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GoSmart Mobile Customers to Get a Reward for Staying Loyal

Staying loyal to something definitely has its perks. You often get rewards for sticking with a certain person or brand because they know how to value you. And for GoSmart Mobile customers, this is exactly what they can expect.

Loyal customers under GoSmart Mobile (a prepaid brand of T-Mobile) are in for a treat! As a reward, the network is giving away Loyalty Rewards on $45 plans. With this reward, customers are entitled to an extra 100MB of high speed data for every four renewals and up to 500MB of high speed data after twenty renewals.

What this reward means is that apart from the normal inclusions you enjoy under your $45 plan (unlimited talk, text and data with first 10GB high speed data), you will get 10.1GB of high speed data after the first 4 renewals. After 8 renewals, you get 10.2GB, 10.3GB after 12 renewals, 10.4GB after 16 renewals, and finally 10.5GB for 20 renewals. Not to mention, you can still continue to enjoy unlimited access to both Facebook and Facebook Messenger using 4G LTE speeds.

If you do decide to change your plan, however, you may still be able to keep your accumulated data and but to use it or even to keep accumulating data until such time you decide to switch back to the $45 plan. However, if you decide to cancel your GoSmart Mobile service, you will lose the extra data. This will also happen if you decide to reactivate your service. So really, staying loyal with GoSmart Mobile really does pay off!

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  1. Hello Dennis,

    But isn't GOSMART's "High Speed Data" HSPA+?
    Are they only offering 4G LTE on Facebook ( If so, that is lame!)


    1. Isnt T-Mobile phasing out their 3G HSPA towers in a lot of areas, for Band12 LTE? This is the whole VoLTE debate. You wont have HSPA to fall back on, for e911 calls.
      So if your service doesnt include LTE, your tower gets re-farmed, you are just plain out of service in your area.

    2. No. T-Mobile is phasing out 2G EDGE @ 1900MHz and 3G HSPA+ @ 1700MHz/2100MHz and is refarming them to LTE, but will be keeping 3G HSPA+ @ 1900MHz going for legacy devices.

      2G EDGE: decom.
      3G HSPA: Band 4 (1700MHz/2100MHz) decom, Band 2 (1900MHz) remains active
      4G LTE: Band 4 (1700MHz/2100MHz), Band 2 (1900MHz), Band 12 (700MHz), plus whatever band number gets assigned to whatever 600MHz licenses TMO picks up.

    3. Wait, I thought they were keeping 2G edge up for IOT devices such as security systems and cars?

    4. Alex, you are right. But 2G will support phones too.
      T-Mobile has said they would leave a portion of the 2G EDGE network up and running for older phones and M2M devices. "We currently have 2G in our PCS band and some of it will be refarmed for 4G LTE," according to a Tmo spokesman. "There will still be sufficient bandwidth to support 2G traffic and it will not affect current users of 2G or M2M customers."

      T-Mobile has used its continued support of its 2G network to set itself apart from AT&T, which has said its plans to shut down its 2G network by 2017.

    5. Tmo quote: "Our nationwide 2G-M2M network will operate in support of IoT solutions through 2020."

  2. It's a great bonus for those who already find value in GS, but by the time someone racks up 500MB (~2 years from now) they'll probably be offering 15-20GB instead of 10.

    Given that 2 years is forever in the prepaid market, loyalty rewards past the six month mark are too far off to really matter.

  3. GoSmart just changed their plans and now offer more data:


    $25 no data (no change there)
    $35 4 GB high speed (up from 2; $30 with auto pay)
    $45 12 GB high speed (up from 10)
    $55 20 GB high speed (new plan)

    Unlimited LTE access to Facebook, mobile hotspot, and unlimited talk and text are included in all plans.

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