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Cricket Wireless Appoints John Dwyer as New President

New changes are in the works for both AT&T and Cricket Wireless. For starters, it was announced that industry veteran, John Dwyer, will be the new leader of the premium no annual contract brand-- Cricket Wireless. This follows the second announcement, wherein former President Jennifer Van Buskirk will be transferred to spearhead AT&T's Northeast Region.

With this new announcement, Dwyer will be spearheading a world-class team with over 9,000 distribution points throughout the country. His job is to ensure that the day-to-day operations of the company, as well as the long-term plans are all in line with the goals of the brand. According to AT&T Mobility President and CEO Glenn Lurie, Dwyer will be providing 'unrelenting focus on customer satisfaction.'

Given the background of Dwyer, this does not seem like a hard task to accomplish. Before joining Cricket, he had the same responsibilities under AT&T Mobile and Business Solutions. Not to mention, Dwyer had experience in customer leadership under Cingular Wireless and Pacific Bell Mobile Services.

As for Van Buskirk, her experience in transforming Cricket Wireless into what it is today will help mold the way for the success of AT&T's Northeast Region. Considered as an expert at managing change, building markets, and energizing teams, time can only tell what the former President can do for the brand.

With the growing demands of its customers, Dwyer is ready to lead Cricket to becoming a premium prepaid service that everyone throughout the United States can enjoy.

Source: PRNewsWire

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  1. Now all it has to do is match MetroPCS with by having a 30 dollars plan with out auto pay. Just like MetroPcs has a 30 dollar plan without autopay.

    1. The difference between Cricket's $35 plan and Metro's $30 plan is far less than the difference between the Cricket and MetroPCS networks.

    2. Its night and day difference....$30 1GB vs $35 2.5GB....T-mobile Coverage Vs AT&T Coverage....yes cricket is throttled but up to 8mbps is good enough....also just to let you know if you just add a card for autopay just pay your account early and it will never pull from the card but you can still pay in cash in store...

  2. They should have used the ATT "world" logo somewhere in Cricket's branding from Day 1.

  3. If this were Sprint, it would be re-arranging deck chairs on the Titanic. But it's a diffferent story than Cricket. Perhaps this president can cause Cricket to grow a lot compared to the worse T-Mobile-related services that usually post more subscriber gains than Cricket.

  4. The last sentence of this story is written like ad copy! What's going on here Dennis!

    1. 5:18 a.m. anonymous

      Likely this is a cricket press release and do note the name of the poster .


  5. old industry veteran of AT&T taking over ?
    Then the cricket press release calling cricket a Premium prepaid plan service? (isn't this code for wanting to raise prices and prices of services to increase revenue)

    this is sounding a lot more like the old oligopoly of AT&T where they nickel and dime to raise prices constantly?

    apparently customer service and retention is an issue with cricket,
    That $100 shopping card added to the $50 port in rebate and likely the half price Samsung deals wasn't very likely because cricket just wants to be generous at Christmas but more about needing to get subscriber numbers up! just like if the head person currently at cricket was doing what AT&T wanted you probably wouldn't be seeing the chairs being rearranged!

    but bringing in another person who wants to do things the old established a_t_&_t way might not be what the demographics of the cricket customer is looking for either!
    good thing ports are relatively quick in prepaid phone news keeps us all informed as to the changes.

  6. We are very happy with Cricket, hope they don't raise prices.

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