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T-Mobile Increases 4G LTE Data Plans Without Doubling Price

T-Mobile Double 4G LTE Data
Nowadays, having 1GB of data available on your device is no longer enough to last you a month. Especially if you're always on the go, you need more data to have access to the things you need. There is an option to upgrade your data but it usually involves increasing your monthly bill too. Fortunately, there are companies like T-Mobile who understand the needs of their consumers.

Just today, T-Mobile used its website to announce their latest offering for subscribers under their Simple Choice Mobile Broadband plans for tablets and mobile hotspots. With this new announcement, prepaid users can get twice as much 4G LTE data without paying double the price.

The new changes to the plans include the following:
  • $20/ month - Up to 2GB of 4G LTE data (up from 1GB)
  • $35/ month - Up to 6GB of 4G LTE data (previously at $30/month for 3GB)
  • $50/ month - Up to 10GB of 4G LTE data (previously at $40/month for 5GB)
  • $65/ month - Up to 14GB of 4G LTE data (previously at $50/month for 7GB)
  • $80/ month - Up to 18GB of 4G LTE data (previously at $60/month for 9GB)
  • $95/ month - Up to 22GB of 4G LTE data (previously at $70/month for 11GB)

With these monthly data plans, your data auto-renews after 30 days so you're sure you'll never run out of data. If you prefer the day, week, or month passes without auto-renew, you'll still be getting the same plans as offered in the past:
  • $5 - Up to 500MB of 4G LTE data (1-day pass)
  • $10 - Up to 1GB of 4G LTE data (7-day pass)
  • $30 - Up to 3GB of 4G LTE data (30-day pass)
While the prices of their auto-renew monthly plans have increased by up to $25, there is no denying that they do offer unbeatable deals for their data limits. And honestly, it's a lot better than some of the data plans offered by other networks.

If you're interested in learning more about these new plans offered by T-Mobile, feel free to browse their website. And if you're a new customer, they give you the freedom to buy a new device or bring in your existing phone, as long as it's compatible with their network.

Source: T-Mobile


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  1. Not easy to find, here is the link. http://prepaid-phones.t-mobile.com/prepaid-plans

  2. Great news. Competition is good and therefore MVNOs will increase allowances at some point also.

  3. Too confusing. This is easier to understand when put in terms of existing plans. The person who was at $30/month is the only person who doesn't benefit, as everyone else either gets a straight doubling ($20/mo goes from 1GB -> 2GB), or can pay the same or less for more data. That's probably not accidental.

  4. I had T-mobile mobile broadband and the service was good and the price was affordable. I was paying $60 for 9 GB. Btw, the 10 free GB as part of Data stash was one reason I kept the service. I typically went over the 9 GB because of all the crap associated with a web-page, such as pop-up ads or videos playing the in background.

    I ditched the mobile broadband and signed up with the unlimited data on the prepaid plan at $80 a month. Then iOS 9.0 came out and I got the Purify app and my data usage was cut in half. I use my iPhone 5S as a mobile hotspot and just could not believe the amount of crap that was burning up my data in the past -- now, I get fast connections with much lower data usage.

    My advice is try to get an ad-block app like Purify and save on data.

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