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FreedomPop Discontinues Most 4G-Only Mobile Broadband Plans

Freemium Sprint MVNO FreedomPop has quietly discontinued a number of their mobile broadband plans. For starters, all of the 4G-only plans are gone except for the free 500 MB plan. The Home Broadband plans that worked with the Freedom Hub Burst WiMAX Modem and Router are also gone.

The changes seem related to Sprint's shutdown of its WiMAX network for most customers on November 6. When FreedomPop launched in 2012 it was  a WiMax mobile broadband service. When 3G service was added in 2013, FreedomPop priced 3G/4G plans higher than 4G only plans. For example 2 GB of 4G only data was $17.99, but 2GB of 3G/4G was $19.99/month. When LTE became available on FreedomPop later in 2013, LTE mobile broadband devices could be activated on the lower cost 4G only plans.

I'm not really surprised by these changes. The WiMAX network that Clearwire built and Sprint acquired when it bought Clearwire had limited coverage and few users, but a huge amount of excess capacity in the markets where it was deployed.  I'm sure FreedomPop got a really good deal from Sprint on WiMAX,with higher pricing for 3G and LTE. With cheap WiMAX data going away, FreedomPop needed to drop the less expensive 4G only plans. The good news it that it looks like customers who activated devices before November, 2015 are grandfathered and can keep their 4G only plans at the old lower prices. But for new customers, even ones with the LTE only hotspots like the Netgear Zing, the only available 4G only plan is the free one.

Here are tables listing FreedomPop's current and discontinued broadband plans. Current plans are in bold, discontinued plans are stricken out.

Mobile Broadband Plans
Included Data Price Per Month - 4G (WiMAX or LTE) Only Overage Price Per Month - 3G/4G Overage rate
500 MB free 2¢/MB $3.99 2¢/MB
1 GB $9.99 1¢/MB N/A N/A
2 GB $17.99 1¢/MB $19.99 1.5¢/MB
3 GB N/A N/A $28.99 1.5¢/MB
4 GB $28.99 1¢/MB $34.99 1.5¢/MB
5 GB $34.99 1¢/MB $39.99 1.5¢/MB
10 GB $59.99 1¢/MB $79.99 1.5¢/MB

FreedomPop Home Broadband Plans (WiMAX Only)
Monthly Cost Data Maximum Speed Overage
Free 1 GB 1.5 Mbps 1¢/MB
$9.99 5 GB 1.5 Mbps 0.7¢/MB
$14.99 5 GB 12 Mbps 0.7¢/MB
18.99 10 GB 12 Mbps 0.7¢/MB

There are no changes to FreedomPop's plans for mobile phones:

FreedomPhone Plans
Monthly Cost Voice Minutes SMS Data
Free 200, overage 1¢/min 500, overage 1¢/text 500 MB 1
$10.99 2 unlimited unlimited 500 MB 1
$20  unlimited unlimited unlimited 3
1 Upgrade to 2 GB for $19.99/month or 4 GB for $34.99/month. Current customers, click here to downgrade to the free plan.
2 Also available as $110 2 year plan ($4.58/month) or a $79.99 one year plan ($6.67/month)
3 Throttled to 128 Kbs or less after 1GB/month. Users report that the throttled speed is actually about 30 Kbps  Current customers, click here to switch to the unlimited plan.

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  1. The new plans are disappointing. I got a FreedomPop LTE router in October, expecting to use it with the LTE-only plans, but they are gone from my account now. I did not expect WiMAX pricing to continue, but something between 3G and WiMAX.

    I think T-Mobile offers 6GB for $35 and 10GB for $50. The Freedompop 10GB plan is $75 in my account, so over a year that's $300 more expensive than T-mobile.

    FreedomPop, if you are listening: Please come up with better plans for home broadband. The Sprint-Spark router is awesome and seems like it could blow through 4GB in about 10 minutes!

  2. 4 GB in 10 minutes? What are you possibly doing that requires continuous 50 Mbps? That's enough for 500-1000 streaming audio stations.

    Sprint MVNOs (&Ting) really seem to love $15 paygo gigabytes -- I was hoping Fi could push them to more reasonable rates ...

    1. "4 GB in 10 minutes? What are you possibly doing that requires continuous 50 Mbps? That's enough for 500-1000 streaming audio stations."

      Having trouble even thinking of something this could be used for, as in 'Hey, I provide muzak to all the elevators in the southern 1/4 of Manhattan'/

    2. Sorry for the misunderstanding - I do not use 4gb in 10 minutes. I was trying to say the Netgear 6100d Sprint Spark router is insanely fast compared to other Freedompop hotspots. My previous hotspots couldn't download 4gb in 30 days if I tried.

  3. Dennis, I currently have the 3G/4G plans you have listed above available (including those crossed out). The only difference is you listed the 10GB as $89.99 -- it is currently listed as $74.99 with 1.5 cents/MB overage. All the old 4G/LTE rates are gone, though.

  4. Sprint EVDO is working fine for me since the Network Vision upgrades. I routinely get >1 Mbps with my Sprint Overdrive Pro on Freepop. They are having a Christmas sale on this modem for $1. 3G service is $3.99/month. Reasonable deal for 500MB/mo.

  5. Does anyone know what the best freedompop wifi hardware is? I an not very tech savy and would like to buy whicheveris the best. I guess looking for best connections with longest battery life?

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