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More Minutes, Cheaper Data For US Mobile Users

For the second time in less than three months T-Mobile MVNO US Mobile has lowered its prices.

US Mobile uses a "build your own plan" pricing model where users chose from separate bundles of minutes, texts and MBs per month.

The latest changes increase the number of minutes included at the two highest price points and cut the price of the biggest data bundle.
  • The $10 voice tier now includes 1500 minutes, up from 1000.
  • The $15 voice tier goes all the way from 2000 to 5000 minutes. 
  • The 5GB data tier gets a price cut from $45 to $35 per month

Users can change the makeup of their custom plans, but only at the end of their plan month. Customers who run low mid-month can purchase any bundle as an add-on. Although a US Mobile Help page says add-ons expire at the end of the current plan month, US Mobile support and at least one customer says they are actually good for 30 days from date of purchase.

US Mobile sells a variety of phones including the Nokia Lumia 530, which is currently on sale for $9.99.  If you want to use your own phone, SIMs are $3.99. Any T-Mobile phone or an unlocked GSM phone should work. US Mobile can unlock most GSM phones for $15 and will refund the unlocking fee for customers who stay with US Mobile for six months.

The table below lists all of US Mobile's plan bundles with the latest changes called out in bold.
Talk 100 min $3 250 min $5 500 min $9 1000 1500 min $10 2000 5000 min $15
Text 100 texts $2 250 texts $3 500 texts $4 1000 texts $5 Unlimited texts $7
Data 100 MB $2 250 MB $5 500 MB $9 1 GB $14 2.5 GB $25 5 GB $45 $35
There's also a $2/month service fee or line charge.

US Mobile is often compared to Ting,  a T-Mobile and Sprint MVNO with a similar tiered pricing model. US Mobile is considerably less expensive than Ting, but Ting offers off-network voice and text roaming which US Mobile doesn't. Unlike US Mobile, Ting also lets customers add additional lines sharing the same bundles of minutes, texts and data to create multi-user plans.

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  1. Does anyone know what happens if you are out of texts and someone tries to text you? Do they get a message or anything?

    1. Yeah.... You get a text saying someone texted you but it can't go thru but it doesn't tell you who.... Just an error message

    2. Thanks, it's not exactly what I'm looking for. I have a senior who refuses to text, it infuriates them. I need it to just message the sender that it's a no go.

  2. How long they are in business. Is it trustable mvno to port my number

  3. T-Mobile is spotty as far as coverage goes,ten years later still no reception in my basement when att and verizon work fine.Low prices won't matter in my case.

    1. No reception in your basement... and no reception on T-Mobile in a large proportion of the territory in most US states: even eastern ones.

      That's a uncarrier for you.

    2. Do you have band 12 in your area and a band 12 device? You should get reception if you do.

  4. I would have to pay 36 dollars for a plan similar to what I have right now with another carrier. I only pay 30 dollars tho.
    It's good to have options tho. This plan won't work for me tho.

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