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Cricket Wireless Takes Advantage of Turner's Beyond the :30 Strategy


With the holiday season coming up, it looks like companies are doing their best to push their products among their target market. For Cricket Wireless, the best way to reach their customers is by advertising during a Family Guy episode. And leave it to Cricket Wireless for making an impression among millennials. As reported by Adweek, the company has purchased the sole advertising spot on the episode for their newest "Beyond the :30" ad.

The traditional practice is that multiple ads are featured throughout a single platform. But with the new pod platform offered by Turner, advertisers are able to obtain exclusivity throughout a single episode. In this case, Cricket Wireless has taken advantage of the opportunity and has signed on to be the sole advertiser for two and a half minutes worth of commercials throughout the episode.

With this exclusivity, Cricket was able to start off with a 10-second billboard that lead to the start of the episode, followed by a 10-second InstaVine, a 30-second Cricket ad, and a 15-second custom ad bump; leading up to a total of a minute and 5 seconds. Apart from this, the deal also included that Adult Swim's logo will be replaced with Cricket's logo for half of the show. In addition to this, Cricket was given a dedicated page on Adult Swim's website for all their information. There are also talks of Adult Swim app sponsorship for the first half of the month and on their mobile games for at least a couple of weeks.

The ads launched on Monday and are said to continue the same time each Monday until Dec. 21. The ad strategy is an attempt to make advertisers stand out and have a more effective way of reaching their targeted demographic. And through the years, it has been established that the fourth quarter of the year is most crucial for sales among wireless carriers. By engaging in this ad strategy, Cricket will be able to tap the right sources for their products to be more visible.

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  1. Cricket's big mistake was not using ATT's "world" logo somewhere in their branding from inception.

    1. ....known for decades as their death star.

  2. They need to bring back tablet plans.

  3. Why take away post paid customers with a higher ARPU by letting the masses know it's really ATT? It's a smart move.

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