price change. Unfortunately, if you want to take advantage of the doubled data, you'll need to "switch" your current subscription to a new Simple Choice Amped plan. If you have a multi-line family plan, it is recommended to opt for a "family match" option so you won't be affected by the price hike too. These new prices will be implemented on Nov. 15 and will only cover new customers and individuals who decide to change their data plan.

As for the Binge On feature, T-Mobile just clarified a 20GB cap on Data Stash. What this means is that customers won't be able to stock up their device with different HD streaming throughout the year because of the 20GB limit. But since it's opt-out, you can choose to do so until Dec. 16.

Source: AndroidPolice

Update: T-Mobile has not yet verified whether the price hike will apply to their Prepaid Simple Choice consumers.

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  1. I'm confused. What does the 20GB cap on data stash have to do with the Binge on feature?

    1. Unless you opt out of Binge On T-Mobile will impose a 20 GB cap your on data stash. That's the price T-Mobile is asking for unlimited video streaming.

  2. But having coverage is still issue limiting. .learned too late not to believe their maps even outside! But for those who know it works for them not a bad pricing especially if keeps other carriers to lower prices!

  3. Dennis:

    It's NOT a price increase. You and many other people are confused about what is a "price increase."

    Suppose you buy a widget and pay $10. In the following month, the seller increases the price to $12. It's the same widget except with a higher price. So yes, that would be a price increase as the only thing that changed was the higher price.

    Look at what you wrote:
    "3GB plan increased to 6GB for $65 (previously $60)
    5GB plan increased to 10GB for $80 (previously $70)"

    Clearly, someone who was on the 5GB plan paying $70 a month would now get 6GB for $65 a month. That customer would NOT only pay less per month ($65 under the new plan versus $70 under the old plan) but get more data (6 GB under the new plan versus 5 GB under the old plan). That would be a win-win for the customer.


    1. The 5->6 customer is the only loophole. Every other customer either has to pay more, or get less data with the new plans.

    2. It's price restructuring, where except for some tiers, a customer cannot get any product at a particular price level anymore.

      They used to sell 2 bananas in a bunch for $3. They now only sell 4 bananas for $5 with bonus all-you-can-drink smoothie. If you don't need the extra 2 bananas, too bad.

      However, you don't have to switch plan. You just don't get the all-you-can-drink smoothie unless you switch to the new, higher price plan.

    3. To Anon @ 8:02 AM who wrote: "The 5->6 customer is the only loophole. Every other customer either has to pay more, or get less data with the new plans."

      You really need to read what Dennis wrote. The 5->6 is NOT the only loophole. How do you explain for the $50 a month customer where his data bucket is now twice as large at 2 GB for the same price. How is that a price increase?

      At the $50 price point, the customer is now better off with the new changes.

    4. Google the WSJ article outlining what TMo is telling investors. Apparently these plans, while providing better per GB rates, will actually improve the bottom line by increasing the price for data tiers. Yes, a $70 plan user can go down to $65, but the stash limit and binge on resolution help TMo make up for it.

      I'll add that TMo $50 is still overpriced even with the extra GB.

    5. The Tmobile $50 plan is not overpriced if you use the extra features like no-charge music streaming, roaming, unlimited data, Data Stash and mobile hotspot.

  4. Why wouldn't prices go up, they're increasing the value of the plans. Nobody complained when ATT/Verizon doubled the data on shared plans but prices when up too. You can't these freebies for nothing.

    1. I'd be complaining if I were on the unlimited plan.

    2. I'm pretty sure anyone that was paying $80 for the unlimited plan before would still do so unless they changed plans. The new prices are for new customers or customers changing plans. Existing customers get to keep whatever plan/price they're currently on if they choose to.

    3. Sure, if you never want another plan you don't have to pay more. If you want 6gb, it is slightly less per GB than it was before. If you want 3, 5, or unlimited GB, you will pay more next week than you did last.

      If you read the WSJ article on their speech to investors, they see it as a moneymaker because the next time you migrate or establish a new line, you'll likely pay more per month than you did before (while using lower quality video).

  5. Even WORSE News: Dennis, I just received a TEXT from T-MOBILE that CA will begin charging Taxes & fees starting 01/01/2016!

    Do YOU have any information on this?

    1. Not only Tmobile but all prepaid customers will be paying taxes for airtime in CA starting next year. Dennis already published an article about that. Please check recent news...

  6. Prepaidphonenews Forgets to Annouce that Binge On Video Streaming is included with Simple Choice Mobile Broadband Plans that include 2 GB of data or more. $20/month gets you Binge On Video Streaming with up to 3X more data. Unlimited video streaming is included on plans with 6 GB of data or more, $35/month. http://www.t-mobile.com/cell-phone-plans/scnc-mobile-broadband.html

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