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More Data and LTE For H2O's Envie Wireless Verizon MVNO

Envie Wireless, a Verizon MVNO that's an offshoot of the much larger AT&T MVNO H2O Wireless, is now offering LTE data on all plans. Envie has also increased the amount of data included with all plans. The $25 and $35 plans now get 1 GB, up from 500 MB. All other plans get 1 GB more data. Envie announced the changes in a message to its dealers (click image to read).

While the increased data sounds good, according to Envie's terms and conditions page and confirmed by Envie customer support, data is throttled to "2G" speeds after 1 GB on the $45 plan, 2 GB on the $55 plan and 3 GB on the $65 plan. 2G speeds are typically 128 KBps or less.

To use LTE, Envie customers will need an LTE capable Verizon phone and an Envie LTE SIM. Currently the SIMs only seem to be available though Envie dealers. The Envie site has been updated with the increased data allowances, but there's no mention of LTE on the site. I called Envie support and the Envie representative I spoke to hadn't heard anything about LTE availability and did not have any way to sell me a SIM.

Here's Envie's plan matrix updated with the new data allotments.
Price / 30 days Voice Minutes SMS / MMS Int'l Call Credit Data 1
$25 500 Unlimited $5 1 GB
$35 Unlimited Unlimited $10 1 GB
$45 Unlimited Unlimited $20 3 GB throttled at 1 GB
$55 Unlimited Unlimited $20 4 GB throttled at 2 GB
$65 Unlimited Unlimited $20 5 GB throttled at 3 GB 2
1 Additional high speed data can be added to any plan at $10 for 500 MB good for 30 days or $20 for 1000 MB good for 60 days.
2 $65 plan available through Envie dealers only.

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  1. Looks like a good alternative on the low end (but not the lowest end). Great network which means you will have data use for that 1GB in the vast majority of places.

  2. Expo Mobile is better. They got a 10 dollar paygo plan on Verizon for 2 cent talk and 2 cent text.

  3. I got an envie 4G LTE sim card from ebay and trying to activate it. First online chat said they don't provide 4G LTE, then I called, the lady on the phone said they do provide 4G LTE, but when she checked my phone's IMEI she said my phone is not eligible--which is ridiculous, mine is verizon iphone 5 and I checked with pageplus, selectel, red pocket(CDMA) all say my phone is good to use in their 4G LTE services! So my conclusion is: envie mobile is not providing 4G LTE now and the information on their website is incorrect. Please warn people about this.

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